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  • I live in Somewhere in the universe (maybe multiverse depending on belief)
  • My occupation is GAMES
  • I am A GAMER
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"Squash is actually his stage name. His birth name was Tracey"
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Welcome to Waffenträger E 100’s Almanac Entry!
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Hello, and WELCOME to Waffenträger E 100's userpage! If you need any help User, just contact me on

my message wall! Some people know me as Waffenträger E 100, but you’re welcome to call me E 100 if German grammar is a little too complicated. I have been playing PvZ for a few years, and while I would love to play other PvZ games like Garden Warfare series I’m obsessed with World of Tanks, a real online tank game and Nitro Type, a typing game.

I am very close to UnknownMeme2, which the story is a little long to explain. Since he is also my very close online friend, anyone reading this who is not UnknownMeme2 is not allowed to call me by any of my nicknames: Jagdpanzer, Dreadnought, or T92_HMC; it is strictly forbidden! On Nitro Type, I am known as Jagdpanzer, with 5472 races. On 10FastFingers, I am known as Dreadnought with 756 tests. On World of Tanks, I am known as T92_HMC with 6401 battles. I now spend the most of my editing on this wiki editing the Plants vs. Zombies (non-series stuff) because there’s a lot of missing information. Other than that, I don’t bother editing much because I’m stupid and I like to talk.
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And be sure to contact me here - --Jagdpanzer (talk) 00:20, December 19, 2018 (UTC)

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