New Year, new Background! We've got a trip back in the past for everyone who has stuck around for so long!

  • Wiki Background changed to fit the theme of game updates released in the month of January. This month includes Modern Day, Frostbite Caves, and Triassic Triumph!
  • Main Page first slide is now GW2 news.
  • Most Feastivus stuff is reverted, however, I decided to keep the CSS change. It fits for this month.
  • Hey, users of the fun and games forum branch: can you please not mention things like rape in your games? It's weird and honestly I don't think anyone likes to scroll through recent activity and see mention of rape. Please, read the rules. It's against the rules and we will start punishing this from here on out.
  • Pages in the Steam Ages category need more content and anything newly released in GW2 needs more info. Don't be shy!

That's really about it. Check back next time for more updates, I guess.

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