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  • I live in a rock
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is student and gamer
  • I am a train

staff rights

Rollback: 16 Jul, 2016

Chat mod: 17 Aug, 2016

Disc mod: 23 Sep, 2016

Lost rights due to inactivity

A little introduction about me

Hi everyone! I joined on 20-02-16. If you find me around here, don't mind me! My favorite plant is the Primal Potato Mine if you haven't figured out already. I love hanging out on this wiki.

So one day, I was surfing PvZ wiki for strategies. Slowly cruising through mainspace, I found out in some pages I could have had better strategies so I could add them. I never added them. Anyway, jokes aside, I saw a 'sign up' button and I decided to check it out. I decided to go with the name PrimitivePotatoMine as I had mentioned that my favorite plant is the primal potato mine. However, I decided not to have the same name as the plant so I changed Primal to Primitive.

I first joined on 20 February this year. I was just a loner at first, trying to get edits. I cruised through the forum. I didn't actually go on chat yet. Then I met a user called Microphone DJ 125. He was my first friend on this wiki. I actually met him through the forum. I visited his userpage and requested to be friends with him. Slowly, I got to know everyone here. The first time I went to chat was a bit terrifying but it was a new experience. People started calling me "PrimitivePotatoMine" but after a period of time, they started calling me PPM, a nickname I love that I adopted. My first edit was on Modern Day - Day 25 and it was followed by Intensive Carrot after 14 minutes. (You can see more about this down below)

I have made more valuable friends, which you will be able to see in my friends section. However, the notable ones, other than MC DJ 125 was Nick Archer and CZAzure. I began as a forum gamer here with a bit of mainspace. I intended to go for Rollback rights on 15 April 2016, but I had not as firstly, I had not enough mainspace edits and secondly, not many people had known me yet. Three months later, the amount of time I delayed to apply for rollback, I applied on 13 July (I think?). I ended with a slight win after GamesterD had changed his vote a support. I am currently applying for chat moderator and I have 10 supports and 4 opposes at the time of writing this. You'll probably read this later. EDIT: I'm a chat mod now. Yay!

Finally, if you do see me on chat, do remember to say hi. If you think I am a nice person, firstly, thanks! and secondly, you could request to be my friend on my talk page. I will list my honest opinions on you. Recently in the August period, I have been studying and I do not have much time to be on mainspace and chat I will have slight activity for forum. I will be more active on Fridays and Saturdays. Also, note that I will do at least one edit per day (for a certain badge actually), be it mainspace, forum or userpage. EDIT: I just got that badge today (28 August), and I'm going for THAT other badge.

This was honestly the best place I'd ever been and I'd never exposed that I was underaged to anyone. Eventually it became too stressful so I told 4 people, one of which who came to expose me. Now I'm back,unbanned and more mature again, I wish to gain trust and usefulness in the wiki. 


[1] (Click it to see)


My favorite plant is the Primitive Potato Mine (I call it that) and that's because it does area damage, fast recharge and looks cute.

Don't mind me around here, also, I'm very happy and I just completed Modern Day today (20-02-16)! It was a great finale (or not...) to the story, and I'm looking forward to new content.

P.S You can consult me for page translations of chinese pages. also, i would like a fancy page.

The old profile picture was too disturbing. I changed it on 13-03-16.

Recently re-downloaded the first game on 16-03-16. Making some good progress. Level 4-3 now.

Okay, 18-03-16. Level... 5-4!

I've been practising my skills for future rollback role. Made my first undo on an edit (See Gold Magnet). I'll start the rollback thread on April 1st. If I haven't met the requirement by then, I'll start it on 15 April.

Of course, I'll determine whether I should do it first or not...

1 mONTH of WIKI life ^_' -20/03/16




2 mONTHs of WIKI life '_^ -20/04/16

Rollback! - 16 July 2016

Chet meed! - 17 August 2016

DeezCuzzionMod! - 23 September 2016


Ok, so guys, I'm not really going to keep editing on mainspace. You may find me most active on the Forum, however, I will appear in chat sometimes.

Symbol thumbs upSupport
me! I want to be a rollback when I think I've contributed enough to the wiki and have the enough mainspace edits and time. No, I'll just try my best. Not too early yet though.

Yes! I suceeded. Now:

Symbol thumbs upSupport
me when I want to apply for chat moderator. I've been more active on chat lately. More people in chat know me as well.

:D Next I'll be doing this in October.

Symbol thumbs upSupport
me when I want to be Disc Mod on 5 October.

EDIT: I have started the discussion moderator thread on 20 September.

I did it.

My next aims are Content Mod/Admin. Probably doing this in June-August 2018.

My Nicknames

PPM (by almost everyone on this wiki)

Potato (by some other people)

My favorite nickname is PPM!

You can find me on Discord by the username arcsine#5207

More about me

Oh, so you want to know more about me?

(Copied from Camwood777)

  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: I tend to be very friendly with others. I try to hang out with people too. Kind of lazy.
  • Likes: Writing stories. Playing games. Sleeping. Programming.
  • Dislikes: Bitter food. 
  • Favorite Games: The Battle Cats, Cytus II
  • Favorite Foods: I'm not picky when it comes to food. However, to pick, I like sausages, fishballs and those along the lines. And broccoli and cucumber and chicken and.... etc.
  • Least Favorite Foods: Bittergourd, mushroom and onions.

PvZ related stuff

  • Favorite Plant: Primal Potato Mine, I guess. And Cattail. And Shadow-shroom.
  • Favorite Zombie: Porter Gargantuar and Hair Metal Gargantuar.
  • Least Favorite Plant: Practically useless: Jack O'Lantern (but too cute...) and Chomper, Lightning Reed.
  • Least Favorite Zombie: Meh. Octo Zombie, I guess?
  • Favorite PvZ1 World: Pool. I have fun annihilating the zombies there.
  • Least Favorite PvZ1 World: Fog? Bleh.
  • Favorite PvZ2 World: Jurassic Marsh, NMT and Modern Day!
  • Least Favorite PvZ2 World: Big Wave Beach. I hate tidelines and water.

Wiki related stuff

  • What do you do?: I mostly hang around in the forum and I occasionally edit on mainspace. It's fun.
  • What have you done?: Practically nothing...?
  • Plans of the future: I'll just stay here, maybe end up as a staff member? Well...
  • When did you reach staff positions?
  • ROLLBACK: 16 July 2016, Saturday
  • CHAT MOD: 17 August 2016, Wednesday
  • DISCUSSION MOD: 23 September 2016, Friday, 10:49 PM GMT +8


Primal Potato Mine2 This user's favorite plant is Primal Potato Mine.
Bowling Bulb2 This user's favorite plant is Bowling Bulb.
Banana Launcher2 This user's favorite plant is Banana Launcher.
Cherry Bomb2 This user's favorite plant is Cherry Bomb.
Gloom-shroom1 This user's favorite plant is Gloom-shroom.
Magnet-shroom2 This user's favorite plant is Magnet-shroom.
Porter Gargantuar2 This user's favorite zombie is Porter Gargantuar.
Shield Zombie2 This user's favorite zombie is Shield Zombie.
Almanac GroundFar Future This user's favorite area is Far Future.
Iceberg Lettuce2 This user's favorite plant is Iceberg Lettuce.
Primal Sunflower2 This user's favorite plant is Primal Sunflower.
Dusk Lobber2 This user's favorite plant is Dusk Lobber.


Badge-luckyedit This user has obtained 2 Lucky Blover(s) on the Wiki.

Planton Opinion


Primal Potato Mine2

High S Tier

Primal Sunflower2 Cherry Bomb2 Winter Melon3 Grapeshot2 Thyme Warp2 Blover2Sun-shroom2

Low S Tier

Bowling Bulb2 Magnet-shroom2

High A Tier

Primal Peashooter2

A Tier

Primal Wall-nut2 Perfume-shroom2 Intensive Carrot2 Imitater2 Escape Root2 Celery Stalker2Endurian2

Low A Tier

Red Stinger2 Chard Guard2

High B Tier

Coconut Cannon2

B Tier

Laser Bean2 Citron2 A.K.E.E.2 Hypno-shroom2 Jalapeno2 Banana Launcher2Melon-pult2

Low B Tier

Cold Snapdragon2 Snapdragon2

High C Tier

Shrinking Violet2

C Tier

Electric Blueberry2 E.M.Peach2 Gold Leaf2 Hurrikale2 Tile Turnip2 Fume-shroom2Lily Pad2

Low C Tier

Guacodile2 Hot Potato2

High D Tier


D Tier

Stunion2 Chili Bean2 Lava Guava2 Moonflower2 Dusk Lobber2 Grimrose2Shadow-shroom2

Low D Tier

Power Lily2 Squash2

High E Tier


E Tier

Cactus2 Jack O' Lantern2 Iceberg Lettuce2 Spikerock2 Garlic2 Lightning Reed2Blooming Heart2

Low E Tier

Toadstool2 Spore-shroom2

High F Tier


F Tier

Sun Bean2 Puff-shroom2 Strawburst2 Kernel-pult2 Bonk Choy2 Split Pea2Potato Mine2

Low F Tier

Spikeweed2 Snow Pea2

High G Tier


G Tier

Grave Buster2 Homing Thistle2 Pea-nut2 Twin Sunflower2 Pepper-pult5 Tall-nut2Tangle Kelp2

Low G Tier

Nightshade2 Torchwood2

High H Tier


H Tier

Dandelion2 Chomper2 Peashooter2 Sunflower2 Wall-nut2 Bloomerang2Repeater2

Low H Tier

Magnifying Grass2 Strawburst2

Blover represents no plant in this opinion column.

No Grade Yet

Ghost Pepper2

Uh huh, No grade still yet

Fire Peashooter2 Lightning Reed2 Sweet Potato2 Sap-fling2 Pea Pod2 Spring Bean2Phat Beet2


Gold Bloom2 Electric Currant2

New plants that are not graded (Wasabi Whip, Explode-o-nut, Apple Mortar, Bombegranate, Kiwibeast and Aloe)

Still Ungraded

Wasabi Whip2

Ungraded, because it's Ungraded.

Explode-O-Nut2 Aloe2 Apple Mortar2 Kiwibeast2 Bombegranate2 Blover2Blover2

Nothing to see here

Blover2 Blover2

My Firsts

First friend: Microphone DJ 125

First edit: Modern Day - Day 25 subsequently in 14 minutes followed by Intensive Carrot

First page created: American Suburbs - Level 9

First user page edit: 20 Feb 2016

First comment: Modern Day - Day 34

First edit on Plants: Intensive Carrot

First Trivia edit: Intensive Carrot

First forum participation:  Weekly Discussion #6: Best PvZ1 plant

First category added: Primal Potato Mine (removed by MNIMN because I was a noob then)

First member which I posted a message on their talk page: Microphone DJ 125

First person who posted a message on my talk page: Microphone DJ 125

Chinese Common Translations

defense = 防御

attack = 攻击

zombie = 僵尸

plant = 植物

star = 星星

increase = 上升

decrease = 降低

damage = 伤害

health = 生命(值)

low-grade = 低级/初级

medium-grade = 中级

high-grade = 高级

friendly units = 友方单位

percentage = 百分比

Penny = 潘妮

Dave = 戴夫

Ancient Egypt = 神秘埃及, literally Mysterious Egypt

Pirate Seas = 海盗港湾, literally Pirate Bay

Wild West = 狂野西部

Kung Fu World = 功夫世界

Far Future = 未来世界, literally Future World

Dark Ages = 黑暗时代,literally Dark Age

Big Wave Beach = 巨浪沙滩

Castle In The Sky = 天空之城, literally Sky City

Frostbite Caves = 冰河世界

Lost City = 失落之城

diamond = 钻石

gold / coins = 金币

puzzle pieces = 碎片

upgrade = 升级/进阶

costume = 装扮/装饰

treasure = 宝藏/宝物

plant food (bean) = 能量豆

lawn mower = 小推车

pea = 豌豆

shoot = 发射

sun = 阳光

adventure = 探险

update = 更新

limited special sale = 限时特惠

key = 钥匙

log-in = 签到

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