That lasts blog is so bad it could be considered a joke.

Anyway, I'll be less active these days.  Mostly because:

1) Tests

I have a lot of tests coming so I have to prepare for them, I really don't think 1 hour of free time a day could be any good for the wiki, I'll probably be under pressure at that time anyway, so yeah. I will try to make a lot of edits on weekends if I can though.

2) Drama

Well duh, this is here. Drama isn't anything good here. Like every moment on the Discord chat for example is this "omg I'm going to kms nu ;-;". No offense to anyone with problems and depression, it's just getting annoying in my opinion. It just makes the place less fun.

3) Bored

I've been getting less interested in this place, like, for example in 2015 everyone was having fun and stuff. But now everyone is just acting like this place is something extremely important to the world and everything must be taken seriously. Now, you're probably thinking "Oh, you're just saying that 'cause you're extremely immature and cannot take the serious stuff." No, that's not true, I don't mind being serious, but this is just too much. People are even trying to act like that in the F&G branch, like what.

And the last reason is because I simply don't think I fit here. I did terrible stuff and screwed up often, that way people had a terrible first impression on me. So yeah, I'll try to get interested in this place again, but I need to finish tests first anyway.

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