Adrian Conover

  • I live in lol Detroit
  • My occupation is Personal Wiki Worker
  • I am Male
  • Adrian Conover

    My wikiversary passed after a while (November 23 for joining wikia itself, and November 28 when I first appeared)  , and I want to say to myself: HAPPY WIKIVERSARY!

    I rememebr starting off wikia on 2015 as a idiot, but recently, I improved my behavior over time.

    I was editing my userpage, until I realized when I joined wikia, and I celebrate 1 year here. I did start off on a different account, and it's been a long way.

    Unimpressive compared to other users cough cough cough DDA

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  • Adrian Conover

    So, recently, I asked BP to unblck me so hat i can return. So, after a few rule changes (Foxtail Firepaw Flames) had been taken place, I decided to make a decision that you call hypocritical, but I'll stick with it:

    I'll be using Discord.

    Now, you may know that I tried to close down the Discord, but because of recent changes, that's impossible. So, if you can't beat em, join em, right? I'll be using Discord regulary now.

    However, I'm not joining for the sole purpose of loving it, or "YES LET THE DISCORD FLOW THROUGH YOU,"  or that type of crap, I decided to use it again like the old times because I got nothing else better to do. I'll be mostly afk while playing AQW however.

    So, if you want my info or idk, my current name is Water Elemental (as…

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  • Adrian Conover

    It's my Birthday!

    October 25, 2016 by Adrian Conover

    Huzzah! It's my 14th Birthday!

    Soup rice.

    I WAS 12 at that time, UNDERAGED. SO now, I'm officially 13.

    Anyways, happy birthday guys!

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  • Adrian Conover

    I decided to make this clear because of how much I was rambling about this too much, but I'll explain it further.

    At first, I did really like the PvZ Discord, it was a bit convenient. You know, playing around with the bot system, joking around with usernames, and making the user ship of the century, Jack X Electric Plants. It was really funny.

    However, after time passed, the wiki started breaking apart. 4 of our admins left, the lawn completely got killed, but I didin't care. But I also had problems too, like I was forced to stop using Steam to talk to Elemec, and we were kinda "bros" at that time. I didin't really care though, as he was at the Wiki chat, and we talked alot about Adventure Quest Worlds, and he helped me with the game itself. …

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  • Adrian Conover

    I know there's bluestacks, but I'm skeptical using that. I used it and holy crap it's laggy.

    Any Android emulators besides bluestacks that you reccomend me? Something like Android 5.1 or higher.

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