Hey guys. It's me, CITRONtanker. I'm here to tell you two things.

  1. Where the heck I have been
  2. What I think of all these new changes that have been implemented.

Alrighty, so first things first. A lot of people might argue that, arguably since the release of Triassic Triump, I have been very scarce around here. I have not been very active- I admit it. But I feel it should be now that I start to get back into the swing of things. I do beleive things have changed for the better since I stepped away from this place for a month or so, and I want to return to the good times around here.

But, of course, this place has changed- a lot. I now see message walls, the removal of voting rules, and a ton of changes to the staff (good on some people like Iama, who got promotions. Seriously, Iama deserves the discussion mod role. And CWD-J? What took him so long to be Content Mod? It fits him. Also, R.I.P Chat Mods.) What do I think of these changes? Well, lets go about em'.

I was wondering why it took so long with message walls, as they are seemingly on any other wiki you look at. It will be an adjustment, trying to get the old talk system out of my head, but it most definetly simplifies things.

Voting rules are going to be tough to adjust to. That's not saying I am objecting the new rules, but I am gonna need a while to adjust to it (but I'm not a staff member anyway, so I should just forget about it)

In short, I will try to be relavent here more. And I have a goal- to become a Discussion Mod. Obviously, I am going to have to earn this. I have the Futuristic Fighter badge, and been on this wiki more than long enough, with no bans. But my activity has to increase, I understand that. Hope to get to that point soon.

That's it for now, my friends! Here's to a new era on this wiki! Cheers.

Your friend, CITRONtanker.

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