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Hi everyone, I'm Plantsvszombieslover123456. I have play'd Plants vs Zombies 2 since 2013, Plants vs Zombies since 2015 and Plants vs Zombies Heroes since 2016. My favourite games is Plants vs Zombies, Plants vs Zombies 2, Plants vs Zombies Heroes, Jurassic World:The Game and Block Puzzles

I got a HUGE project going on when I will try to get all cards on the zombie and the plant side in PvZH as either Conjured or Transformed.

Plants and zombies opinions
Best Plant!!!

Winter Melon2.png

Good Boys

Chard Guard2.png Primal Peashooter2.png Primal Potato Mine2.png Gold Bloom2.png Infi-nut2.png Blover2.pngPrimal Sunflower2.png

Worst Plants Ever!!!

Spring Bean2.png Threepeater2.png

Favorite Zombie

8-Bit Zombie2.png

Will ztill have brainz

Balloon Zombie2.png Dolphin Rider Zombie1.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Camel Zombies2.png Digger Zombie1.png Hunter Zombie2.pngSnorkel Zombie2.png

Just. DIE!!!

Octo Zombie2.png Jurassic Gargantuar2.png

I got bored...


2,147,483,647 feet
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List of all Piñata Parties in PvZ

26 October 2013: This was the very first Piñata Party in the history of Plants vs. Zombies 2.


On the World Map

Penny: There's an inpending attack on your house in modern times!

Crazy Dave: I bet it's not an attack... I bet it's a party! Oh, I hope it's a Piñata Party!

Penny: It's not a party, there are zombies from all different time periods ready to strike!

Penny: Who knows what else they could have brought with them?

Crazy Dave: Sounds like a party to me! Better hurry up, we don't want to miss out!

Before the level starts

(Penny arrives)

Penny: User Dave, this does not look like a party

(Crazy Dave arrives)

Crazy Dave: It could still be a surprise party, with gifts and everything!

Crazy Dave: You'll see Penny, I think these zombies are different.

(Crazy Dave and Penny leaves)

After the level

(Crazy Dave arrives)

Crazy Dave: What did I tell you Penny? A surprise Piñata Party!

(Penny arrives)

Penny: Does not compute. It appears a level 3 diagnostic check is in order

Crazy Dave: Piñatas! Let's bust some open and see what we get!

(Crazy Dave and Penny leaves)

After the level; on the world map

Penny: The party is over for now, but those zombies will be back some day

Crazy Dave: And with them... more piñatas!

Penny: Defending against multiple parties in a row could lead to a massive piñata anomaly

Crazy Dave: I can't wait for the next Piñata Party, and the one after that!

Crazy Dave: But those piñatas just remind me of my sad lost taco. Let's go!

October 29th 2013 - Tombstones makes their first appearance in Piñata Party

Dialouge: Same as last time