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Marge Simpson Zombie(requested by Xploud)

Cattail2C This user's favorite plant is Cattail.
Snow Pea2 This user's 2nd favorite plant is the Snow Pea.
Zomboni1 This user's favorite zombie is Zomboni.
Dancing Zombie2 This user's 2nd favorite zombie is the Dancing Zombie.
VaseBreakerTemplate This user has achieved a streak of 23 in Vasebreaker: Endless in Plants vs. Zombies.
IZombieTemplate This user has achieved a streak of 15 in I, Zombie: Endless.
SurvivalEndlessTemplate This user has completed 16(with a strategy potentially capable of surviving over 5,000 flags, mind you) flags in Survival: Endless.
This user has been playing June 14, 2011 since {{{2}}}.
Home Lawn Security2 This user has got 59 achievements on iOS,iOS HD and DSiWare versions.
Second Life This user has beaten Adventure Mode twice-well, 5-7 on 2nd time. time(s).
Dr. Zomboss1 This user has defeated Dr. Zomboss 53 times.
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Nebulaphile This user never uses Threepeaters, Planterns and Umbrella Leaves.


I have been blocked once, by myself because I didn't want my useless wiki.


Yeah 01

The Freakout Zombie


The Shopkeeper Zombie


The Hippie Zombie


The Mexican Spy Dancing Zombie


The Mexican Spy Buckethead Zombie


Spy Zombie


Hipster Zombie


Pirate Zombie

Zombatar 9

Love Zombie

Zombatar 10

Hairy Zombie

Zombatar 11

Mexican Ladder Zombie

Zombatar 12

Mixed Student Zombie

Zombatar 15

Newborn Zombie


Oldie Zombie


Attention Zombie

Zombatar 18

Magician Zombie

Zombatar 19

Trickery Zombie

Zombatar 20

Giga Ultimate Zombie

Zombatar 21

Mexican Spy Pole Vaulting Zombie

Zombatar 22

Frilly Giga Pirate Zombie

Zombatar 23

Maid Zombie

Zombatar 24

Buisnessman Zombie

Zombatar 14

Tutor Zombie


That's all Folks!

From the combined force of Tracking Spikes and Frozen Peas!

Torchwood=completely useless.

I'm really exiting the Userspace Policy, aren't I? =hi=

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