A new set of zombies with the internal name group known as "zcorp". They will be used in Penny's Pursuit levels.

Almanac Entries

ZCorp New Hire

A typical ZCorp Incorporated employee.

He was issued the standard ZCorp coffee mug at orientation.

ZCorp Contractor

A typical ZCorp Incorporated contractor.

ZCorp is so inclusive, they even give contractors free coffee mugs.

ZCorp Conehead

A typical ZCorp employee, except with more on his mind.

ZCorp leads the field in large, cone-shaped pushpins for cranial safety.

ZCorp Buckethead

An environmentally friendly recycle bin protects the employee's noggin from damage.

ZCorp fully complies with all local, state and federal waste disposal ordinances.

ZCorp Contractor Conehead

It's the combination of notebook and comically large pushpin that really gives this contractor the edge.

ZCorp contractors may purchase ZCorp office supplies for a small fee.

ZCorp Contractor Buckethead

Recycle bins make excellent and environmentally friendly headgear.

ZCorp encourages its contractors to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for keeping their heads safe.

ZCorp Flag Zombie

The flag is a tremendous way to create brand awareness while also indicating a lot more zombies are about to appear and eat your brains.

ZCorp developed its flag logo in-house and is very proud of it.


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