You know plant vs zombie science comic ? Well i did buy these books except for one, and who created the comic is Xiao Jiang Nan, which there are 2 series (science comic and dinosaur comic), if you know these, i usually buy it at bookstore and so here is what i have : 1. Universe 2. World greatest 3. Insect 4. Human body 5. Sea world 6. Dinosaur Comic vol. 1 7. Dinosaur Comic vol. 2 8. Dinosaur Comic vol. 3 9. Dinosaur Comic vol. 4 10. Dinosaur Comic vol. 5 11. Geographic 12. Animal world 13. Dinosaurs 14. World greatest founding

And list of character with their behavior Plant : 1. Sunflower (sometimes easily get mad, talkative, always know information) 2. Peashooter (sometimes attack and not, always create trouble just like Bonk Choy, and Wall-nut) 3. Bonk Choy (fierce, troublemakers, always get hurt or fainted) 4. Wall-nut (hard to eat, troublemaker just like Bonk Choy and Peashooter) And others Zombies : 1. Imp (dumb and idiotic, always make trouble) 2. Prospector Zombie (easily get mad when his son creates trouble) 3. Pirate Captain Zombie (easily get mad when one of his crew make trouble) 4. Zombie Parrot (sometimes he can talk, follows his captain, did betray zombies, knows who stole chocolate) 5. Qigong Zombie (get arrested for no reason, always get mad) And others

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