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The story under it is its almanac entry joke. I have a lot of ideas for it like ( 51 plants now) :

A :

Apple Hook : A grapling hook apple that picks plant up to safety when the plant is vulnerable. 75 sun

While Mangosteal Learned Stealing, Apple Hook learned to save people when they fall or get trapped in a pit. " Things are getting Pretty more challenging these days." said Apple Hook. " At first I was trained to save a Dummy but Now I'm used to save vulnerable plants from evil zombies. I know I'm doing the right thing.

Arrow Vera: Long Ranged shooter that shoots arrows to pass through zombies. 175 sun

People Wonder why Arrow vera is always hunted. Aloe Vera Said " We can see all the way through you, even your lies!"

Atomic-shroom: A Mushroom upgrade for Doom-shroom, The Doom-shroom will need to be activated manualy so you'll have time to upgrade it before it explodes. 175 sun

B :

Ball-nut :A Replacement for Wall-nut in Wall-nut Bowling exept that Ball-nut can be used in all games!

Banana Boomerang : A Banana Tree that throws Bananas that Passes through zombies and then flies back to the banana tree.Each hit Gives one normal Damage to Zombies as the banana turns around giving another one Normal Damage.Has a Five-Square range. 250 sun.

"Once you know me, you'll never forget me. If you throw me away from your mind, you'll end up thinking about me again, and oh! It will do sereous damage to your head .

Boom-shroom : An Upgrade or Gloom-shroom that Shoots Chunk of Fumes two squares in 8 Direction. Each Fume Chunk Gives 4 Damages to Zombies.

"Boom!" says Boom-shroom. " Why are you making that noise?" said quickand. " Its just how I like it." said Boom-shroom." But I said 'Why' not 'How'!"Said quicksand. " Of cource I go to the mall!" said Boom-shroom." I was asking about something else!" said quicksand." Who were you asking to!?" said Boom-shroom. " You!" said quicksand. " Wait a minute, were you talking to me?" said Boom-shroom.

C :

Carnation : A Car / Carnation that will squash zombies in a row including gargantuars and giga-gargantuars.

Carrion Quary : An Upgrade for the Riffle-sia that can create explosive thorns that gives 16 normal damage to zombies. Has a 5 second recharge. 400 sun

Carrion Quary is the smartest among the other plants. One day, peashooter was interviewing Qarrion Quarry. " Qarrion! What are the things that we plants can't do?" Asked Peashooter. " We plants cannot walk, cannot breathe air, cannot survive in too extreme conditions , cannot tallllkkkk...... Wait the Minute! Then why are we able to talk!!?" said carrion quarry.

Cold-shroom : A mushroom that shoots frosty sppores at zombies making them slower. Has a 4 square range. 75 sun.

Cotton-pult: Very Light Damaging Plant that lobs Cotton on zombies before they could even enter the screen.The Cotton is two times weaker that the kernal. 100 sun

" I Hope I don't harm the zombies too much. That would give pain to them. But even though I attack softly, I get stressed out and immidiatly attack the zombies before being told to."

D :

Dazey : A Flower that Puts Zombies to sleep. 50 sun

Dazey Loves Sunflower. He helps her with almost everything. Then Dazey finnaly said to Sunflower how he feels about her " Would you marry me Sunflower?" Then Sunflower became silent." Dazey thinks Sunflower became quiet because she is shy to say she loves him. But then Sunflower said " No.... " Then Sunflower softly said " Now could you help me with these bugs on the master's lawn?" And that was the day where Dazey became Confused.

E :

Electric Lily : Another Upgrade for water lily. Zaps Zombies with electricity that can harm the zombie and its metal object. Note: There is actually a plant named electric lily. 200 sun.

"What do you work as?" Asked Pumpkin. "I work as a life saver and a killer!" Said Electric Lily." How do you you do those things?" asked pumpkin. "I use to shock people that are fainted but now, my electrical powers have raised and I oftenly end up killing people." Said Electric Lily. Then Pumpkin Said " What?!"

F :

Fire Lily : Another upgrade for water lily that squirts Lava that deals 2 damage. Also gives 1 Normal damage per second through time but the effects can be extinguished by cold attacks. 300 sun

Once upon a time, there lived a little plant named Lily Red Roaring Hood that loves red colours. One day she wanted to go to her gramma's house.A Zombie knew she was going there so the zombie dressed himself as a sick plant. The Zombie then throws the Lily's Gramma in the closet. " Why! how green your face looks gramma" Said the Fire Lily. " That's so you can see me more clear" Said the Zombie." Wow! What bloody teeth you have gramma" Said Fire Lily." That so you can see my mouth and feed me." said the Zombie. " Oh my! What big eyes do you have gramma" " That's so I can see you better. " I say! What weird "brains!" sound you make gramma." " That's because I'm a Zombie that's gonna eat you. Ooops." Then Fire Lily Burned the Zombie.

Forest Aroma : A Pile of leaves that must be put around a plant to heal the plant and restore 1 bite every 3 seconds. When the plant it is planted around is eaten, it will instantly dissapear. Cannot be planted around aquatic plants exept lily pads and cattails. Can also be planted on cob cannons but the both the kernal pults must have a forest aroma before you upgrade them into Cob Cannons.Lasts forever or until the plant it heals gets eaten. 300 sun.

G :

Grapes : A grape that throws explosive grapes at zombies dealing 3 damage to a 5x5 area.Has a 4 second recharge. 300 sun

Ghost Chilly: An Upgrade for the Jalapeno than Kills Zombies in a row , Diagnal , Above and Below. The Jalapeno will be activated manually also with the same reason. 100 sun

Glowstick : A glowing tree stick that Must be planted on a plant to make the plant glow to see the surounding of the plant. 0 sun

H :

Hurri-Cane: A sugar cane that can unleash a tornado that pushes all the zombies back 5 squares. 50 sun

"Woo! Woo!" said Hurricane. "The sky is dark, the winds are blowing and the storms are roaring!" Then Fire Lily said " Why is this a good thing? There's a storm coming!" " Well that is a sign of a sky party! Its a secret I herd from Tormado" Only plants that can fly can go to the party!" Then Fire Lily said " Can I go with you?" Then Hurricane said "no because there's rain that could easily distinguish you"

I :

Icerock : Upgrade for spikerock. A Spikerock that can slow zombies that step on them. 125 sun

Ice-rock loves to go to parties. Its what he does every month. One day, Ice-rock was invited to a party. But Ice Rock said" Sorry guys but I can't go, I'd love to but I just can't " Then Cotton-pult said "Why? Are you grounded?" Then Ice Rock Said " No, I'm "Iced" ."

J :

Jackfruit-In-The-Box : A Jack fruit in a weird box that explodes in a random time or when it gets squashed. Has the Same range as the Cherry Bomb 75 sun

Jack-O-Lantern: A Very Big Pumpkin that has a Health of a Tall-nut and abled to plant on plants. 200 sun "

Happy Halloween!" Says Jack-O-Lantern. I'm a good decoration for that day! Don't you think? And don't forget! I like candy too.

K :

Kidnapear: A pear that kidnaps zombies from above but has limited health. Has to survive for 3 seconds to steal a zombie. Absorbs 30 Bites. 75 sun

Kidnappear is known to be the cause of more than 400 zombienapping cases. People often say that that's one bad thing to do for a plant. " Hey. would you rather watch them grow and eat us all?"

L :

Lavander : A Lavender that can summon lava in a 3x3 area damaging zombies there. 2 damage per 1.3 second. 200 sun

" Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme , come on magma, its spawning time!" Thats what lavander always say.

Leek : A liquid leak that will turn into a pond of water anabling you to plant aquatic plants on the pond exept for tangle kelp. Zombies will just walk over the pond. The zombies can also eat the Leek when it hasn't transformed yet.25 sun

Lilac Lazer : A lilac that shoots lazers at the zombies destroying they're shields. The lazer could pierce the zombie and could be used manually every 2 minutes.

M :

Medical Tea Leaf: A Tea leaf that must be planted on a plant to restores 28 bites. 100 sun

Medical Tea Leaf has a degree on Excellent aiding, Perfect Scar Wraps and Good Medical Advice.

Mangosteal: A Mangosteen that steals objects from zombies at use it against them. 75 sun

Mangosteal has mastered the art of Stealing without being noticed at Ninja School. Everyday, he stole items that get even more expensive and even harder to steal every day. Mangosteal said." I'm not really stealing because I'm evil really. Its just because those Zombies even use Diamonds as Ear plugs."

Mummy Vine : A Plant version of zombies that eats zombies in its column.Will walk towards the right and can absorb 42 Bites. 100 sun

"I came from the Dead! Now I'm the Undead! I shall protect the natural! And Avenge the vulnerable! So when you see me coming! You'll know I'll be Killing! The Zombies attacking plants! I Treat them like Ants!" Said Mummy vine. " Nice Poem you wrote" said Lily Pad" That's actually what I'm gonna Do" Said Mummy Vine " Wow you sound so realistic! I'd give you an A on that poem if I was a teacher" Said Lily Pad.

Medusa Fly Trap: An upgrade for chomper that has three heads. Can eat zombies 3 times in 40 seconds. Also Attacks zombies above and below its column.

" I wanna go to Europe!" said medusa Fly Trap No. 1. " Well I wanna go to Asia!" Said Medusa Fly Trap No. 2. " Hey wait a minute! We should go to Africa!" Said Medusa Fly Trap No. 3. Then Sunflower came wearing black glasses and said to them " Woah.. Take it easy guys. All Of those places are the same because they'll turn to stone when you show your face there."

Mint Leaf : A Mint Leaf that can freeze zombies in a 5x5 area for 20 seconds. Must be clicked to make it explode. 75 sun

Moongrains : Makes every single mushroom on your lawn wake up even to newly planted ones. 750 sun

Mangoo : A mango that will explode spreading yellow goo every where and kills zombies in a 3x3 area. The goo slows zombies down. 175

O :

Oaktapus : An Oak tree that squirts Ink At Zombies Outside its Square. Can Slow Down Zombies. Will take Dead Zombie's head to throw it on other Zombies Giving 4 Damage. 275 sun

P :

Pine Drill: A Drill that will kill Digger Zombies in a row. Reusable. 250sun

" Why do you hate those digger zombies Pine Drill?" Asked water Lily. " Because, why use a pickaxe when they could just use a drill! Their ignoring me! I know it!"

Polmegrenade: Kills all Zombies within the Column it is planted on.Also Kills Zombies Near its Column. 150 sun

Polmegrenade heard from jalapeno that exploding is a Crazy Sansation. Then Polmegrenade said " I Do crazy things every dauy Jalapeno!" Then Jalapeno said " Your not ready yet. You got to feel It! Breathe it! Know It! Explode!" " Wow! That was awesome! " said Polmegrenade."I think I'm gonna try it too!" Then Jalapeno said" Don't push your luck kid.. Because Exploding also gives pain."

Poison Eye-V : An Eye that will poison every single zombie in 5 squares front and 4 squares backwards. 175 sun

I startd as a worshipped pattern in Ancient Egipt, suddenly, the earth started to shake. They told me to get into a magical portal that brings me to the future so I would always be remembered. But of cource, they just ignore me." Said Poison-Eye-V. Then Cactus said." Don't feel so bad about that. We never ignore you. It's just because when we look at you, we'll end up going to the hospital."

R :

Raisen: A Raisin that gives you a better luck at finding coins and makes your marigold work 2 times faster. Lasts for 2 minutes then it will dissapear. 75 sun

Raisen owns a big company. He never cuts off peoples salary, even if they do something very bad. " What am I gonna do when all of my workers become lazy?" Asked raisen to a councellor. " That's easy, quit!" says the councelor.

Riffle-sia : A Rafflesia that shoots rapidly on zombies and shoots poisonous thorns that attack zombies from the rear. 225 sun

People hates Riffle-sia's smell. They just hate it! Arrow vera says " Why do you smell like that?" Then Riffle-sia says " Its just my perfume" Then Arrow Vera became very silent from that day.

Rubber Ball: A Rubber Seed that Will explode and release 6 rubber balls that will give damage and bounces of the zombie it meets.Will not bounce out of the screen but instead will dissapear after 25 seconds. 100 sun

S :

Sea Lily : Upgrade for Water lily. Squirts Poisonous water at zombies that gives damage over time. 200 sun

Sea Lily just loves the sea! She always go there on free hours with no zombies. She has a Crush on Sea-shroom. " I think I'm gonna bring Sea-shroom to the sea and show it how it looks like!" Said Sea Lily. Then Ice-shroom said " What for" Then Sea Lily Said " For his birthday tomorrow"."But Sea Lily, Us plants never get a birthday celebration" Said Ice-shroom.

Sandsevieria: Upgrade for the Arrow Vera. Shoots Arrows in Six Directions, Front, Back and Diagnal.Also shoots two times faster. 175 sun.

Sanseviera Loves to go for Dinner at Fancy restauraunts. She goes there with Rozey Every Sunday. Although, Rozey always talks about peashooter when their waiting for the food to arrive. If Rozey's done talking, Sanseviera then talks about how it looks like that she likes Plante-vision more then Peashooter. Then Rozey said " .........Whatever........."

Slime : A slimy and explosive lime that explodes spreading slime everywhere in the screen. All the slime will burn when you use a Jalapeno or a Ghost Chilly Killy every zombie in the screen.The slime slows zombies down. 100 sun

"SSSLLLLRRRPOOORPOOO.." what was that sound? Something round.. Why is it round? I dunno?Was it a hound? Nope... Yes.. Slime really gets more rhymes that any other plants.

Spearmint : An upgrade for the mint leaf that will now freeze zombies in a 7x7 area and shoots icy spearmint spears that gives 20 damage to zombies that are at a Diagnal, Up , Down, Front and back.250 sun

"Get ready for war! Plants! Those Zombies won't kill themselves you know! And Stop looking at me you mortal!"

Sour Cherry : An Upgrade for the Cherry Bomb that will leave an area full of Sour Cherry Juice in a 3x3 area. The Cherry Bomb will be activated manualy with the same reason as the Doom-shroom. 50 sun

Sun Rice:A wheat that makes your sun production 50% faster. Last for 1 minute then it will dissapear. 75 sun

" When I wake up, everyone wakes up! " said Sun Rice."Without me, you'll be having some cold and dark nights." Sun Rice became proud of herself. " Dude, things aren't like that. You just wake up when everyone wants to wake up" Flower Pot told Sun Rice. Then Sun Rice said " Ooh your just jeleous! I'm every one's need." Flower Pot said. " Whatever. I Rarely find people like you." Then Sun Rice said " Thats because I'm Special."

T :

Tormado : A tomato that unleashes a tornado to stun zombies for 10 seconds in a 5x5 area. 100 sun

Twin Marigold: An upgrade for marigold that produces 2 of the same coins every 24 seconds. 150 sun

The two twins always imitate each other. " It's not how it look's like." Said Sunrice . " Look at it your self." Said Sunrice. " Hey Look!" Said Marigold No 1. " What ? " Said Marigold no 2. " What? " Said Marigold No. 1. "What?" said marigold no 2 and it goes on.

W :

Water Lily: Squirts water at zombies rapidly, also damages zombies behind it.200 sun

Sploosh! Splash! Sploosh! Splash! " I just love playing at the pond" Says water lily." Those zombies better not litter it or i'll kill them!" Then said " Hey ! There's a zombie coming towards the pool! " Then Water Lily said " Where! Where ! I need to know where it is!" Then pumpkin asked " Do you wanna know where it is so you could kill it?" Then Water lily said " No silly! I wanna know about it so i can find a place to hide."

Z :

Zapricot : An apricot that kills Zombies in the square it is plant on. Also Stuns and Damages Zombies in the screen for 4 seconds. 125 sun

Now how about these zombies?:

Umbrella Zombie : A Zombie Holding an umbrella that will protect it from arial attacks. Cannot be destroyed but can be taken off by a magnet shroom. The Umbrella can also protect zombies under the umbrella even zombies that are too big.

Skelaton Zombie : A Skinless Zombie that has to be killed when its top falls off. Top will fall of after 20 hits.

Blimp Zombie: A Zombie riding a blimp that transports zombies to the 5th column.

Miner Zombie: A ground version of the snorkel zombie that will attack plants from behind.

Giftbox Zombie: A rarely seen zombie that will drop giftboxes after its defeat.

Shade Zombie : A shadow of a zombie that can only be killed by a plantern, torchwood or explosive.

Try out these boss zombies:

Zomboni Master : A zombie riding an upgraded zomboni that will appear in a Bobsled Bonanza like level. Some parts of the pool will be frozen.

Driller of the Undead : A zombie riding a giant drill that drills through your plants but not get your brains. Instead, other zombies will be summond.

Zombot 2.0 : An upgraded zombot that has new abilities like ice breath that freezes plants and fire breath that gives 2 bite damage to plants. The ice breath gives one damage but slows your plants down.

Hmmm.... Maybe some areas to...

Snow : In this level, most of your plants work 2 times slower, and you need to use a Fire-shroom to melt the snow or else your plants will be even slower every second.

Battlefield : In this level, there are cannions that zombies will hide at and shoot bullets.

Dancefloor : In this level, the tiles will go up and down making it a barrier. Also, dancing zombies are common here. You also have to plant flower pots.

Factory : Here, the tiles will switch places with other tiles. Also, zombies can switch places too. So this might be your toughest challenge yet. You have to plant on flower pots that are ready.

Maybe new items too?

Sleigh : A snow version of a lawn mower.

Drill : A Battlefield verson of the drill.

Plants I need ideas of what it should do.

Hi! Could you kind contributors help e on what these plants should do? Comment if you have an Idea! I'll also put some credit for you by adding " Idea given by ( Contributor Name )" If you want to help, pease use an unregistered account. Please Help!

Sawberry : Helped by Pandaboy

Jazzberrry : ???

Pincher plant : ???

Honeydew : ???

Arrowwood : ???

Ash ( The plant kind ) : ???

Bearberry : ???

Pitchblackberry : ???

Blackhawk ( Blackhaw ) : ???

Bow-wood : ???

Blue-of-the-heavens : ???

California Wall-nut : ???

Wild Carrot: Helped by Pandaboy

Chrysanthemum : ???

Creeping Yellowcress : ??? Devil's Plague : ???

Plants that I created with a help of a contributor.

Sawberry : Does ultra massive damage to Big Zombies like Gargantuars.

"I wanna saw stuff!" Sawberry says while hes getting ready for the zombies to come "you know exploding is more fun." Cherry bomb tells him "yeah but my name!" "you can still Saw Berrys"

Helped by : Pandaboy2

Wild Carrot: Sun Cost 175 (defensive plant)

Wild Carrot is as tough as a tall-nut and the bottom of the carrot is in the ground so diggers can't get passed it (when a digger comes to it it stops digging and comes out of the ground and attacks the carrot)

Almanac Entry: "The key to winning is staying healthy!" says Wild Carrot "and no zombies brains are not healthy!" "gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" mumbles a zombie

Helped by :Pandaboy2

Jazzberry: Sun Cost 75 (single use)

musical notes go above Jazzberry's head and all zombies on the map dance for 5 seconds and while they are dancing they won't pay any attention the other plants and they won't walk to your brains

Almanac Entry: "Dance to it zombies dance...!" says jazzberry "I wanna see your moves!" "rawrraryBRAINSbadahhh....." dancing zombie mumbles "sure whatever..........." jazzberry says while hes trying to ignore the tune.

Helped by : Pandaboy2