aka Thebonkchoy124

  • I live in somewhere and nowhere
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is a plant
  • I am plant
Bonk Choy New Ancient Egypt Seed Packet

it's me!

NMT Rap (New)


I'm a 13 year old plant with a youtube channel

I am ready to chat with fellow plants and the occasional nice zombie

Hd bonk
Super secret stuff
Hd bonk
Yohane best plant ❤


plant that are okie dokie 👍

Sunflower1 Chomper1 Cactus1 Gatling Pea1 Winter Melon1 Fume-shroom1Potato Mine1

the worst of the best

Marigold1 Blover1 Cob Cannon1

Best of the worst



Doom-shroom1 Wall-nut1 Explode-o-nut1 Tall-nut1 Lily Pad1 Flower Pot1Pumpkin1

Stop it. These are not okie dokie

Plantern1 Imitater1 Ice-shroom1

Yohane best plant

Bonk Choy2

Plants that are okie dokie

Bloomerang2 Cold Snapdragon2 Laser Bean2 Pepper-pult2 Dazey Chain2 Enforce-mint2Nightshade2

Worst of the Best

Banana Launcher2 Snapdragon2 Cherry Bomb2

Best of the worst

Coconut Cannon2


Holly Barrier2 Missile Toe2 Sap-fling2 Citron2 Magnet-shroom2 Bowling Bulb2Shadow-shroom2

Stop it. These are not okie dokie

Lightning Reed2 Electric Currant2 Electric Blueberry2

zombie awesome


zombie ok

Imp1 Flag Zombie1 Dolphin Rider Zombie1 Peashooter Zombie1 Zomboni1 Wall-nut Zombie1Jack-in-the-Box Zombie1

zombie hate these

Dr. Zomboss1 Gargantuar1 Giga Gargantuar2

zombie awesome

Basic Zombie2

zombie okay

Cowboy Zombie2 Pirate Zombie2 Mummy Zombie2 Future Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 Neon Zombie2Cave Zombie2

zombie hate these

Jurassic Zombie2 Pompadour Zombie2 Adventurer Zombie2

Almanac GroundModern Day This user's favorite area is Modern Day.


Almanac GroundNeon Mixtape Tour This user's favorite area is Neon Mixtape Tour.

Reason why: Great music!

Almanac GroundFrostbite Caves This user's least favorite area is Frostbite Caves.

Reason why: SO. DANG. COLD!

Almanac GroundBig Wave Beach This user's least favorite area is Big Wave Beach.

Reason why: Water, water, everywhere. And not a single drop to drink

My Plants vs. Zombies game(s)

I have both the original and the sequel.

Plants vs

this is what i think of everyday

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