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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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A Fandom user in that joined January 2020, moderator, and PvZ 2 player and modder Favorite Zombies: Dancing Zombie1.png,Shield Zombie2.pngGargantuar Prime2.pngDisco-tron 30002.pngBlastronaut Zombie2.pngHealer Zombie2.pngZcorpion Zombie2.pngZombie Medusa2.pngZ-Mech2.png
Favorite plants: Kernel-pult1.pngHypno-shroom1.png,Lightning Reed2.pngMelon-pult2.pngGhost Pepper2.pngHurrikale2.pngRed Stinger2.pngDandelion2.pngShrinking Violet2.pngArma-mint2.png
About me

Howdy, there User

Dartichoke recharge.PNG
My Favorite Plants: Kernel-pult1.pngHypno-shroom1.png,Lightning Reed2.pngMelon-pult2.pngGhost Pepper2.pngHurrikale2.pngRed Stinger2.pngDandelion2.pngShrinking Violet2.pngArma-mint2.png
My Favorite Zombies:

Dancing Zombie1.png,Shield Zombie2.pngGargantuar Prime2.pngDisco-tron 30002.pngBlastronaut Zombie2.pngHealer Zombie2.pngZcorpion Zombie2.pngZombie Medusa2.pngZ-Mech2.png

Other Wikis I work in:

Plant vs. Zombies Character Creator
SuperMarioLogan Wiki

PvZ games:

PvZ 1 PvZ 2 PvZh

When I am not editing ::

Something called "Work"
Creating my mod
Regretting that I live
Jump of a cliff
Meme making
Eating Roaches
Kicking cardboard boxes
Making Youtube videos
Watching SML videos(Old and new)

PvZarif quotes:

"Get off my lawn!"
"Don't play smart with me or I play dumb with you!"
"Hold up"
"You did not even plug in the God damn mic!"
"Why do you blame on me all the time?!?!"
"Look kid, get your stupid pet dog out of this house!"
"Why are you looking at my userpage?"

Likes and Dislikes::


Memes and gifs
Hard PvZ 2 levels
Making Youtube videos
Custom PvZ levels
Being alone
Making my pvz 2 mod :D

Toxic user
Chromebooks( I really hate them, they are devils electronics)
Not making my Youtube Videos
Discord Nitro (Dreamy, i your reading this, plz

You might have stumbled by into my User Page by Accident, or want to know about me, or even just call me stupid. But my name is, PvZarif, I am a Fandom user that joined during the beginning of the most worst year during the 21rst century. I make memes and gifs(Check it out at the bottom, though gifs are under construction), and I am a Pvz player and modder. I have a Youtube Channel([1]). I am your above-average moderator. I also worked on many other Wikis such as: Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki and SupermarioLogan Wiki. I started playing Plants vs. Zombies after finishing playing BTD, which was around October 2019. I got bored of playing BTD so I decided to play something else, I remember something about watching Pvz Zackscott video a long time ago, so I decided why not play a game I watch? I started playing PvZ 1, but this is my confession: When I started playing PvZ 1, I heard so much good thing about PvZ 2 I paid no attention to PvZ 1, and right after finishing PvZ 1(Literally right after) I deleted PvZ 1 and downloaded PvZ 2. I should have played pvz a bit more and discover all the minigames and secret stuff hidden in the game, but at least I became good at PvZ 2. I mainly create Epic Quest pages, add animations for plants, revert foolish people edits, delete post, and create stuff that no one bother to makes

PvZ YouTubers from Best to Not-so-good:

Mine Power, Kgames, Zackscott, Fgteev,Tuan Tran (I hat ehim for making that awful shuttle mod)

Favorite PvZ Comic books:

1. Timepocalypes

2. Petal to the Metal

3. Garden Warfare 2

4.War's;and Peas

Hd threeeee.png
Hd threeeee.png

1. Ohsnappies - A hilarious, rickrolling, and a meme maker user

2. ResearcherFerd - A user that helped me with troubling gifs and has a huge dumpload of edits

3. ThisUserlikesOreo - A really helpful help desk (Get it?) and helped me make this awesome Userpage(Part of it).But too serious

4. Quasion - A user that actually made Discussion popular and creates awesome art.

5. Absolutionist We met in Discord, always chatting when i chat. And practically agrees everything about what i say, also a Veteran Zombie lover

Cool Discord people Lanzacreeper's: This guy is a good, without his legendary ultimate obb, i could not listen to the removed music and play with unused tombstones(Also credits to him for making this awesome loading screen for his mod
Ok boye: Decent modder, creates impossible levels
Astro-nut: A hilarious user
Prom Violence: A advanceded moder that create custom zombies in-game
Poss: Create Roman Level Pack which is veri cool. Though his attitude is rude

Red Stinger2.png This user's favorite plant is Red Stinger.
Arma-mint2.png This user's favorite plant is Arma-mint.
Gargantuar Prime2.png This user's favorite zombie is Gargantuar Prime.
Disco-tron 30002.png This user's favorite zombie is Disco-tron 3000.
Explode-o-Vine2.png This user's least favorite plant is Explode-o-Vine.
Jester Zombie2.png This user's least favorite zombie is Jester Zombie.

Almanac GroundFar Future.jpg This user's favorite area is Far Future.
Almanac GroundModern Day.jpg This user's least favorite area is Modern Day.

Not a fan of how quick pace it is and the anticlimatic end

Arcade Zombie2.png This user's favorite jam is 8-bit!
MC Zom-B2.png This user's favorite jam is rap!
Punk Zombie2.png This user's favorite jam is punk!
Glitter Zombie2.png This user's least favorite jam is pop!
Plants-Vs-Zombies.png This user has been playing Plants vs. Zombies since 2018.
Plants vs. Zombies 2.png This user has been playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 since 2018.
PvZ Heroes logo.png This user has been playing Plants vs. Zombies Heroes since 2019.

But I stopped playing Heroes eventually

HD Imp Worker Wrench.png
Pages manufacturing
HD Imp Worker Wrench.png

Pages i created

Rome, Rome on the Range - Boss fight (Sadly got deleted)
Iron Age Antics - Boss fight (Sadly got deleted)
Plunder the Pirate Seas - Level 1
Plunder the Pirate Seas - Level 2
ZCorp Incorporated, Inc. - Level 2
ZCorp Incorporated, Inc. - Level 3
ZCorp Incorporated, Inc. - Level 4
ZCorp is Hiring! - Level 1
Mostly all the Epic Quest pages some credit goes to Tile Denial, Insertfunnyusername, and octolover for contributing

Pvz logo stacked rgb.png
PvZ stuff
Pvz logo stacked rgb.png

Like I said, I did not play PvZ that much so this section might be a little short


I unlocked all 8 seed slots and gotten all lawnmowers

My favorite mini-game is Wall-nut bowling and I, Zombie

Complete all the levels but did not did adventure mode pt 2, which means I did not get the Yeti Zombie

The only time I lost was the Zomboss fight(I think we all lost once in the final boss)

My opinions:


Hypno-shroom1.png Melon-pult1.png


Snow Pea1.png Doom-shroom1.png Cabbage-pult1.png Threepeater1.png Peashooter1.png Spikeweed1.pngUmbrella Leaf1.png


Chomper1.png Sea-shroom1.png Cactus1.png

My-image (PvZ).png


Zombie killing section:

Jack-in-the-Box Zombie never ever blew my plants, The funniest zombie is Dancing Zombie and Newspaper Zombie(When eating a Garlic

Please suggest some memes I can use for favorite and neutral

Easy to kill as pie

Jack-in-the-Box Zombie1.png Newspaper Zombie1.png

Not so much

Pole Vaulting Zombie1.png Football Zombie1.png Snorkel Zombie1.png Zomboni1.png Digger Zombie1.png Bungee Zombie1.pngCatapult Zombie1.png


Dolphin Rider Zombie1.png Pogo Zombie1.png Balloon Zombie1.png

PvZ 2 stuf

Finally something long I can talk about

Boring stuff about PvZ 2

Seasons Icon.png This user highest score in Arena is 40,000,000.
Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 12.01.14 PM.png This user current league is Gold League.
Penny's Pursuit World Map Icon.png This User favorite mode is Penny's Pursuit (before 2021)
Seasons Icon.png This User least favorite mode is Arena and Penny's Pursuit (reason, reused levels and shitty 1 month event)
ChiliBeanArenaAvatar.png This user does not think the Chili Bean is bad
HD 3D Mints.png This user Mint collection is 3 (outdated, but whatever)
HD Coins, coins, coins!.png This user Coin collection is 369,075 (outdated, but whatever)
Gems.png This user Gem collection is 30 (outdated, but whatever)
Modern Day - Day 10.png This user favorite level is Modern Day - Day 10
BetaBulbBowlingBowlers.png This user least favorite level(And mingame) is Bulb Bowling(The levels are so unfairExcept the Penny's Pursuit)
BeghouledBlitzEpicQuest.jpg This user favorite minigame is Beghouled

My PvZ2 world progress

PvZ worldAE.png
PvZ worldPS.png
PvZ worldWW.png
PvZ worldFC.png
PvZ worldLC.png
PvZ worldFF.png
YesYAncient Egypt YesYPirate Seas YesYWild West YesYFrostbite Caves YesYLost City YesYFar Future
PvZ worldDA.png
PvZ worldNMT.png
PvZ worldJM.png
PvZ worldBWB.png
PvZ worldMD.png
YesYDark Ages YesYNeon Mixtape Tour YesYJurassic Marsh YesYBig Wave Beach YesYModern Day
My-image (Worlds).png
My-image (Concept).png
My-image (Concept).png
My-image (5).png

Plant Section

Plants I collected

My Opinions: 


Red Stinger2.png Lightning Reed2.png


Zoybean Pod2.png A.K.E.E2.png Citron2.png Sun-shroom2.png Parsnip2.png Lava Guava2.pngElectric Blueberry2.png


Nightshade2.png Headbutter Lettuce2.png Murkadamia Nut2.png

My-image (6).png
Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 8.31.04 AM.png

Zombie section:

My Zombie murderings:

My Opinions:



Gargantuar Prime2.png Disco-tron 30002.png


ZCorp HelpDesk2.png Gargimp Legal2.png Head Office Impgantuar2.png Sunday Edition Zombie2.png Poncho Zombie2.png [[File:{{{Neutral6}}}2.png|60px|link={{{Neutral6}}}]]

Ugly (None of them are :D

[[File:{{{LeastFavorite1}}}2.png|60px|link={{{LeastFavorite1}}}]] [[File:{{{LeastFavorite2}}}2.png|60px|link={{{LeastFavorite2}}}]]

Annoying tier list



HD Crown.png
Arena Tournament High Scores
HD Crown.png

Note: Some tournaments may not be here

because i forgot screenshot it, missed the tournament, or i was to lazy






Levels I created in PvZ 2


Non-related PvZ Stuff

!Memes, Profile Pics and gifs!

View all of my artwork here!: Its a Rickroll link or is it? ;)

My Wiki Timeline and Milestones

This is not that accurate cuz im don't have a good memory

December 29th 2019: Joined the wiki
Around Jan, 2020: Posed my first comment
Around April, 2020: Posted my first discussion post
Around July, 2020: Got 100 edits
Around August, 2020: Got 500 edits and made my first page
Around September, 2020: Got 1,000 edits and my first blog!
Around October or November: Got 1,000 posts
Around December, 2020: Got promoted to rollback and made more than 10 pages
Around January, 2021: Got 2,000 edits
Around March, 2021: Got 3,000 edits and made more than 25 pages
May 15, 2021 (the only date that it is accurate, stupid me): Got promoted to moderator

8-bit cone-head.png
Other games I played
8-bit cone-head.png

Games i played:Mobile game,

Minion Rush: I was good at the game, but the game was crappy and awful when the updates came out: Game

War heroes, a eh game. A good game but a terrible rip-off of clash of clans, game

Break the Prison: Played this game when i was 10, challenging but eh: Game

Megapolis, this building game is very fun and you can build endless creations. But as you progress , the game wants you u to pay, game

Smashy road: Crashing, but a bad plaer: Game

BTD: Supermonkey, the game was really fun (Used to play a lot t before i found out about pvz) but as i progress the game gets harder, game

Tracky Train: Very challenging and fun game, really loved it. Game

Black Operations: Really fun game, but was very challenging: Game

Toy defense: Good military tower defense game, one of the classics: Game

Angry Bird Seasons, Angry Bird Action, Angry Birds classic, Angry bird Star wars I and II, Angry Bird Space, .These classic games were the best and should have not been removed, i really loved these games. Better than the modern crap games they have now.Bad piggies

Lama Lama Go Go!: The game got removed but it was a fun arcade game filled with bosses Among Us: The game is eh, not that fun but okay: Game

Geometry Dash series: Did not complete all the level in the first game, completed all in Meltdown and world, did not complete subzero :(

PC games: Bob the Robber series: This game is really good, one of by favs. Really suggested to play, i don't want to spoil it ;). Game Just One Boss: A fricking hard game and i LOVE it, very challenging and i managed to win the game and also HARD mode. Need to practice a lot: Game

Road of Furry series: A fun car shooting game where you destroy other vehicles, very enjoying: Game Wheely series: A brainy problem solving, where you use logic to move a car. 8 parts to the game

Snail Bob series: Similar to Wheely, and i loved it: Game

Bloon Monkey City: Another BTD game i played, creative and very interesting. I lost intrest in the game after 8 or 9 months

BTD 5: Played it a lot, loved to spammed MOABS, BTD, ZOMG until the gamed lagged. Game

Nintendo Games:
3DS Games:

New Super Mario bros DS: A epic classic game, my favorite was world 6. I always loved that world in every game that had it I almost have all the Star Coins and unlocked all secret exits.

New Super Mario Bros 2: Not as fun as the first one , but is was creative and challenging. I have unlocked all 9 worlds, and unlocked all star coins and secret exit, my coin count is somewhere in the millions. Face Raider: Really funny and hard game, used funny images as bosses in the game. Completed 5 of the bosses, the bonus is way to hard.

Mario Kart 7: The legendary game i always loved, favorite cup was the banana cup (coconut mall).

Useless Supermariologan stuff