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Whats your Ideas for new areas in PvZ 2?


These are my ideas:

Location: Sewers

Sun: None because it's underground

Special: Sea-shroom wake up here,and will recharge fast like Puff-shroom.Start with 150 Sun!

Zombies : only Zombies that apear in pool,and the bungee zombie.

New plant too!



Recharge fast

Special: Remove Fog + Sun producting plant (double!)

Species : Seaweed

Almanac Entry : Seashine is Tangle-kelp's sister . like the other plants she tried to tell Tangle-kelp that everybody can see Him clearly! (she didn't look evil)

War Sunflower

Cost : 1900 Sun.

Gives 100 sun at a time

Use Machine Gun to Kill Zombie.

Gun damage: Heavy

Recharge: Very Slow

Almanac entry: War sunflower always think fast and do anything fast. He is aggressive and have a problem to control his anger. But everyone respect him. Besause he is scary!

Biggy Brachy

Slash Zombie with a great damage!(10 damage)

Kill Zomboni in one Slash

Toughness:Extremely High

Need 2x2 Space!

Cost: 7000 sun

Special: Can survive 20 smash from a gargantuar,cant be crushed buy anything,Stop Balloon Zombie Can be vaulted over.

Recharge: Very Slow

Almanac entry: Big ,Hard ,and High. That's him Biggy Branchy.He likes Eat Hot Dog and Slash Zombie.

Weed Gatling Pea

Toughness : High

Weed Gatling Pea/

Shoot 4 peas at a time

Damage: Double (per pea)

Cost: 2000 Sun

Must be planted on weed repeater!

Can be planted on roof without flower pot!

Recharge: Very Slow

Almanac Entry: See it here!

Weed Repeater

Shoot 2 peas at a time

Can be planted on roof without flower pot

Cost: 225 sun

Rcharge: Fast

Almanac Entry: Im Repeater's brother,Why you all didn't believe me? Note: Why Because he is a Mutant Repeater.

New Zombies Too!

Imitater Zombie

mitater Zombie will copy the first plant that he sees. His health and speed makes him very dangerous.
Imitater Zombie

The Imitater Zombie.


Plant a flower pot in front of him. So, he will copy the flower pot.And don't try to hypnotize him, he will eat the Hypno-Shroom wihout get hypnotized.

But he can't copy such as these plants :

Aquatic Plants

Ground Only Plants : Potato Mine,Spikeweed,Spikerock

Grave buster

Sun Producting Plants

Cob Cannon

Coffee Bean



Cherry Bomb


Toughness Extremely High (same as Gargantuar)
Speed Fast
Almanac Copy,copy,copy thats Imitater Zombie's job. He always Copy everything near to him. The other Zombie bored seen what did he do.

Giga Zombie

Simple Giga Zombie can't take more than 20 damage before his head fall off to the ground. He is the stronger version of the regular Zombie. His speed is still slow.

Giga Zombie.

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