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  • Cooler39140

    This is my new post after nearly a half of the year. Here I'll showcase you my idea for the first expansion in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. I'd call it Tricky Tricks. The new cards you'll spot here will have wacky interactions with what you've never seen in-game. You'll spot teamates abandoning their friends for advantage! You'll spot teammates who interact with your Block Meter! You'll spot... nevermind, take a look at my grand collection of ideas!

    • Traitor - Can only be placed on the enemy's side of the battlefield.
    • Rewind - At the start of your turn, change this card's stats to be as when it was just placed on the battlefield.

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  • Cooler39140

    This is my new post after more than a half of the year. Here I'll showcase you my idea for a new Class Type in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. It's called the Sniper Class Type. It uses the powers of plants that can include many ways to deal with your opponent quicklier and use powers like Truestrike to prevent your opponent from protecting. However, this Class Type is avaliable to each side.

    Name Class Superpower Boss Mode 1 Teammate counterpart
    Futurita Sniper
    Future Shot
    Bounce a Zombie. Start with a Future Cactus
    David Sniper
    Empowered Spikes
    Your hero gains +2 this turn. Gain a teammate. Start with +5 Ball Cactus
    Cactivius Sniper
    Mist Weaving
    Target a lane. Do 3 to a zombie in it, and Heal 3 to a plant in it. Start with a Tree Cactus
    Lion Guard Sniper

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  • Cooler39140

    My Travel Log

    August 17, 2015 by Cooler39140
    Here is my Travel Log, where you do my custom quests, like in Usefulguy's Travel Log. You can look at my talk page for code. You can do one too!

    Music: Janna - Sä et ole hullu

    System is like with Usefulguy's one. You earn points when you complete a fan-made quest. This is the only section I allow to edit, but to reigster for taking a challenge and earning points.


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  • Cooler39140

    I hope so, because I was on vacation. Firstly I went to communicate everybody with it, but I didn't. I was even thinking that you made some games about me like a roleplay called like "Quest for Cooler". :P

    Feel free to ask what I was doing.

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  • Cooler39140

    Hi everybody again! It's my 3rd entire world concept (not icluding my cancelled one). This one is about Geomtery Dash with a twist of our beloved PvZ. You can find super plants, super zombies and super Geometry Dash icons that sure they can wreak a havoc.

    Image Plant Description Plant Food Ability Cost Recharge
    Geometry Shooter Shoots peas that can summon Geometry Dash players that instakill the first zombie they meet. Summons 4 Geometry Dash players. 125 Fast
    Power-shroom Attracts metalic objects on the lawn. Can equip an atttracted one to maximilize toughness. Banishes all metalic items and exhausts machines. 150 Mediocre
    Alien Flower Produces sun and deals damage to all zombies in the lane. Produces 150 sun and releases a blast that deals …

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