Before I begin tearing this game apart, let me give this tragic stae of affairs as much fairness as I can.

I used to love this game to bits. I really did. When it first came out, I was having so much fun returning to what I loved after such a long wait- fending off wave after wave of undead, moaning, brain-wanting zombies with a wide array of unique plants. As a PvZ fan from the franchises early days, it's safe to say I enjoyed this game deeply. The only flaw I saw was the whole premium plant system (oh boy, I have some things to say about them.) And as more and more worlds kept coming, I kept finding escuses to jump back into the game. Heck, Far Future inspired the very name that you know me by today! For two years, I never once thought about what my IPad would be like without this game.

But now- things are much, much different.

Prior to writing this blog, I took a look at the maps of all the worlds, and compared them to the older ones. Then, they were awesome. But what I see now is- lame. I see no Garg statues, no awesome Zomboss podiums, no huge, almost open-world maps of the early builds of the game, I just- I see nothing. Nothing at all.

Back to the whole premium plant thing- it's money grubbing at its finest. I don't know what it was, but EA saw fit to make evry semi-cool plant locked behind a paywall- it's not smart moneymaking- it's just scamming your fans! Something you will quickly discover EA is very, very good at!

Also, this Battlez thing. I don't want to trash it too hard, because it is kinda fun, but, in my eyes, this is a "too little, too late" scenario. I don't see how this is in any way the thing that saves the game. Also, hackers. And do I even need to mention things like the removal of Mummy Memory? If you are going to subtract from the game in an update, then don't release the update. It's that simple, really.

Oh wow- free plants are coming to PvZ2! That must be killing you, EA! Are you, heaven forbid, listening to your fans for once! All I can say, is that I am greatful this game has no loot box system (unless Pinatas count)

That's- all I have really. Listen, I still love this game. Am I going to delete it- no, not yet at least. But if the stupid decisions with this game continue, it's time for me to free up some space on my I Pad.

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