• I live in my house
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is professional gallery do-er
  • I am what I am
Scrooge200 – Wordbubbles are cool.
Hey there! I mostly make gallery pages and edit about cards. I play PvZ, PvZ2 International, and PvZ Heroes.

Favorites and Least Favorites

Primal Potato Mine2 This user's favorite plant is Primal Potato Mine.
Sun Bean2 This user's least favorite plant is Sun Bean.
Breakdancer Zombie2 This user's favorite zombie is Breakdancer Zombie.
Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 This user's least favorite zombie is Chicken Wrangler Zombie.
Glitter Zombie2 This user's favorite jam is pop!
Punk Zombie2 This user's least favorite jam is punk!
Almanac GroundNeon Mixtape Tour This user's favorite area is Neon Mixtape Tour.
Almanac GroundWild West This user's least favorite area is Wild West.

I made the galleries for:

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