aka Pete

  • I live in Eastern Connecticut, USA
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is Winning in PvZ
  • I am Awesome

Currently I am inactive, maybe forever. Please talk to any of the other admins if you need anything.

My History

About PvZBeast234

Hi everyone! My name is PvZBeast234 and i absolutely love Plants vs. Zombies. I own the game for iPod Touch and PC, where I have the Gold Sunflower Trophy. I love this wiki and I'd want to contribute to it and make it better. My favorite plants are Spikerock and Cattail, essential parts of my Survival strategies. I hack sometimes, only when I've just gotten the game on a new computer and I'm trying to beat Adventure, but if you have any questions about Cheat Engine ask me.

I love the game and know a lot (mostly thanks to this wiki, LOL) and if anybody has questions I know a lot of stuff. In game modes I like to use Fire Pea strategies with Cattails and Spikes. I've been experimenting with other stuff though, like implementing Garlics into my strategies. I also like to use Spikey plants, Gloom-shrooms surrounded by Pumpkins, and much more. For more of my strategies, see my awesome strategy tips! Please tell me if you like them.

Outside of PvZ, I also love to play basketball and be active. I don't play many other video games, but I have lots of appreciation for all Nintendo games, and mostly anything else (except Minecraft, the worst thing of all time). I am a very good student in school, maybe the best in my class. Even though I like the things we do in school, I don't like school (Once I got up to 2^53 in my head because I wasn't listening to the teacher.) I want to be an ornithologist when I grow up (Look it up). Socially my life isn't very good, but I don't care.

I know English and French, but I also can use Google Translate.

What is going on

What is going on in Unsodded?

My version of Plants vs. Zombies

I don't really play PvZ anymore.

Friends, etc


  • A plant (good admin, has me on HIS best friends list)
  • SO456 (nice user, really active, has a cool history, promoted me to admin, top editor)


  • WM43 (nice on chat, good editor, grammar improving)
  • Jack (good editor, nice user)
  • Lilgrei (nice on chat)
  • PMan (nice on chat, friend and PvZA neighbor)
  • Ziad Wahba (nice user, sadly less active now...)
  • Starfruity (super cool and swell admin)
  • My first Block!! (not actually a friend :P)

Facebook Friends:

Luckily, I have no active enemies because I try to be nice to people.


Cattail2C This user's favorite plant is the Cattail.
Spikerock2 This user's second-favorite plant is the Spikerock.
Gold Magnet1 This user thinks that the Gold Magnet is absolutely useless.
Pogo Zombie1 This user's favorite zombie is the Pogo Zombie.
Zomboni1 This user hates the Zomboni because it is so hard to kill.
It's Raining Seeds PC This user's favorite Mini-game is the It's Raining Seeds.
Last Stand PC This user's second-favorite Mini-game is the Last Stand.
Column PC This user's third-favorite Mini-game is the Column Like You See 'Em.
Zombiquarium PC This user's least favorite Mini-game is the Zombiquarium.
I, Zonbi PC This user's favorite I, Zombie level is Dead Zeppelin.
Vase PC This user's favorite Vasebreaker level is Hokey Pokey.
I, Zonbi PC This user's highest I, Zombie Endless streak is 23.
Vase PC This user's highest Vasebreaker Endless streak is 16.
SurvivalEndless This user's highest Survival: Endless streak is 21.
I, Zonbi PC This user's favorite I, Zombie level is I, Zombie Endless.
Vase PC This user's favorite Vasebreaker level is Hokey Pokey.
SurvivalDayHard This user's favorite Survival level is Survival: Day (Hard).
Silversunflowertrophy This user has completed Adventure Mode 6 times.
Gold Sunflower Trophy This user has earned the Gold Sunflower Trophy on three different games.
Achievement This user has earned a ton of Achievements.
2000 feet This user's Tree of Wisdom is 78 feet tall.
Badge-luckyedit This user has eight Lucky Blover badges.
Alive and Planting 1 This user has made over 1000 edits on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.

Alive and Planting 2 This user has made over 2000 edits on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.

Alive and Planting 3 This user has made over 3000 edits on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.

My wordbubble:

PvZBeast234 – The awesome (and modest) Cattail just left you a message!
NO Spamming! If you spam on my page the zombies will eat your brains!!

I can also change it to any plant I want it to be.

History of Me

See User:PvZBeast234/My PvZ Wiki History.

And this:

For more, see Special:WikiActivity

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