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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    You know what else happens on 5 May other than the game's 11th anniversary? It's my 8th year on the wiki.

    Yay i guess. Only 2 years left before I can quit. Maybe, maybe not.

    Hopefully I could get a job that doesn't kill too much of my free time by then, as I'll graduate from the college in 2 years.

    I know I sound very cynical in this post but hey. I'm an ex-PvZ fan now, and I don't have a lot of interests in the game anymore considering how they essentially killed it with their dubious business practices.

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    Back in 2012 I downloaded this mod made by called "Plants vs. Zombies Game of the New Modern." It was a mod for the GOTY edition of PvZ1 that retextures some of the plants and zombies models to PvZCC ones. Unfortunately the download link was taken down back in 2013 and so far no one has reuploaded it.

    I recently did a backup of my 2TB hard drive because it's failing and currently on its way out, and found this mod buried under my old files collection. This mod has never been touched since 2013, as the time stamp on the files shows.

    Yes, a 7 year old mod that was long gone from the internet is now back thanks to me!

    The most likely reason as to why the old download link was taken down for copyright infringement is because he included the EXE …

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    So today's PvZW's 10th anniversary, and with that, we're bringing you a history kind of post.

    We've been preparing this since last month, so hopefully you enjoy it.

    TCLP (and GamesterD) has made a "history-story" that you can read here . It's pretty cringy but hey. The wiki's been full of drama and whatnot since forever (oof).

    There's also the wiki and game's history based on my perspective, which you can read below or by clicking this link.

    This is a detailed breakdown of PvZW’s history that I compiled for the 10th anniversary event, down to the many minor events, mostly from my perspective. Note that I mainly focus on 2012-2013 here because everything was less mundane back then so it’s easier to remember those time periods.

    The timeline is so…

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    Yes, today is PvZ's 10th anniversary. But did you know what else has an anniversary today?


    For those who don't know, I joined on 5 May 2012, so yeah, it coincides with PvZ's anniversary. Hell, I didn't know about it back then, so I was just "lucky" enough to join on that date. If you wanna know what my initial presence on the wiki sounded like then read on.

    My first edit was so shitty it was reverted the moment it was published. I think it was an edit on the Gargantuar page by adding ALL instakill plants as their weakness. It was kinda embarrassing though in retrospect.

    For the first few years my English sucked so hard people might have easily laughed at it, but I didn't bother saying "sorry for my English"…

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword


    It's also VERY special because I'm now 18++++++++++

    haha YES

    now you better gimme some surprise or else im gonna cri alon

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