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  • I live in RenSkall Island
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is YouTube
  • I am Male (big gay) (not clickbait)
  • Birdpool

    So, today, I was digging through the files in the CDN folder in PvZ2, because I got sick of how my strategy in Battlez would win against 4 or 5 opponents then begin to consistently lose, and so I started editing the PlantLevels.rton file to give a boost to all of the Plants I was using, at the level I had them (if they were level 1 then I could theoretically just edit the OBB directly, but...umm...I don't know how to get the .section file data for OBBPatcher...or make the OBB directly editable...uhh) and I naturally found that Pepper-pult had a stat which started at an "unown value" (it was two bytes, which I couldn't understand at the time) and eventually progressed down to a byte 7D (which is 125). I logically concluded that this was the…

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  • Birdpool
    (stops deflection)

    (splash damage)
    (non-powered or at close range if powered)
    (only the projectiles not directly forwards) |first seen = Dark Ages - Night 24 |flavor text = He hates it when you throw things at him! Stop it!}}

    juggler_veteran is a zombie that showed up in the Dark Ages expansion in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He is an upgrade of Jester Zombie.

    juggler_veteran is easier to beat than Jester because he has more weaknesses, but is more annoying because his returned projectiles deal 50% more damage. Upon death, he releases any projectiles he hasn't returned, into a 3x3 area, and they deal 50% their normal damage, but to zombies.

    As stated above, juggler_veteran "explodes" upon death. This does 6 damage bites to all plants in a 3x3…

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  • Birdpool

    I could rant four hours on this topic, so I'm just going to list some issues. WIP.

    • Budget cuts.
      • Because of BUDGET CUTS, teachers are constantly getting laid off, fired, or just leaving.
        • The Arts don't get as many classes or teachers as a result.
    • The teacher to Student ratio is trash!!
        • there's enough evidence that students learn better when the ratio is lower. 1:18 is the largest that should be allowed. (sure, go ahead and have a 30 student class, just make sure there's 2 teachers.)
    • Sports.
      • They're focused on WAY TOO FREAKING MUCH in the US. School is for learning and ACADEMICS, not "let's see who can kick a flippin' ball the farthest"
    • Food is trash
      • Here, have this slab of cardboard with minimal amounts of "…
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  • Birdpool

    Thyme Twist is a custom world I've been working on for a few months now. It currently has 2 parts, Part on has 8 levels and Part 2 had 12. Part 3 is being produced at the current time.

    There are currently 8 levels in Thyme Twist. Day 8 is the Gargantuar Battle of Part 1.

    Portals, and the LevelJam feature are the gimmicks of Thyme Twist.

    Thyme Twist uses the Modern Day portals to spawn zombies from methods other than the lawn.

    LevelJam is a strip of code used in many Modern Day levels (and several Thyme Twist levels, transitively) which allows a specific Neon Mixtape Tour zombie to use its Jam ability, one example being jam_pop to make Glitter Zombies that appear utilize their protection power.

    Thyme Twist uses several "tricks" to add specialize…

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  • Birdpool

    PvZRPG - The Mini-Wiki

    April 13, 2017 by Birdpool

    This is all the basic information for PvZRPG (The RPG I've been working on.)

    A large basic Peashooter who teaches the player the basic controls. Will be confirmed male in text used later on. Currently has no actual name.

    The first world-NPC th player will meet. Talking to him gives the player the Mushroom Key, which lets you enter his house, among other mushroom-based locations later on. Also male, may have multiple appearances.

    The player is a basic Peashooter, which acts like a multi-directional-scrolling-shooter-player. IF the player moves backwards, the Peashooter will turn around and be able to attack backwards.

    If the player is usually a Peashooter, I think you can decode what this is. No knockback or stun.

    These are the first "enemies" t…

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