Señor Banana

aka Señor Johnsons Banana

  • I live in Mars
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is Plumber (on Mars)
  • I am Male
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to welcome you, so..


Señor Banana
Sun cost: 0

RECHARGE: ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) gotta go fast

When he met aliens on Mars, he started working for them.

Special: Gives you toilet paper for free (5$ if you are earthling).

After he left Earth for reasons,Señor Banana was inside his rocket thinking: I need to find a Earth-like planet really fast, otherwise I will run out of food and wat-. Then he accidentally landed on Mars.

This user has been playing Two thousand and.. lemme thing a little bit. since {{{2}}}.
PvZ2 This user has been playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 since ... I forgot how time passes on Earth.

Badge-luckyedit This user has obtained 1 Lucky Blover(s) on the Wiki.

ZenGarden This user has collected all (besides premiums and insta-use) Zen Garden plants.
[[File:{{{plant1}}}{{{game1}}}.png|40px]] & [[File:{{{plant2}}}{{{game2}}}.png|40px]] This user's favorite plant duo is [[{{{plant1}}}|{{{plant1}}}]] and [[{{{plant2}}}|{{{plant2}}}]].
Ghost Pepper2 This user's favorite plant is Ghost Pepper.
Winter Melon2 This user's favorite plant is Winter Melon.
Red Stinger2 This user's favorite plant is Red Stinger.
Iceberg Lettuce2 This user likes Iceberg Lettuce.
Twin Sunflower2 This user likes Twin Sunflower.
Repeater2 This user likes Repeater.
Grave Buster2 This user likes Grave Buster.
Bonk Choy2 This user likes Bonk Choy.
Kernel-pult2 This user likes Kernel-pult.
Snapdragon2 This user likes Snapdragon.
Coconut Cannon2 This user likes Coconut Cannon.
Cherry Bomb2 This user likes Cherry Bomb.
Spikerock2 This user likes spikerock.
Threepeater2 This user likes Threepeater.
Lightning Reed2 This user likes Lightning Reed.
Pea Pod2 This user likes Pea Pod.
Melon-pult2 This user likes Melon-pult.
Laser Bean2 This user likes Laser Bean.
Blover2 This user likes Blover.
Citron2 This user likes Citron.
E.M. Peach2 This user likes E.M. Peach.
Infi-nut2 This user likes Infi-nut.
Magnifying Grass2 This user likes Magnifying Grass.
Tile Turnip2 This user likes Tile Turnip.
Sun-shroom2 This user likes Sun-shroom.
Puff-shroom2 This user likes Puff-shroom.
Fume-shroom2 This user likes Fume-shroom.
Lily Pad2 This user likes Lily Pad.
Tangle Kelp2 This user likes Tangle Kelp.
Bowling Bulb2 This user likes Bowling Bulb.
Guacodile2 This user likes Guacodile.
Banana Launcher2 This user likes Banana Launcher.
Hot Potato2 This user likes Hot Potato.
Chard Guard2 This user likes Chard Guard.
Stunion2 This user likes Stunion.
Rotobaga2 This user likes Rotobaga.
A.K.E.E.2 This user likes Akee.
Endurian2 This user likes Endurian.
Stallia2 This user likes Stallia.
Gold Leaf2 This user likes Gold Leaf.
Snow Pea2 This user likes Snow Pea.
Power Lily2 This user likes Power Lily.
Torchwood2 This user likes Torchwood.
Jalapeno2 This user likes Jalapeno.
Imitater2 This user likes Imitater.
Starfruit2 This user likes Starfruit.
Homing Thistle2 This user likes Homing Thistle.
Sap-fling2 This user likes Sap-fling.
Hurrikale2 This user likes Hurrikale.
Fire Peashooter2 This user likes Fire Peashooter.
Lava Guava2 This user likes Lava Guava.
Toadstool2 This user likes Toadstool.
Strawburst2 This user likes Strawburst.
Cactus2 This user likes Cactus.
Marigold2 This user likes Marigold.
Pepper-pult2 This user's least favorite plant is Pepper-pult.
Sunflower2 This user hates Sunflower.
Peashooter2 This user hates Peashooter.
Wall-nut2 This user hates Wall-nut.
Potato Mine2 This user hates Potato Mine.
Bloomerang2 This user hates Bloomerang.
Cabbage-pult2 This user hates Cabbage-pult.
Spikeweed2 This user hates Spikeweed.
Spring Bean2 This user hates Spring Bean.
Split Pea2 This user hates Split Pea.
Chili Bean2 This user hates Chili Bean.
Tall-nut2 This user hates Tall-nut.
Sun Bean2 This user hates Sun Bean.
Magnet-Shroom2 This user hates Magnet-Shroom.
Squash2 This user hates Squash.
Hypno-shroom2 This user hates Hypno-shroom.
Pea-nut2 This user hates Pea-nut.
Chomper2 This user hates Chomper.
Sweet Potato2 This user hates Sweet Potato.
Dandelion2 This user hates Dandelion.
Imp Porter2 This user is obsessed with Imp Porter.
Zombie King2 This user's favorite zombie is Zombie King.
Announcer Imp2 This user's favorite zombie is Announcer Imp.
Snorkel Zombie2 This user's favorite zombie is Snorkel Zombie.
Treasure Yeti2 This user's favorite zombie is Treasure Yeti.
Imp Porter2 This user's favorite zombie is Imp Porter.
Zombot Aerostatic Gondola2 This user's favorite zombie is Zombot Aerostatic Gondola.
Pharaoh Zombie2 This user likes Pharaoh Zombie.
Zombot Sphinx-inator2 This user likes Zombot Sphinx-inator.
Zombie Chicken2 This user likes Zombie Chicken.
Shield Zombie2 This user likes Shield Zombie.
Robo-Cone Zombie2 This user likes Robo-Cone Zombie.
Disco-tron 30002 This user likes Disco-tron 3000.
Jester Zombie2 This user likes Jester Zombie.
Wizard Zombie2 This user likes Wizard Zombie.
Imp Dragon Zombie2 This user likes Imp Dragon Zombie.
Zombot Dark Dragon2 This user likes Zombot Dark Dragon.
Zombot Sharktronic Sub2 This user likes Zombot Sharktronic Sub.
Ice Weasel2 This user likes Ice Weasel.
Almanac GroundLost City This user's favorite area is Lost City.
Almanac GroundBig Wave Beach This user's favorite area is Big Wave Beach.
Almanac GroundDark Ages This user's favorite area is Dark Ages.
Almanac GroundFrostbite Caves This user's favorite area is Frostbite Caves.
Almanac GroundFar Future This user's favorite area is Far Future.
Almanac GroundAncient Egypt This user's least favorite area is Ancient Egypt.
Almanac GroundWild West This user's least favorite area is Wild West.
Almanac GroundPirate Seas This user's least favorite area is Pirate Seas.
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