Charmande red321

aka Ethan Cilfreu

  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is Schoolstuff
  • I am
  • Charmande red321

    Yeah I made this thing 'cause I'm bored. Anyways, I'm just listing you peeps to your common stuff and yeah.

    Seems "elemecal"
    • Amorphous Carbon
    • Copper
    • Nitrogen
    • Xenon

    'Cause glasses
    • Guy who likes 2 shoes
    • KangarooPlantMushroom

    The girls of the wiki
    • Issa
    • Pinklass-chan
    • Lily Chompzilla
    • Shockingly electro"cute"
    • Artist Lass
    • Now a gal

    • THE Zombie
    • Crazy class
    • Oops, dropped mic

    Just seemingly
    • Retro
    • EAM

    Just... lenny
    • The main one
    • Shameless reveal
    • Cropper
    • A legit on he is
    • Insert More Lennies Here

    I hungr
    • Best of the kind
    • Too Low

    Very Special, Not Normal

    Needs more info

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  • Charmande red321

    So yeah I made this variation of this game 'cause why not.

    Just in case if Eevee survives and is about to evolve.
    |- | align="center"|TBA |}

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  • Charmande red321


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  • Charmande red321

    R8 and skurbskribe

    suggest your stuff

    the following confirmation blows and copyrighted from Phil and ull r8 4/20 mode for not having doritos

    Charmande red321 is NOT part of teh illuminati... and here is why

    Let's look at these 2 pictures

    of Char's images

    What do they have in common you ask?

    That is right

    in both of these pictures of Char's images have hair

    Hair is made out of keratin

    Rhinoceros horns are also made out of keratin

    Rhinos are not in the illuminati
    Char is also not in the illuminati

    Coincidence?... I DONT THINK SO

    Let's dig deeper to this shiz...

    Rhino horns are used as bait

    bait is smth NSFW

    NSFW can have colors Black and White

    Do you know what else is Black and White?

    That is right

    The ISIS flag

    ISIS had taken one of the OD band guy that i dont …

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  • Charmande red321

    A fanmade PvZ Game I made, and I need a lot of help.

    More info here: PvZ: AtW

    • Good Editors
    • Sprite Makers
    • World Sprite Makers (idk wat theyre called)
    • Users that know GameMaker so well
    • Beta Testers
    • and other random people who can help apparently.

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