Happy birthday, Plants vs. Zombies! You're the series that changed our lives and stuck to our hearts for good. There are planned events for the celebration, stay tuned for them!

  • Changed the PvZ Game updates to Weekly Game updates on the main page.
  • LettuceBirb and Ballistic Planet have been promoted to administrator.
  • Staff stamps have been added, a template that displays a person's rank (Credit to WintahMhelon18 - WE LOVE YOU!)
  • Promotions requirements have been changed, mainspace edits are now requirements.
  • FreakerCamper has been demoted from Discord mod.
  • Origins sections now have images of plants and quick summaries about their real-life counterpart.
  • 7 GRAND UMP is now a bureaucrat.
  • Featured video removed from the main page.
  • Wiki logs are now displayed on the main page.
  • There are now 50 new featured articles!
  • CWJ-D has been demoted to moderator.
  • The staff page now has almanac templates for staff!
  • A new feature - medals! They are like badges, but staff can make custom ones and assign them to users they choose!
  • DreamyImpy has been promoted to Discord moderator.
  • Mental Skillness and Dung Dinh Anh demoted and retired from Discord owner, respectively.
  • 7 GRAND UMP and Light Bomber promoted to Discord owners.
  • Nitromian Poptropica has stepped down from Discord administrator.
  • GamerNerd i has been promoted to Discord administrator.
  • GamesterD has been promoted to moderator.
  • Pinkgirl234 has been demoted.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for announcements about our new events!

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