The sequel to Everything wrong with Colossal Fossils

Disclaimer: My opinion, entertainment only, you know how it goes! Let's do this!

1. Why was this released seperately from Colossal Fossils?

2. This set took way to long to release. No, seriously.

4. You know, I love these silly throwaway stories they try to use. I mean, controlling Mustache Monuments? Seriously?


6. Wow, an Amphibious Copter Commando! Just what I always wanted!

7. It took 9 years for them to bring Pumpkin back- 9 YEARS!

8. Primal Wall-Nut is way too good.

9. Marine Bean is so ugly

10. Plus, it's useless. If it gained health as well, maybe. But as is- no.

11. Yeah, make Spineapple useless!

12. Why is Hot Lava actually decent as a standalone card?

13. Veloci-Radish Hacthling is okay, but it needs Team-Up.

14. IMO, Shelf Mushroom is underwhelming. Just use Berry Blast!


16. I thought Veloci-Radish Hunter was trash, but think of this combo- Play Starch Lord (Pear Paradise optional) then play Imitater, and then VR Hunter. That is terrifying to think of.

17. Technically, if Veloci-Radish Hunter created a copy of itself, it would be another Hunter, not a Packmate.

18. Lets be thankful Half Banana was nerfed before it was too late.

19. Useless. That is all.

20. Flavor texts. Sometimes, it's better off without them.

21. Savage Spinach is (see 18)

22. Though, Potted Powerhouse loves it.

23. I don't think anyone else knows how broken Apotatosaurus is.

24. Try using Primal Peashooter against a Zombot 1000.

25. What's the point of Lily Pad being Smarty if so many Smarty plants are Amphibious?

26. How could they screw up Rotobaga so badly?

27. R.I.P Imp Decks.

28. Also, she is terrifying.

29. Bird of Paradise looks wierd when it attacks.

30. Ugh....

31. Hey, Sunnier Shroom! Twin Sunfower got buffed! Too late!

32. For some reason, I find Eyespore adorable.

33. Sun Strike could be disastrous.

34. Aloesaurus may not seem that strong, but look out.

35. Goat- just Goat.

36. Copter Commando, but with Hunt!

37. When I see Killer Whale, I think of Splatoon, for some reason.

38. Hunting Grounds not OP? Imagine my suprise when someone used it with Energy Drink Zombie!

39. "The ultimate, epic, last, absolutely final conclusion to the zombie-throwing saga. ...or is it?" Zombot-Throwing-Zombot confirmed.

40. Boy oh boy- Mustache Decks.

41. Mustache Waxer is pandering to Zom-Blob.

42. Wait- its not Pot of Silver?!

43. Mustache Monument is kinda cheap.

44. Duckstache is the best zombie ever- no question. Just look at it!

45. The Dinotronic Mechsaur has arms? What is this madness?

46. Here I was, thinking Trapper Territory was Sneaky.

47. So, disco orriginated in the prehistoric times? I knew it.

48.Grave Robber should be used with Impfinty only.

49. Zombie's Best Friend? More like worst.

50. Headhunter is the most broken Legendary this set. I SAID IT!

51. Do you hate Weekly Events? Here you go!

52. You mean Lost Colozzeum?

53. Knockout! DING DING DING!

54. I thought Turquoise Skull Zombie was a History Zombie. Can you really blame me?

55. Chum Champion? (Salmon Run flashbacks)

56. You are a pirate! YAY!

57. Do a barrel- oh wait, a chest is not a barrel!

58. See #54

59. You has one job, Unthawed Viking- one job!

60. Raidng Raptor would do better if it drew a card.

61. Those buffs and nerfs man- I don't wanna talk about it.

62. There was no new Heroes in this update.

63. And why bring back the old title screen? Make a new one!

64. The pack has a Super-Rare vs Legendary. It's a fraud.

65. EA Is so bad, they can't even spell Stompadon.


66. They can't count, either.
Screenshot 20180130-150121

67. This might very well be the last set.

68. I thought Spappy Place was gonna be it's own card.

69. Still no Raptor Grounds.

70. Fusion is too similar to Evolution.

71. And finally- I made more edits than I'll ever make in a year on this wiki. No joke.


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