• CITRONtanker

    R.I.P The Lawn

    May 13, 2018 by CITRONtanker

    Welp, I thought it would happen at some point, but it still kinda hurts. 

    R.I.P The Lawn 2009(?)-2018. Died due to a lack of usage. You will be missed.

    Yes, I was one of few beating a dead horse. It appears I'm gonna have to use Discord now. E.M Peachy keen.

    I guess we could share our memories here- if any of you remember any. It's not like any staff members lost their positions from this. In that case, no matter what, my staff position would be gone anyway, even if I did not asked for them to be removed.

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  • CITRONtanker

    Before I begin tearing this game apart, let me give this tragic stae of affairs as much fairness as I can.

    I used to love this game to bits. I really did. When it first came out, I was having so much fun returning to what I loved after such a long wait- fending off wave after wave of undead, moaning, brain-wanting zombies with a wide array of unique plants. As a PvZ fan from the franchises early days, it's safe to say I enjoyed this game deeply. The only flaw I saw was the whole premium plant system (oh boy, I have some things to say about them.) And as more and more worlds kept coming, I kept finding escuses to jump back into the game. Heck, Far Future inspired the very name that you know me by today! For two years, I never once thought ab…

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  • CITRONtanker


    April 11, 2018 by CITRONtanker

    Hey guys. It's me, CITRONtanker. I'm here to tell you two things.

    1. Where the heck I have been
    2. What I think of all these new changes that have been implemented.

    Alrighty, so first things first. A lot of people might argue that, arguably since the release of Triassic Triump, I have been very scarce around here. I have not been very active- I admit it. But I feel it should be now that I start to get back into the swing of things. I do beleive things have changed for the better since I stepped away from this place for a month or so, and I want to return to the good times around here.

    But, of course, this place has changed- a lot. I now see message walls, the removal of voting rules, and a ton of changes to the staff (good on some people like Iama, …

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  • CITRONtanker

    The sequel to Everything wrong with Colossal Fossils

    Disclaimer: My opinion, entertainment only, you know how it goes! Let's do this!

    1. Why was this released seperately from Colossal Fossils?

    2. This set took way to long to release. No, seriously.

    4. You know, I love these silly throwaway stories they try to use. I mean, controlling Mustache Monuments? Seriously?


    6. Wow, an Amphibious Copter Commando! Just what I always wanted!

    7. It took 9 years for them to bring Pumpkin back- 9 YEARS!

    8. Primal Wall-Nut is way too good.

    9. Marine Bean is so ugly

    10. Plus, it's useless. If it gained health as well, maybe. But as is- no.

    11. Yeah, make Spineapple useless!

    12. Why is Hot Lava actually decent as…

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  • CITRONtanker

    Ask CITRON (part 2!)

    January 29, 2018 by CITRONtanker

    What better of a way to celebrate my return than to copy of everyone! to make an ask CITRON blog! As with most blogs of this kind, feel free to ask me any question, as long as it won’t scar me for life....

    Judging by my new profile pic, there is a question I expect to hear. That so-called “nickname of mine”, and I’m ready for it, so bring it!

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