CWJ-D CWJ-D 23 January 2018

Quick Vacation Recap.

So I've been absent for the past few days. Sucked for me, since being a grammar freak in all PvZH posts is hard work, especially if I skipped a few days of editing. Also, I lost my streak. Guess you guys will be seeing me for AT LEAST another year.


Now now, keep your complaints to yourself. You'll hurt my feelings, and that isn't welcome in a Wiki environment.

Anyway, the reason I was absent was because there was no Wi-fi in my grandma's place. There was a working PC, but I wasn't able to log in for some reason. But now I'm fine, we moved onto someplace else, and guess what: There's SNOW. I've always wanted to see snow for a few years. Vietnam doesn't snow. It did feel like Tropical Freeze this year, but even then, it was only a …

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CWJ-D CWJ-D 19 July 2017

Hey everybody, did you hear the news?

...If you know that particular song by Emma Stone, you'll know what's going to go next. But obviously, you haven't heard the news, because I'm gonna tell you right now.

I twisted my right leg. It may or may not have sucked more than breaking it, but it definitely sucks more than spraining my right ankle, or even more, not getting hurt at all.

It all happened yesterday, when my sister called me outside the door. I went to meet her, but I tripped - or slipped, and, well, SNAP. My leg got twisted at a bad angle, so I could see my bone bulging from my knee. (It didn't break out, though.) It hurt like nuts, but it was also frightening as well. Imagine a woman screaming while being split alive by a chainsaw. That was how I screamed, except I didn'…

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CWJ-D CWJ-D 15 May 2017

Sudden 4-day hiatus.

I'm going on a field trip to Singapore, so I'll be unable to check anything for 4 days.

Just leaving this here because people may be asking, "Where'd CWJ-D go?"

Overseas. Thanks for reading.

Edit: Actually, I can check stuff on first day's morning and fourth day's night. So don't be scared of a nonexistent phantom CWJ-D clone during those periods, OK?

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CWJ-D CWJ-D 4 May 2017

CWJ-D, you have been absent for the past 4 days. Any excuse?

Title says it all, and I'll say: Vacation to Bali. Well, more of the vacation you'd find in Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

Don't worry, I'll resume editing. My streak to 365 is broken, but it would've been anyway due to me going on a field trip to Singapore a few weeks later.

Have a good day...if you even bothered to read this.

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CWJ-D CWJ-D 16 January 2017

Aaaaand I'm back.

Had a lot of fun and shenanigans in Korea, now I can edit a lot more frequently until I'm out for vacation again, which may or may not occur a long time after.

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