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    Hey, everyone. It's that time again. Here's the newest staff log:

    • and have been promoted to Discord administrators.
    • has been promoted to bureaucrat.
    • Mint effects are now listed on pages.
    • Bureaucrats can no longer retire, and the retired bureaucrats have been demoted.
    • has stepped down from rollback.
    • has been promoted to administrator.
    • Strategy pages are going through a cleanup.
    • The Lawn (chat) has been removed.
    • Garden Warfare infoboxes now have icons.
    • Garden Warfare abilities now have infoboxes.

    That's all for this time!

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    Hey everyone! We're back with a sempler staff log this time. After the whole 10th anniversary, we'd like to calm down a bit and relax. Here's what's been changed:

    • All new user accounts have to be more than three days older to edit. This is to prevent vandalism.
    • has been demoted from moderator.
    • , , , and have been promoted to Discord moderators.
    • has been demoted from bureaucrat to administrator.
    • has been promoted to rollback.
    • The air is rich this time of year... perhaps it's the smell of Cattails? Who knows.

    That's all the updates for this time! Check back next month for m!

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    Happy birthday, Plants vs. Zombies! You're the series that changed our lives and stuck to our hearts for good. There are planned events for the celebration, stay tuned for them!

    • Changed the PvZ Game updates to Weekly Game updates on the main page.
    • and have been promoted to administrator.
    • Staff stamps have been added, a template that displays a person's rank (Credit to - WE LOVE YOU!)
    • Promotions requirements have been changed, mainspace edits are now requirements.
    • has been demoted from Discord mod.
    • Origins sections now have images of plants and quick summaries about their real-life counterpart.
    • is now a bureaucrat.
    • Featured video removed from the main page.
    • Wiki logs are now displayed on the main page.
    • There are now 50 new featured articles!
    • has be…
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    Ave Imperium! The staff has decided to pay tribute to the empire that has shaped our world! On this day we will have our avatars be Roman historical figures. Etiam?

    Here's the list of changes that have been made throughout March:

    • has been demoted.
    • has stepped down from Discord moderator position.
    • and have been promoted to Moderator.
    • has been promoted to Administrator.
    • and have been promoted to Rollback.
    • Rollback is still available, you can request to get the rights once you reach the requirements.
    • Journey to the West plant pages have all been merged with their PvZ 2/PvZ 2 Chinese counterparts.
    • Power Mint effects/boosts have been put on all PvZ 2 plant pages, just to add that extra bit of info that some people might be looking for.
    • Achievement page…
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    Tip-top of the day, users of our wiki. We have some new changes. Very cool changes. You should check them out.

    • Chat moderators, discussion moderators, and content moderators have all been merged into one role: moderators. Users who become moderators will have chat, discussion, and content powers.
    • Most of our Garden Warfare pages now have cool new icons! Isn't that dandy?
    • has been promoted to administrator.
    • , , , , , and have all been fully demoted.
    • has been demoted from Discord owner to Discord administrator.
    • and have been promoted to Discord owners.
    • We now have a new announcements system to combat the issue of being "pinged" by announcements. From here on out, we are using the new system instead of the old system.
    • Images can now be posted in The…
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