aka RNGesus (Just call me TSF)

  • I live in Alola, duh
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Bowing down to the Ultra Beasts, or Mario Karting
  • I am Male


Rework of my profile, yay?

Hello there User, I go by TheSleepingFallen, but I was originally known as PrimalClash62. I also have a youtube channel, nothing new.

<s> My youtube channel if you're wondering </s>

How I ended up here

So while Garden Warfare 2 was still new, I would constantly refresh my knowledge on it, see what each character could do, how to play them efficiently and such, and I made an account because some information was wrong, which got to me eventually. Then I came across the forum, and saw how activity was not just editing. I attempted to try it out myself with Vergel's RPG, The Sunken Pyramid. Roleplaying was something I heavily enjoyed when I was younger, and it didn't come as a surprise that I wished to do it again. What did surprise me was how many people actually found enjoyment in it. Take BoltBlizard for example.

My Wordbubble

Alolan Sandslash
PrimalClash62 – Get ready for a cold cut!
My wordbubble. (Aint this thing pleasant!)

Me In A Nutshell

So, the basics, everyone does this at this point, no surprise I've picked up on this.

Name: TheSleepingFallen (Yes, I'm a TJoC Fan, and if you want to know the real name, keep dreaming)

Gender: Male

Age: Its nothing personal, I actually want to stay with this being unknown.

Likes: Video Games, Horror (AKA falling out of my chair), Jt Machinima Songs, Overwatch, Nintendo, YouTube, PvZ, Johnny, Exotic Butters, (Ok we're getting out of hand)

Dislikes: Exercise, TV, SuperCell Games, The Beastly Class, Brain Freeze, Chickens, (You get it at this point)

Misc.: I suffer from something known as "Aspergers". What this means (I think) is that social communication is more difficult for me. (Even though I excel at it) And I also hate crowds.


EpicGamer23468:Many, many similarities. We both have Aspergers, we are both Overwatch and Nintendo fans, and love JT Machinima' songs.

SnappyDragon:A very nice and funny chat mod.

BoltBlizard A fun roleplayer, and is real fun to face off against in PvZH, well, while I actually did.

ItzXenos: A fellow Star Wars fan, and overall fun to roleplay with. And overuses swears. (Like me in real life)

PVZ Heroes Playstyle

I play this game. A lot. Some say I'm addicted. Anyway, if you feel like challenging me, my Username is PrimalClash62. You'll see me using different heroes, but these are my favourites.

  • I use the popular conservative strat. By that I mean saving cards so you can go mad when you think you've won. I use Beta and Brainstorm the most.
  • I rarely use the chat in case it lags up my game to the point where it crashes. I don't really though, it crashes way too much. Yes, my Ipad is that bad.
  • As Carrotina, I use Roots the most, and try to stall up until I can whip out my Dark Matter Dragonfruit. I'm still getting used to Ensign Uproot's ability. Why move a zombie when you can move a plant? LOGIC.
  • As Brainstorm, conjuring cards are the embodiment of the deck I use. I use things like Cosmic Scientist, Pots O' Gold and anything that gives me more cards to use. I always try to stay above 5. Eureka is my favourite power to use. You can get cards that aren't Brainy or Crazy, which can get game-changers, or cards that serve no purpose. E.G Cat Lady.

Welp, that is it. If you like Overwatch, hit the the link here. You will see my Overwatch playstyle. That's enough from me now. Im NOT a veteran. I am only on Plant mission 3 and Zombie Mission 4.

But wait! Where is my GW2 playstyle? Just look down.

Garden Warfare 2 playstyle

Oh boy, The Imp worshipper returns to the lawn at last. Yes, I am finally back into GW2, the game we all love, I think. Sadly, Overwatch has taken the cake again, so I'm less likely to play, but If I do, take note here.

  • I main Imp and Citron, but now I use random characters.
  • For Citron, I stay out of sight often, in ball form. I roll out while no zombie spies me. I stay very near to safety, cover or Sunflowers when I attack. When I'm on the sidelines, I enter ball form and leg it. I use various types of Citron.
  • For Imp, (Bless him) I either charge in or sneak in, depending on what is the successive attack form. When my Mech is ready, I save it for the moments I need it. I use the Z7, Drake and sometimes the Party
  • I hit the backyard and play Mixed Mode mostly. I don't mind if you select a different gamemode, but that is how I play.
  • I can lead you to some secrets if you have not found them all. The exception being the Gnomes and Globes. They are painfully tedious to find. Unless you know where they are and need more heads to look out for them, then I can help.
  • I have a mic, and rarely use it. (Did I say I'd never get one? *evil laugh*)

Favourite Plants:

  • Primal Peashooter: I dunno. It just could be the aggressive caveman aspects on a peashooter that goes so well. Also, the knockback is a lifesaver.
  • Caulipower: Hypno-Shroom was my favourite, until I saw this. Caulipower is an amazing premium. It can actually target Gargs, because, uuh, IDK. Also, it's plant food effect is a free Power Toss, lel.
  • Shadow-Shroom: Nice Bucket you got there! Too bad I ignore armour.
  • Grimrose: So much evil in its eyes, 10/10 excuse.
  • Gold Bloom: Here's a Coconut Cannon for the start of the game. Because why not? :)

Least favourite Plants:

  • Apple Mortar: He's good, but his plant food is Useless.
  • Imitater: Le pire des années. (Thanks Google)

Favourite Zombies:

Amberhead Zombie: I don't think he can hear me. *clears throat* HELLO? I DON'T HAVE ANY BRAINS!

Rodeo Legend: He looks like he means business. It's a shame he dies before he can show what he means.

Hated Zombies:

  • Jester Zombie: WHY IS THIS A THING?!
  • Weasels and Chickens: These little sh*ts get on my nerves way too easily.
  • Newspaper Zombie: One does not simply eat that fast.
  • Anklyosaurus: You can speed up zombies, kick them forward, fling them to different lanes, but shoving them to the end of the lane and shoving a plant off the no.

Favourite Games:

Some games I have grown on, and for clarification, here are my personal favourites.

Overwatch: Shooters are basically my life, Overwatch is no exception. I love this game, and play it almost every day. Something about Team-Based Shooters are just great for me.

Garden Warfare 2: The same thing, only in third person, and has no bear traps, assassins, vengeful spirits, etc. Also, you stand a better chance against more than one enemy than Overwatch, considering its not really that team based.

Friday The 13th: The Game: Oh boy, Gun Media went in with this. If there is a game that can creep me out so much, its this. I've honestly pulled off some incredible dukes, but I almost always end up stone dead.

Worshipped Memes:

Johnny: I never knew that an Iron Maiden would become such a legend. Anyway, there are different johnny's. We've normal Johnny (Iron Maiden), Disco Johnny (Mirror-Nut), Space Johnny (Cosmic Nut), Super Johnny (Wall-Knight) and Johnny bowling (Wall-Nut Bowling). If you know any other Johnny, please let me know.

Exotic Butters: I can just use this word to confuse people. So much fun.

The Wind: Not many know this one. If a gate or door closes by itself, THE WIND!!


Now, this is something I was meant to do. I love doing this. Any day, any time, any game. I have characters here. And might as well list them all here.


Shroomer is a funny, curious and very lazy Shadow-Shroom. He has no memory of his parents, and has to stick with Dusky and Sporb. He was eventually raided and captured. A trip through a portal, something Shroomer was not capable of doing, led to changing his life forever. He is now slightly blue, his tongue is now a bubble that is somewhat tied to his breathing, and he has incredibly toxic abilities. His relatives respected him. He eventually decided to put his abilities to good use, and set off with a team of plants to the Sunken Pyramid.

Appeared in: The Sunken Pyramid


Nobody dares speak his name. Nobody dares seek him out. Fordon is a nightmarish creature that was subject to Zomboss. While he experimented on shadow plants, a test on a Grimrose went horribly wrong, nearly ending Zomboss. The result? A horror. Zomboss was forced out of his old lab, which Fordon tore to pieces. He found some plants on a quest for powerful seeds. And, to their extreme luck, he decided to help.

During the finale, Fordon was locked in a battle with another Mythical and could not sacrifice himself for the others. He was amazed at how heroic the past heroes were. He then returned to his Mythical Family.

Appeared in: Secrets of the Seeds I


Glade is an Ice Pea with a Frozen Bow. He has pinpoint accuracy and is a helpful ally. He never goes alone and protects his teammates seriously. If foes are close, he can use his frozen bow as a weapon. He was raised by Yetis that taught him his incredibly bow skills. He fights zombies, but made a pact to not hurt Yetis. He wears a Sasquatch's cap and has frozen icicles for arms. He found plants on a quest and joined their mission.

After the ship was destroyed, Glade returned to the Yetis to continue his life from there. Not even a quarter there where he was greeted by a desolated world. He teamed up with the survivors to escape.

Appears in: Secrets of the Seeds II and Final Blooms


Zigby Zebelly is a small, yet mischievous Lil' Drake who loves trouble. He cannot stand nothing to do. He is not extraordinary, yet he is feisty. He can be cowardly, often hiding behind teammates when such happens.


Lenny Pellington is a Primal Sunflower with great courage and determination. Her life was a misery. Aeons ago, she and her family were subject to a series of tests on Primal Plants. Her family was insufficient enough, so they were tortured. They had their tongue, arms, and eyes cut off, and Lenny was forced to watch. She was the only one good enough, yet the tests failed. She was set free, but the horrible picture of her family's death still remains in her mind.

Lenny's life was cut short by Asher, the cause of her orphanage. After the plants were captured, Lenny could not stand being the one leading the humans to them. She let herself die to Asher, confessing she was the one that brought them here. She now resides with her family, in a place further up.

Appears in: The Shattered Fragments [DEAD]


A headstrong Armour Chomper, Dlev Armoreth has no other difference other than the mad strength of his armour hide. Dlev settled with the "Get in, stay in." strategy, and it worked out well with him. He rarely thinks things through, unless it is a major situation. He finds teamwork a great way of attack, though he does not stick with the idea well.

After the tragedy, Dlev was set off by what the humans did, and has a bone to pick with Sparse, a human with a great desire to destroy.

Appears in: The Shattered Fragments


As if their nature was not enough, Elgry has many things that trigger his anger being a Torchwood. His wood chipper got slightly burned by an outrage that he does not dare speak about, his flames can cause major destruction and to top it off, he settles arguments with assault.

Appears in: The Shattered Fragments


Xylos Ventilliade is a Jack O' Lantern, though so much different. His flames are a bright white, and his shell is blue. He hails from Xenosia, a world parallel to the original. He found himself led there by curiosity and forgot who to return home. Realising "The Blight" was taking place here, he tries his best to help them.

Appears in: The Shattered Fragments


Sparse Verden is a human with bent power. He found himself at woodwork when he was young, and he constructed the base of a staff. Hearing a powerful core was hidden in the woods nearby, he went out to find it. Once he picked it up, a cloak of shadows engraved his mind. He now has a destructive impression of plants and zombies alike. He was hell-bent on making them extinct, and from that point on, adored watching them suffer. He conjures many things that help Asher and the other humans eliminate the safe-zones, and loves nothing more than being the core of trouble for his enemies. He also was the one responsible for bringing Lenny to the cause of her parent's death. He shows the most hatred towards Dlev after what happened in the past.

Appears in: The Shattered Fragments


If Valor could recall one of his most recent raids, it had to be a bad one. It was almost 20 years ago. Valor and a rag tag group he formed, were scouting out ground with plenty of raidable locations. He found himself a troublesome customer. What he found himself staring into, was the eyes of the Lunatic Cultist, a mad creature that worked for something that could end worlds. Feeling fear for the first time, he ordered his mates to bail, but it was much quicker. It froze them, and incinerated them. Valor was the only survivor. During his escape, he bumped into a Homing Thistle. More sympathy than the stinging pain, he took it under his wing and they've been best mates ever since.

Appears in: Overgrowth


Xuro is the only known being that has Crimson energy within him. In his world, the Crimson died out. All because of a biome strikingly similar to the Taint, known as the Fault. Xuro gathered the remaining Crimson energy and fled to the other world. There, he got corrupted. The corrupt vitality mingled with his Crimson energy and the hybrid flooded his body with extraordinary powers. He was one of few people to see the Moon Lord, and live. He guards the Crimson energy inside him with his life, no matter the risk. He also travels alongside the last Crimson Guardian, Frystol. Frystol was one of the four Crimson Guardians, the others being Fodest, Corellith and Prystul. The Fault had killed them all, and Frystol is the only one left. It holds Crimson Energy that it got once the Crimson was at its most abundant state. It holds abilities far stronger than a normal Grimrose could hold. The speed at which its nerves react are astoundingly fast, it can even dodge lightning. The two are very strong without weapons, but they grow weaker from the assaults set on them.

Appears in: Overgrowth


Eral is a person with unbeatable knowledge on anything related to fire. In his old town, his friends and neighbors called him "The Flaming Tyrant". He fights fire with fire, literally. He sets most of the area around his foes alight to limit the room they have, then strikes. He's always ignited for battle, and never holds back. He absolutely hates water, and goes mental when wet. His spirit is never quenched, and will burn on for centuries to come.

Appears in: Overgrowth


Nothing is known about this odd specimen, and is often disregarded as friendly. Anyone who pulls down its hood will be stricken with a haze that drains every single drop of energy from them and knocks them out before they get to see what's beneath. It has been seen staggering about, seemingly unable to walk properly. It cannot speak, only able to converse in odd sounds that somewhat sound like bones cracking. Due to what it conceals itself with, many have speculated that it is an ally of the Lunatic Cultist. It is not hostile, and some say it can be befriended. But it's hood remains a weapon. Some say it is a lost soul that wanders this earth without a goal. Due to it resembling the Lunatic Cultist, people think it is a Servant Of Havoc, foul creatures that roam this planet causing chaos, and are led by the Moon Lord, though this theory is conflicted with its passive nature.

Appears in: Overgrowth


Vujorel was once part of a tribe of Salamanders that had no intentions of battle. The remained neutral, but Vujorel grew tired of it. In an attempt to show his tribe what he was born to do, he viciously killed a tribe member. Therefore, the Cascade Tribe fled from his presence, and never step near him. He is very loyal, and can even put his life on the line. He's clever and cunning, often deviating from the current plan to make it work.

Appears in: Overgrowth


Oreigon was raised by simple Shadow Plants, until his house was invaded by zombies. They took him to a laboratory. They tested his will, drove away his old self, replaced his right eye with a mechanical one and they made him immune to poison, but numbed his empathy. Before they could go further, he silenced them all with a slash through one's neck. They ran off in fear, leaving Oreigon to accustom to his new self.

Appears in: Inheritance


Lorgren was the unlucky victim that Oreigon 'killed' in an outrage. He missed his neck, unbeknownst to the others, but when they left, he made an agonizing mark across his chest. Lorgren, on the verge of dying, managed to reach for a vial and drink it, and thus, Soulevard was born

Appears in: Inheritance


Versane inherited his families tame nature, and their ability to pass it on to others. He used it to spread peace around Suburbia, but there were those immune to its effects, and Versane was often at the end of a brutal battering from who he tried to calm. He continued trying, until he met a wild Yeti Chomper that was affected, but it would eventually shake it off. Eventually the Chomper forged a bond between him, and they've been travelling around ever since.

Appears in: Inheritance


Borvis is an overexert Yeti Chomper with similarities that match the behavior of a Gargantuar, rather than a Chomper. Being raised by Ferals didn't make a good outcome for him, but he embraced his inner animal, and is hostile to many things he sets his eyes on.

Appears in: Inheritance


Raised by Gods from Hell, Helix had no spot for mercy in his dead heart. He enjoys suffering, pain, and mental and physical torture, even if the subject is himself. In fact, he loves the smell, and taste, of blood, and when he died, his last meal, was his own blood. He constantly switches hosts, but has recently stuck to a Defense Unit, one of which is hard to break. He often goes by the name 0-526 due to it being carved on the back of the unit.

Appears in: Inheritance

Specimen 8 (The Feeder of Life):

A deformed experiment from a lab of hellish monstrosities, Specimen 8 was one of many. However, the eyes kept on it weren't observant, and it slipped out, and its trickery and claws dig into the minds of those it targets. Specimen 8 can fight with its minions, created by breaking the minds of its prey, and adding the details. It is composed of cyan leeches, which drain life to keep its host alive.

However, Specimen 8 was eliminated by a fork of lightning by a mysterious figure, or was it? It lives on, for multiple leeches gathered around from what it left behind, and it returned to being.

Appears in: Inheritance [Dead], Freaks of Nature


Clyde was a force to be reckoned with from day one, as his stealthy prowess and abilities always came first place for him. He was trained harshly by experts of assassination, though he became the top of them, and could easily take them all out. It came to a point however, where he found little satisfaction in assassinating, so he tried something else; he joined a few others in their journey to a new world, and warning them of an incoming army. He found his true cause, and has yet to give up his current job, though his inhuman skills may come in handy for them.

Appears in: Mirror Crusade I and II


Fiercely injured by Gargantuars, Lunorin was left to die in the night. However, the rays from the moon bore down on him, and he turned an illuminating dark blue. The wounds regenerated instantly, and the Gargantuars got a taste of their own medicine when they came back for him. Lunorin, while having no intentions of hurting people, he can cause collateral damage if angered. He is one of few Moon Dwellers who are completely passive, even when hypnotized by the Lunar Influence.

Appears in: Mirror Crusade I and II


Diversity comes in different shapes and sizes, and being made of the ground he stands on doesn't help. It was part of becoming a member of the bloodthirsty Thannac race that changed him. Strange things happen in his old home, but nothing stranger than the existence of Thannacs among them, including Milrek, the grandfather of Korskyn. He gave his grandson immense power, for a new life, and Korskyn cannot look back.

Appears in: Mirror Crusade I and II


Vintyra was a laughing stock in his old home, and was sometimes on the end of a battering. However, when he made a deal with a mysterious outcast, he became a twisted, sadistic magician that pulls the very organs of people from them, not out of a hat. He definitely looks different, yet he doesn't care. What he cares about, is his passion to rip apart his foes, and toy with what lays inside.

Appears in: Mirror Crusade I and II


Milrek was one of the first Thannacs to exist, and was revered through history. He would drain the life from his foes to sustain himself, for he 'died' centuries ago. He is the ancestor of Korskyn, and has kept an eye over him until he became whole again.

Appears in: Mirror Crusade I and II


Nirthous was raised by snakes in a horrid way. They'd eat her, bring her back, only to repeat it over and over again. Eventually, Nirthous became one herself, and her sly prowess was something that her snake 'companions' lacked. Their options being fight or flight, they fled, but Nirthous hypnotized them with a strange kind of force, and now risk their half-life for her, whether they like it or not.

Appears in: Mirror Crusade II


A sibling of a demonic Fire Pea, Selvya loves the smell of death, and fights for her own sick desires. She brandishes a large rusty knife, which she uses to cut down her enemies. She does not possess speed in her current form; a mannequin-like zombie, yet other hosts can prove useful for that trait.

Appears in: Decaying Heart


Being one of the 6 Guardians created by the Gods that protect this world, Xyvol tries his best to keep this world balanced. He sometimes struggles, but is helped by the other 5 Guardians or those with similar ambitions. However, evil grows, and Xyvol's role becomes more difficult with every member of evil.

Appears in: Decaying Heart


Axol was a fighter from the start, and wanted a world of peace. At a really young age, he began training in various methods of combat, eventually crafting his own sword from many different things he salvaged over the years. His parents wanted to make sure he could take care of himself, as they knew of something he didn't, up until it came to take their lives. It plagued him, but he kept going, trying his hardest to make the world peaceful and evil-free.

Appears in: Decaying Heart


One of the 6 Guardians, Yolvin was different from them. It has an animal-like personality, and it finds interest in some people. If they can earn its trust, it will never leave their side when in need. It is almost playful in nature, and can't see what's going on around him easily, usually because it's busy with something else.

Appears in: Decaying Heart

  • * = My personal favorites.

Yeah, this is really the end. Till next time User, peace!

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