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  • Crazyzombie168

    Hello random people reading this because you have nothing else better to do but sit down and read some ideas made by an insane person... Anyways, before we get into the ideas I wanna that these are ALL zombies. Why? Because I suck at making plant ideas. Not in terms of ability, but in terms of what the plant is. I also wanna say some of these ideas may be useless or op, but I am just making card ideas for fun. Anyways....

    WARNING: This blog contains ideas using upcoming features in PvZH. Read at your own risk!

    Gambler Zombie 3 cost 2/2: When played: This gets +1/1,+2/2 or +3/3.

    Skyscraper 2 cost Environment: Can only be played on heights. Zombies here get +1/1. Can play skyscraper on another skyscraper to add an addiotal +1/1.

    Botanist Zombie …

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  • Crazyzombie168

    Hello this is TheGirlyIdeaist/Crazyzombie168. In Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, I am Spiced RNGologist, which means I make RNG Decks and think of ways to help you use your RNG effectively! Here I post my RNG Decks for all to see and use! You can also suggest me RNG decks and I might add them.

    In this deck, you use sun producing plants to your RNG out a lot more. We also have the very Dandy King for effective damage and Power Flower for healing!  

    In this RNG Deck, you control your opponet so you can get some RNG Safely! 

    Here you want to try and live out the game to get as much RNG as possible to hopefully win the game! 

    Use your Secret Agents to bounce your card draw to draw more cards, or use it to bounce what you get out of portal technicans to…

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  • Crazyzombie168

    Head to a alternate universe where all zombies are fancy! Can you survive the fanciest attack ever?

    Top Hats are on the lawn. These Top Hats spawn a zombie every wave. They can't be planted but plants can shoot past them.

    Sun Cost: 150

    Recharge: Mediocore  

    Sun-Production: Normal

    Special: Drops sun. If a zombie is under it when sun is dropped, it dies. 

    Special 2: Zombies can't eat this (Gargs can smash it though)

    Storms may black the sun, but Sun-Storm decides to defy logic.

    Sun-Cost: 100

    Recharge: Fast 

    Speical: Stares at zombies to slow them down. 

    Special: Grows eyes overtime. The more eyes, the slower zombies go.

    Range: Whole Board

    Gaisy think his staring into zombies souls... But they have no souls.

    Cost: 75

    Recharge: Sluggish 

    Special: Explodes int…

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  • Crazyzombie168

    Are you are fan of imps? Would you like join a group of imp lovers, have an imp town and do impy things? Look no further! Ump legion is the place for you. Here in ump legion, we praise umps (imps) as well as le ump god. There is Ump TV, Ump Games and a Shop! And more to come! So if you wana join, here ya go!




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  • Crazyzombie168

    A lot of people would like VS mode to be in PvZ2. While this is not likely to happen, people still think it would be fun. And because I have recently played some PvZ1 vs mode again, I will like to put out my own idea on how VS mode would work in PvZ2.

    The Zombie player will pick 7 zombies to bring to the fight. They also have one slot for an upgraded zombie (Sunday Edition and such). 

    The plant player will pick 7 plants to bring. They also have one slot for a premium plant and the player can pick whichever regardless of if they have it or not. Limited edition premiums will not show up (rip Hotdate)

    The thing is, the Plants can see what the Zombies have chosen. I think the Zombies should see what the plants pick as well, but the Plants can thi…

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