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  • This page is created to serve as a guide for Penny's Pursuit: Back to Far Future levels.


It is recommended for the player to complete all levels (and their objectives) at 1 Jalapeno difficulty first, before moving on to the higher difficulties.

  • This allows the player to level up their Penny's Perks easily.
  • This also allow the player to gain a brief insight on the waves of zombies in all levels.

1 Jalapeno Difficulty Strategy

All Plants from adventure mode which can help tackle levels at 1 Jalapeno difficulty, in general:

  • Snapdragon2 + Primal Wall-nut2 + 1 long-ranged attacker
    • This formation allows the player to set up a solid offense and defense.
    • Snapdragon also has a good Plant Food effect. Hence Snapdragon is best planted on Power Tiles.
  • E.M.Peach2
    • Stalls an area of robotic zombies.
  • Coconut Cannon2 or Banana Launcher2 or Citron2
    • Does large amounts of damage to enemies.
    • All 3 also have a strong Plant Food effect.
  • Winter Melon2
    • Effective long ranged attacker. Also chills zombies, making the level progress more slowly for the player to have more time to set-up an adequate defense.
  • Laser Bean2 (Preferably at least level 3)
    • Effective long ranged attacker, as it does some damage to all zombies in a row, rendering Shield Zombies' shields useless.
    • It also has a good Plant Food effect.
  • Infi-nut2
    • Mainly for its stellar Plant Food effect, as it blocks all zombies in a column with a force field.
    • However, watch out for Mecha-Football Zombie, as its attack instantly destroys the force field.
  • Sun Bean2
  • Celery Stalker2
    • Highly useful for dealing with the first few zombies.
    • in the later parts of the level, Celery Stalker can be used to deal high amounts of damage to zombies when planted in this formation: (Defensive plant) (Empty Space) (Celery Stalker).
  • Bowling Bulb2 (at least level 3)
    • Useful in levels with large numbers of zombies (e.g. Those with frequent Bot Swarms)
    • It also has a powerful Plant Food effect.
  • Sun Producing Plants (e.g. Sunflower2) and Instants (e.g. Primal Potato Mine2 are musts. The player is recommended to bring at least 1 Sun producer and 1 instant per level.
    • If the player selects Plant Food Zombies Perk, it is advised to plant all sun producers on power tiles first, before feeding them Plant food. This way, the player can gain large amounts of sun.
  • Shadow plants like Moonflower2 and Dusk Lobber2 combo are also very effective. However, avoid planting Dusk Lobbers and Nightshades too early in the game as it will cause the level to progress too quickly for the player to handle. Instead, complement this strategy with some plants I listed above.
    • However, avoid bringing in Shadow-shroom2 unless if it is higher levelled as the poison effect may not deal enough damage to kill even a basic zombie.

One example of using this strategy would be in Back to Far Future - Level 5. The player can bring in:

  • Sun-shroom2
  • Celery Stalker2
  • Infi-nut2
  • Winter melon2 (This plant also allows the player to complete an objective)
  • Laser Bean2 or Bowling Bulb2 or Coconut Cannon2 or Banana Launcher2
  • Primal Potato Mine2 (an instant)
  • E.M.Peach2
  • Plant Food Zombies Perk
  • Start by planting Sun-shrooms at the blue power tiles. Continue plating them at C2&3. Use Celery Stalkers + Infi-nut to kill the first few zombies, and use the plant food once on Infi-nut and once on the blue power tiles.
  • Now, plant Winter Melons at C1.
  • To deal with the first Robo-Cone Zombie, stall it with an Infi-nut and E.M.Peach, then use a Primal Potato Mine and a Celery Stalker to kill it, while using a Winter Melon to slow this zombie down.
  • Later on in the level, dig up the Sun-shrooms at the blue power tiles and replace them with Laser Bean or Bowling Bulb or Coconut Cannon or Banana Launcher. Use the remaining plant food on them.
  • For the final wave, use an E.M.Peach to stall the Robo Cones. Then start using Celery Stalker, instants and Winter Melon to damage them.

Dealing with Mecha-Football Zombies at 1 Jalapeno difficulty

  • Celery Stalker + E.M.Peach is useful as always.
  • AVOID using Plant Food on Infi-nut!
  • Target your Coconut Cannons, Banana Launchers and instants at them asap.
  • Chard Guard is a highly useful defensive plant to stall these zombies. But do remember to use Wall-nut first aid on them when the Chard Guards are out of leaves.

Dealing with Gargantuar Prime at 1 Jalapeno difficulty

  • Your best bet is to plant a Chard Guard near them. Once the gargantuar is about to reach the Chard guard, use Blover to blow it away.
  • Damaging it is not easy. However, the player can still try to use E.M.Peach + Celery Stalker + Instants + Primal Wall-nut to damage the gargantuar at 1 Jalapeno difficulty. Use Blover to blow away the Bug Bot Imp.

E.g. Back to Far Future - Level 12 strategy:

  • Sun-shroom2
  • Primal Potato Mine2
  • Primal Peashooter2
  • Chard Guard2
  • Blover2
  • E.M.Peach2
  • Another attacking plant like a lvl 3 Bowling Bulb2
  • Plant Food Zombies Perk
  • Start by planting Sun-shrooms on Power Tiles then plant Food them. Use Primal Potato Mine to kill/Chard Guard to stall the first few zombies.
  • Ensure that once the Disco-tron 3000 comes in, every lane has at least one Primal Peashooter, with lane 3 having at least 2. Once that is achieved, plant a Chard Guard under it, then immediately plant Blover.
  • During the first flag, start planting Blovers as soon as they recharge. This will not only ensure that the Gargantuar Prime gets blown away by Primal Peashooter's knockback peas, but also to deal with the Bot Swarm ambush right after that.
  • Start planting Chard Guards at C7 and Bowling Bulbs at the first few columns.
  • For the final wave, use plant food on the Primal Peashooter at the same lane as the 2 Gargantuars, then immediately plant Blover.

Using Blover in this Penny's Pursuit

Blover synergises well with the following plants:

  • Use the Blover strategy for tougher zombies, as Blover insta-kills all zombies regardless of health, under the right conditions.
  • Unless if Reinforce-mint is present (which the player can select the Plant Food Zombies Perk to recharge it), use Bass Blast Perk when utilising the Blover strategy as the shockwaves will blow all zombies away.

Dealing with Bot Swarms

  • Always check the wave progression for each level before playing it to know when the Bot Swarms will arrive.
  • Use Blover to deal with them asap.
  • One example would be in Back to Far Future - Level 20.

Higher difficulty levels' strategies

Blover strategy is your best bet. However, other plants can complement it, like:

  • Moonflower2 + Shadow Peashooter2
    • Shadow Peashooter slows the zombies down and can insta-kill zombies and robotic zombies (except the Gragantuar Prime) which come close to your lawn, regardless of their health.
  • Hypno-shroom2
    • It also defeats all zombies, except the Gargantuar and Mecha-Football Zombie regardless of health.
    • It also has a decent Plant food effect.
  • Hurrikale2
  • Imp Pear2 + Shrinking Violet2
  • Squash2 (at least level 3)
  • Winter Melon2
  • Sun Bean2
  • E.M.Peach2
  • Goo Peashooter2 (For its plant food effect when combined with Blover)
  • Gumnut2 (to stall zombies, plant it on high health zombies for maximum effect. However, it may interfere with Blover's blowing.)
  • power mints and Vine plants which complement the player's strategy.
  • All plants mentioned in the Blover Strategy.

E.g. Back to Far Future - Level 20:

  • Primal Sunflower2 (to be planted on power tiles + plant food)
  • Primal Peashooter2
  • Chard Guard2 (Plant them in front of the Starfruits, use a plant food on Chard Guard if zombies are close by)
  • Blover2
  • Hurrikale2 (optional)
  • Reinforce-mint2 (if the player has it)
  • Cherry Bomb2 (to kill any Bug Bot Imps which have not been blown away)
  • Spear-mint2 (If the player has it, dig up the spawned Spikerocks for extra sun) or Gold Bloom2
  • Bass Blast Perk (if no Reinforce-mint) or Plant Food Perk (if there is Reinforce-mint)

Last Stand Strategy

Boss fight strategies

This boss fight has:

  • Frequent Bot Swarms
  • Limited Sun
  • Constantly changing power tiles

Hence a possible strategy to clear the 3-chili difficulty boss fight is as follows:

  • Bowling Bulb2 (at least level 3)
  • Chard Guard2
  • Blover2
  • Reinforce-mint2 (If the player has it, otherwise replace it with Primal Potato Mine2)
  • Moonflower2 (Main Sun producer)
  • Appease-mint2 (Replace it with Sun-shroom2 if the player does not have it)
  • Plant Food Zombies Perk

With the 2 mints:

  • Start by planting Bowling Bulb at C1, as many Moonflowers on C2&3 as possible, and 1 column of Chard Guards at the column furthest away from the player's house.
  • Immediately plant Appease-mint 3-4s after the level starts. So long as all 11 health bars are not depleted, use all Plant Food on Appease-mint. Slowly dig up Moonflowers and replace them with Bowling Bulbs.
  • 5s after the level starts, start planting Blover as soon as it is recharged, this will deal with the Bot Swarms. (a similar idea can be used in Back to Far Future - Level 20 ) If any Bug Bot Imps land outside of the Chard Guards, dig up a plant and replace it with Chard Guard to push the imp back.
  • Once all of zombot's health bars are depleted, start using all Plant Food to recharge Reinforce-mint.

Without both mints:

  • Start by planting 3 Bowling Bulbs at the 3 power tiles closer to the Player's house, plant Sun-shrooms on the remaining 2. Plant Chard Guards on C5R1,5 and C4R2,3,4 to plant Primal Potato Mines on C5R2,3,4. Fill the remaining spaces with Moonflowers.
  • As soon as the power tiles revert to yellow colour, use a plant food on a yellow-tiled Bowling Bulb. Use all Plant Food this way for the rest of the level.
  • 5s after the level starts, start planting Blover as soon as it is recharged, this will deal with the Bot Swarms. If any Bug Bot Imps land outside of the Chard Guards, dig up a plant and replace it with Chard Guard to push the imp back.
  • Be aware of Chard Guards without leaves and replenish them asap. The mints strategy is significantly easier, but then not every player has mints, unfortunately.


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