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"Consider that fourth wall SHATTERED!"
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This user believes that DreamyImpy is the best admin and that you are wasting your time by shaking your head.

My name is not Dumbo!


Golden Pakari 25, also known as StickSurfer, Stick_Surfer, Pakari, or Treature, is a user on this wiki.

Golden Pakari 25
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Suburban Almanac Entry

Golden Pakari
Stick_Surfer is a firm believer of Dreamy being the best admin
Damage: 24
Cost: 325 Recharge: 1 generation


Pepper-pult2.png This user's favorite plant is Pepper-pult.
HD Jack O' Lantern.png This user is a rollback of the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.
  • StickSurfer has been a member of the PvZ community since 2014.

Current To-Do List

  1. Achieve 100 edits
  2. Finish a bunch of redirects (I estimate 100 of them) Nope, can't do that
  3. Clean up the Boss Hunt page
  4. Clean up Stickers
  5. Achieve 250 edits
  6. Achieve 500 edits
  7. Achieve 750 edits
  8. Achieve 1000 edits