aka Snowy Landrey

  • I live in Chomp Town
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Crossing roads.
  • I am A universally unidentifiable object.
Chompbite Caves

Chompbite Caves!

Interesting Facts

  • I made the 1,500 page on this article
  • I was the first person in Australia to receive the Chester Chomper and Dr Chester.
  • Hurrikale does one normal damage!
  • When released, the guacodile the most damage to the first zombie it hits.


The Chomper too lazy to feature in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is here!

About me

Hello friends! I am a huge PVZ fan just like you!

I love Hypno-shroom, Chomper and Wizard Zombie.

My Favorite pages

I love these following pages!

Created Pages

Since joining this wiki, I have created these pages! (Hey, I'm just a Chomper y'know! I don't have hands!)

My Plants vs. Zombies games

I have all PVZ games except for PVZ Adventures (I would love to have it to but sadly, it has shut down :( )

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