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  • I live in Your Hopes, Dreams, and Nightmares.
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is Student, and Punk Rocker Wannabe.
  • I am The Highway.
  • Ballistic Planet

    My reverse retirement

    September 14, 2016 by Ballistic Planet

    With the mass wikia exodus that has happened as of recently, the wikia has become starved of good users. Especially with important admins/b-crats like TULO, Uselessguy, and Electric Plants either becoming inactive or leaving, this wikia is on the path to total disarray. Many would see this as a sign to give up. Either lay back and see what happens, or join the mass exodus and leave this wiki all together.

    Not me though. I've decided to use this time as a challenge. I'm trying to edit as much mainspace as I can, far more than I usually do. I'll be going for Admin soon. Though I say I'm not mature enough, other users think that have the capabilities to go for it.

    Along with this, I challenge Plant Protecter, Snapdragon717, Phantom of Ra, Nick A…

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  • Ballistic Planet

    A few notes before we get into the strategies:

    All of these strategies will use premiums in some way. I'll either edit this blog or have a follow up blog with a free to play strat (includes no premiums, no 8th seed slot, and no limited Gemiums. Evergreen Gemiums, and Epic Quest plants will be allowed, however).

    Also, none of these strategies use the broken Cold Snapdragon or Explode-o-nut, or the Zen Garden! If these strategies are pulled off correctly, you shouldn't have an issue dealing with the zombies at all.

    These plants are in all 3 of my strategies. They provide a solid baseline, and make up the backbone of these strategies.


    Sun Producer (take 1 of ):

    Luxury Instant (take 1 of):

    Firstly, having a sun producer in PVZ2 is mandatory. In…

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  • Ballistic Planet


    August 5, 2016 by Ballistic Planet

    Just to let you guys know, from August 7th-13th, I'll not be able to log into the wiki. I'll be heading off to my summer camp, where I get to participate in fun activities. Now I would try to sneak in my phone and what not, y'know, to drop by and say "hello", but the summer camp I'm going to is in the middle of the ocean, so there's pretty much going to be no cell reception there at all. I'll be completely out of contact with civilization for 6 days. Wish me luck!

    In the mean time, I urge you to check out my new Top 20s blog.

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  • Ballistic Planet

    There's going to be some new rules this time around.

    • As standard, the list order will go Least Favorite > Most Favorite > Worst > Best.
    • For my Best and Worst list, the following world exclusive plants will not be allowed on them.
      • Grave Buster
      • E.M.Peach
      • Lily Pad
      • Tangle Kelp
      • Hot Potato
      • Gold Leaf
      • Thyme Warp
      • Perfume-shroom
    • These plants, though considered World Exclusive by many, are not by me, and will be allowed.
      • Blover
      • Spring Bean
    • Plant food is now taken into account.
      • More specifically, a plant can be saved from the Worst list due to this rule, but cannot make the Best list just because they have a good plant food effect.
    • Conjoined entries (or having multiple plants in the same entry) are allowed.

    That's it for rules, now for format.

    • Each list contains 20 ent…

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  • Ballistic Planet

    Curious about anything I do? This is the place to ask me!

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