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  • Big plants fan


    January 10, 2014 by Big plants fan


    After a very long long long.....time been inactive, I'm finally back! So, I'll re-open my game "Plants vs Zombies Olympia Show".

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  • Big plants fan

    Hi guys! I have wanted to make question for you about PvZ, the special way! So here for PvZOS!

    On the first day, means today, You choose one of the choices: 20 points group, 40 points group, 60 points group and 80 points group:

    • For 20, There are the very simple question that you don't need to have thinking! (0.5 per ques) (Update each 3 days)
    • For 40, There are easy (1 per ques) (Update each 2 days)
    • For 60, There are medium (3 per ques) (Update each 1 days)
    • For 80, There are hard (5 per ques) (Update each 1 days)

    You can only answer the questions from the group you chose, to complete the group, you have to answer as least for 5 ques. After 2 weeks, you can re-choose the groups

    When choose, you can decide to or not to pick the "Double Dare" star (NO…

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  • Big plants fan

    Waiting for too long? It's time for the brand new episode!

    And BTW, the winner of the contest is:  IMCR8Z !!!!!!

    As I said, he winner can be the creator of the next extra episode, So IMCR8R, just give us the ideas and you'll see!




     Check the Blue rapper here:!

    Check the winner's design and read the full episode of the contest and making here:

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  • Big plants fan

    Hey guys! I know you have been waiting for too long.So, just about a few couple days- about 2 weeks, the brand new episode of the Plants with Angry Birds Season 2 will be come out! While we're waiting, I present to you the new theme song of season 2. HIT IT!

    And let me know your ideas or comments for the new season!

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  • Big plants fan

    A secret clue...

    December 6, 2012 by Big plants fan

    This is a secret messenger with all the clue. Let's solve it out! How smart are you!

    I gave you a hint: It's about us!

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