Valenbrainz already? Let's just jump into the updates.

  • After very recent incidents, we want to remind everyone that roleplaying is against our wiki's rules. It's just not tolerated, and any thread on Fun and Games that has it will be closed instantly.
  • We have a new staff member, everyone say hello to our newest content mod, LettuceBirb!
  • Major Discord updates!
    • Every user who was verified before January 31 has been unverified, but they can earn it back. This is due to a reboot of the verification system.
    • Memes are now highly regulated on the Discord's general chat.
  • New wiki theme, of course.
  • Fluff Editing. This has been a major issue recently. Please don't do it, it's not epic.
  • Can we get some people to help out with correcting heroes icon pictures? Heroes recently got an update and we have yet to update icons.
  • 7.1.1's major changes to levels will result in all of the old pages being archived. Please do not change the old pages.

I think that's all? If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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