Welcome to my custom level compendium! This is where I post all the custom levels that I've been working on, as well as give some hints for potential upcoming levels. The download link for all of my levels is here. I may make an install guide about it sooner or later.

Standalone Levels

Ballistic is Sadistic

My first level! This level is unbeatable without using powerups or losing lawnmowers. You must you the plants I give you to stall the zombies until the final wave. Sweet Potato is given to make this level more manageable and fun!

Difficulty: 1/5

Beghouled Evolved

This is my attempt at creating a Beghouled level. It's fairly easy, but can manage to prove a challenge for inexperienced players. It has a few different plants with branching paths, making each playthrough pretty unique.

Difficulty: 1/5

Reaction Test

Only 1 plant is given, an endangered Missile Toe vs. only 1 zombie, an All-Star. You must use prediction and reaction to beat this level, or you will suffer defeat at the hands of a lone All-Star zombie.

This was level 16 in TCLP's Time Twister Rebirth.

Difficulty: 3/5

Column of Choice

This is a Column' Like You See 'Em level but with seed selection. Additionally, the player cannot lose more than 10 plants. Many instant use plants will be banned to compensate, but a key few have remained unbanned. These bans have become outdated, and I'm not going to update them. If you decide to play with it, go nuts!

Feel free to also rip the column prop from this, that's about all this level is good for at that point.

Difficulty: 0/5

Before Dawn

My first level using JSON editing. This level takes place in the Dark Ages, where the player must use Homing Thistles, Potato Mines, and Squashes to defeat a difficult array of zombies. The twist is that the player starts with 0 sun, and must obtain sun through Sun Beans and Grave Busting a sun grave.

Difficulty: 3/5

Sodden Death

My second level using JSON editing, and my first attempt at making a challenging level. This level is based around the fact that the middle three lanes are covered in craters, leaving only the top and bottom lanes plantable. Rotobaga is preselected, and you must make good use of Rotobaga as the zombies come in the unsodded lanes. What makes this even more challenging is that All-Star Zombies frozen in ice blocks are placed on the third column, and there are no lawnmowers to back you up; meaning if you break an ice block, it's game over. Be careful!

Difficulty: 4/5


I made this level like a year ago and honestly I don't even remember making it. Apparently, it's similar to Reaction Test in that the only offensive plant you're given is Banana Launcher. However, this level is a conveyer belt level, it takes place during Dark Ages, and there's a whole bunch of dumb shit that happens during the level. I played it like twice and couldn't beat it, so it must be pretty hard I guess.

Difficulty: 4.5/5

Lock the Egyptian

This is another Beghouled level, this time entirely based around Ancient Egypt, both its plants in its zombies. Although the level starts off rather slowly, as you make more matches, the zombies get to the point where they overwhelm your defense, meaning speed matching is key here. It's not a very exciting Beghouled level, but it exists now.

Difficulty: 2.5/5

Hell in 60 Seconds

Probably my hardest level aside from yikes. This level combines a bunch of insane concepts into one. It uses the column module from Column of Choice, but it also uses the escalation module found in some pinata parties. Additionally, all plant cooldowns are doubled, and zombies don't spawn until 60 seconds into the level, but once they spawn, they spawn in droves. This level will absolutely require you to spam the most broken plants (or whatever I didn't ban) in order to win.

Difficulty: 4.5/5

Level Packs

None as of yet!

Level Concepts

The Best of the Best

The best plants are chosen for you to go up against the most difficult zombies from every era. Can you defeat them?

Micro Challenge

In this level, you're given a select set of plants, with there being a limit of only X plants at a time. You start with a high amount of sun, but no sun can be gained, meaning your defense must be perfect.

Level Pack Concepts

The Endangered Plants Pack

This pack is based around the idea of endangered plants, with there being several unique challenges depending on the plants that you need to protect.

Levels Planned: 20

Plant Showcase Pack

A pack designed with beginners in mind as I showcase to you 25 plants that I find underrated.

Level Planned: 25


Please feel free to give me constructive feedback or suggestions, as it helps me grow and learn more about making custom levels. As I'm not a very experienced level maker (nor am I good at making levels super difficult), any constructive feedback is appreciated.

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