aka Some Dragon-Loving Sane Person = RareAsF

  • I live in Some semi-radioactive 'dump' paradise
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is YUCare
  • I am Unknown

About me

I am a (relatively)sane person that really does not have time for this, but is here anyways. Hello, online world; goodbye life. *cough, cough*

My Plants vs. Zombies games

I play PvZ2. The only real Premiums I have are the ones sold for Gems on sales, partially because I can't use real money on my account for reasons unknown and mostly because Popcap are being a$$es about these OP damn plants. Hopefully the Plant Levelling System(PLS) will stop them from doing that shite. I have everything you can get with Gems(except Ghost Pepper's pretty bow b/c it ceased existing after the first party ;( ).

I used to play GW2, but then Trials of Gnomus came out and I gave up hope on Popcap/humanity again. CURSE YOU GIGA TORCHWOOD RIPOFF! The goat is OK though. I still have every non-legendary character(like everyone else in the world) and I'll miss GW1 eternally.

I have Heroes. I like the game too much, but it's a bit big and I don't have a life to give up to play it extensively. Doesn't mean I won't try to play it! I'm about Rank 25 and I've gotten half a hundred Prem Packs to do stuff with. Problem: I can't make a deck for the life of me... or at least I couldn't in Hearthstone. I have an OK deck that's taken me up 9 stars before I was queued up with P2Ws, Gravestone Decks, and Rustbolts ;(


In no particular order, here's a list of my friends:

  • BoltBlizard: Great RP buddy! I'll occasionally call him "BakaBlizard" but one probably shouldn't. You don't want to get him mad!
  • LarryMoments: He's an interesting friend and RPer... and my pawn.
  • PEASHOOTERFAN: Great guy with a great RP! Super active and fun! Occasionally genius! but also occasionally clueless.
  • Vergel Nikolai: Creator of the great Sunken Pyramid RPg, and also plays a few other RPGs. Always fun to read his posts! That is, if he's not nerfing you.
  • Crazyzombie168: Love her in RPs! Hate that lots of her RPs fall flat... RIP Monster Hunters and Dark Leaf Edu.

Roleplaying Characters

Lots of my RP friends had this, so I thought Why not do one myself?

Sunken Pyramid:

  • Cactopus: She is a mutant Cactus that has octopus tentacles. Her sap is strong and strengthening and gives her more power when submerged. Without constant contact with sea water, Cactopus usually get angered easily. However, she typically can focus herself on a target when necessary.

Twin Factions(Cancalled):

  • Jazzy: Jazzy is a Rose who was about to graduate to become join a group of powerful time-travelers, but an accident happened in an unstable area, wiping her memory and sending her to the time of this RPG. She is more than a bit cocky, but isn't too rude and can be made to respect others without force.
  • Marg: A retired Imp general, she went back in time to live out her final years. Although old, she still is more than able to fight in her Imp Bot suit(s).

Inheritance (Finished):

  • Wieskal: Wieskal is a Weasel Hoarder with extreme emotions and high reaction speeds. He attempts to balance both aspects of his power while using his army of weasels he controls with his weak telepathy. Wieskal is extremely kind and will risk anything for friends.


  • Lefanis: Lefanis Brelmuer is a charismatic Umbrella Leaf who usually sees things differently than others. Although very logical, he has a crush on a Rotobaga(Kraya) that he cannot resist.
  • Samuel: "Sam" Grundtlep is the son of a rich bloodline and has access to things beyond most peoples' dreams, ranging from experimental machinery and metals to powerful devices and hackers.
  • "Kaley": This Hurrikale, known as Kaley Stariz, is an extreme extrovert with no bounds in public, but is a very tactical and untrusting plant deep inside. She is a notorious hacker, but mostly uses her powers for stalking and protecting others who she deems interesting, such as Lefanis and Kraya.

Skullcrane Expedition:

  • Isaira Benendez: A young Bloomerang with odd hair and a calculative brain, Isaira reached to the expedition for a meaning. She found herself a boyfriend during the expedition, being Dreiky.
  • Aka: A Grimrose raised by snakes and only somewhat experienced with plant society, Aka has odd powers for a very young and isolated girl. Who knows what she hides...
  • Miren: An elder Cosmic who prefers a Dark Matter Dragonfruit form, Miren has come to Earth to find the youngest Cosmic, the creator of life itself, in a mission to destroy him and his creation
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