Ave Imperium! The staff has decided to pay tribute to the empire that has shaped our world! On this day we will have our avatars be Roman historical figures. Etiam?

Here's the list of changes that have been made throughout March:

  • Brainulator9 has been demoted.
  • Teacup Terry has stepped down from Discord moderator position.
  • Ballistic Planet and Lily8763cp have been promoted to Moderator.
  • TheZombiemelon has been promoted to Administrator.
  • Tile Denial and Strawburst400 have been promoted to Rollback.
  • Rollback is still available, you can request to get the rights once you reach the requirements.
  • Journey to the West plant pages have all been merged with their PvZ 2/PvZ 2 Chinese counterparts.
  • Power Mint effects/boosts have been put on all PvZ 2 plant pages, just to add that extra bit of info that some people might be looking for.
  • Achievement pages now have special boxes that give a description of similar achievements.
  • Archived sections are mostly replaced with a new Archived Tag that appears on the section's title.
  • A small notice to everyone using the "Favorite Plant Duo" template, the template has been updated to include the ability to select the game appearance of the plants (or zombies) icon. Unfortunatly that means all previously added versions of the template now need to be updated to include this. So be sure to check your userpage and update the template if needed!
  • This is a late add-on, but, the Discord staff have been up to something... you can check that something out here!

That's all the updates for this month... more updates should be coming around during the Birthdayz Parties!

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