aka Blue Stinger

  • I live in Neighborville. I visit Zombopolis on the holidays.
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is Slaving away to the school system.
  • I am Male, nothing special.

Greetings Morticulturalist!

I severely enjoy the games in the Plants vs. Zombies (series), and I love to make new worlds for Plants vs. Zombies 2 in my sketchbook.

Favorite Plants (PvZ)

  • Snow Pea: Sure, 75 sun over the ordinary Peashooter should warrant even the slightest increase in damage, but Snow Pea still serves as a much more effective form of stalling than the other two ice plants, Winter Melon and Ice-shroom, as Winter Melon tends to destroy Zombies rather than slow them, and Ice-shroom’s inability to stay awake during the day, coupled with his very slow recharge and instant-use nature, makes him quite the hassle to utilize. All in all, plant Snow Pea in the front lines to ensure his slowing Peas reach the zombies first.
    HDplus snowpea

    Chilly Boi

  • Scaredy-shroom: Ah, yes; the shroom who outclasses his Fume and Puff brethren... . But seriously, Scaredy-shroom’s range is far more effective than both Fume-shroom and Puff-shroom, and his cost is better as well. Puff-shroom may look inviting being free and such, but his three tile range is laughable. As for Fume-shroom, he is in my eyes, overpriced, and only serves to have Gloom-shrooms placed upon him. Though Scaredy-shroom is deathly afraid of zombies, a simple Wall-nut shall easily utter this point of his design useless.

    Second-cousin of all hermit crabs.

  • Hypno-shroom: Now, this one is mostly personal preference, yet I cannot dissuade the temptation of powerful zombies tearing through their once allies. One may argue that a instant-kill simply neutralizes more threats, but a Hypno-shroom costs less than a Cherry Bomb in night levels, and the same during the day (including Coffee Bean), as well as the added bonus of creating what is basically a moving offensive plant.

    Can someone call an optometrist?

  • Garlic: Without this smelly lad, proper utilization of Split Peas and Gloom-shrooms would be near impossible. One can also create a “Stall Wall” by replacing Wall-nuts with Garlics, where zombies will ultimately slip through, yet do so very slowly.

    Mr. I Have No Health in PvZ2

  • Pumpkin: Wall-nut, but can be placed anywhere. Must I say more?

    One shelluva plant.

  • Imitater: Effectively doubles the power of slow-recharge plants. A must have on Survival: Endless, yet the greyscale plants trigger my perfectionism.
    HDplus imitater

    It’s mime time and ya bettah believe it.

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