Tip-top of the day, users of our wiki. We have some new changes. Very cool changes. You should check them out.

  • Chat moderators, discussion moderators, and content moderators have all been merged into one role: moderators. Users who become moderators will have chat, discussion, and content powers.
  • Most of our Garden Warfare pages now have cool new icons! Isn't that dandy?
  • IDontCareAboutHistory has been promoted to administrator.
  • DatDramaPlant, The One and Only NM, Marcia Aeris, Someone456, Mental Skillness, LegendofNickson and Phantom of Ra have all been fully demoted.
  • Nitromian Poptropica has been demoted from Discord owner to Discord administrator.
  • Mental Skillness and Dung Dinh Anh have been promoted to Discord owners.
  • We now have a new announcements system to combat the issue of being "pinged" by announcements. From here on out, we are using the new system instead of the old system.
  • Images can now be posted in The Lawn. Please do not abuse this feature.
  • We have a new template, known as Staff Notice. This template will be used for identifying pages that us staff want to keep a close eye on, due to them being lacking in content or being too less of information. We ask you to not add this to any pages and to not remove it from any pages. This will eventually be punished.
  • As seen a few weeks ago, we have introduced a new rule. This rule will prevent you from editing the pages of banned users before staff, because frankly, it's annoying and paying attention to people who get banned is none of your business. This will result in punishments.
  • In no cases should the difficulty section of a level infobox be used. This includes archived pages.
  • We now have pages for the most common events in PvZ, such as Birthdayz, Feastivus, and Lawn of Doom.
  • We have removed the Facebook account from the main page due to a lack of running on the account.
  • New rule for pages with strategies on pages: please use links only, do not use pictures. This is to keep it consistent.
  • Merged the Narcissus pages together.
  • Merged the Sea Starfruit pages together.
  • Polls and some other pages have been removed from the Wiki Navigation bar.
  • Chat has returned to the Wiki Navigation bar.
  • There is a new feedback page in our Wiki Navigation bar.
  • Weekly discussions have returned in a new two week format, now known as biweekly discussions.
  • And finally, we have updated the wiki's theme to be very green: don't get pinched!

That's all, folks! If you would like to leave feedback on our current changes, you can do so here!

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