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Magnet-shroom2.png This user's favorite plant is Magnet-shroom.
Bungee Zombie1.png This user's favorite zombie is Bungee Zombie.
SurvivalEndlessTemplate.png This user has completed 108 flags in Survival: Endless.
VaseBreakerTemplate.png This user has achieved a streak of 10 in Vasebreaker: Endless in Plants vs. Zombies.
This user has been playing October 30 2009 since {{{2}}}.
IZombieTemplate.png This user has achieved a streak of 11 in I, Zombie: Endless.
Nobel Peas Prize.png This user has unlocked {{{number}}} achievements in Plants vs. Zombies ({{{version}}} version).
LastStandEndlessTemplate.png This user has completed 128 flags in Last Stand: Endless.
Alive and Planting 4.png This user has made over 4000 edits on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.


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