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Hi, User! Welcome to my page. I am PeaVZ108, aka my favourite plant hero Green Shadow! If you're a fan of peas, you're welcome here. If not, I shall PEA very dis-appointed!

Pea-ce out, I'm totally awesome!


Is he cool? Pea-cisely.

Pea Wukong

The best Inkling hunter in the wiki!

Ice King Pea

He's worth the shock value.

King Zappea

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About Me
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Personal Particulars

Name: Why should I reveal it?

Gender: Male

Birthday: 25 December

Country: Singapore

Timezone: GMT +8

Favourite Game: Clash Royale. PvZ Heroes 2nd.

Least Favourite Game: Clash of Clans (It was good at first but the recent updates changed the game nearly entirely.)

Age: 16

Current Stresses: Homework, Exercising, GCE "O" Levels


  • Anyone who is friendly and helpful. (Mostly everyone in this wiki)
  • New content in this wiki.
  • Creating ideas to boost this wiki's social environment.
  • Plants and zombies, all alike.
  • Plants vs Zombies Heroes.
  • Anyone with a good sense of humour.
  • Participating in wikia games.
  • PEAS and any user who supports peas.


  • Profanity.
  • Frequent quarrels.
  • Anyone who breaks the rules of the wiki.
  • Socks in general.
  • Inklings.
  • Princesses.


  • N00b Archer - He is friendly and loves playing PvZH. Too bad that I don't see him very often every now and then. An oxyMORON but he is still c00l.
  • Brainzzxxfairyzz - An active user who plays PvZH.
  • Red Fork - A friendly user who could use more mainspace edits, also one of my RP friends.
  • VeXY - Seen him frequently on mainspace, more frequent than me TBH.
  • SuperRacist101 - Friendly and supportive, and also changes his profile pic very often.
  • 27Fairies - Active and socially amiable. We hang out often on roleplays.
  • ABSF - We've been bonding on fun and games, as well as roleplays. Wonder where he is?
  • Repeater13 - A friendly user who shares the same interests as me.
  • TheO - Friendly and all, but can be easily triggered.
  • CITRONprincess - We have been fighting for the hill in My hill pretty much. Simply put, an Inkling vs. Pea battle. Otherwise, an active and friendly (princess). He hates it but I still do it anyways, because he is.
  • Terry-ble - She's very active in fun and games. I prefer calling her Terry-ble. We often hang out in the Fun and Games.
  • Fancyplanty - He's really the fancy type. Currently one of my best friends.
  • Bolty - He's one of my best RP and RPG friends.

Possible Friends

Games I Play

  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Plants vs Zombies 2
  • Plants vs Zombies Heroes
  • Clash of Clans
  • Clash Royale
  • Boom Beach
  • Angry Birds Fight!
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Growtopia (formerly)


  • Gaming
  • Wiki Contributing
  • Video Watching (particularly YouTube)

Favourite Plants in PvZ 2

Cherry Bomb2.png This user's favorite plant is Cherry Bomb.
Winter Melon2.png This user's favorite plant is Winter Melon.
Laser Bean2.png This user's favorite plant is Laser Bean.
Sun-shroom2.png This user's favorite plant is Sun-shroom.
Fume-shroom2.png This user's favorite plant is Fume-shroom.
Primal Potato Mine2.png This user's favorite plant is Primal Potato Mine.


The Revival of the PvZ Institute

  1. Cherry Bomb (One who has a caring and kind, but also chicken-hearted personality and the other being selfish and arrogant.)
  2. Bonk Choy (A no-nonsense plant with a fighting spirit that is not to be messed with.)
  3. Torchwood (A wise and protective plant officer from the Suburbia Plant Station and has Snowdrop for a girlfriend, now deceased)
  4. Snowdrop (A shy plant devoted to Torchwood, but becomes super-aggressive in combat.)
  5. The Explodonators (Cherry Bomb #2's private gang.)
  • Slick (A potato mine who is ruthless and selfish. He is the weapon master of the Explodonators.)
  • Petra (A warrior-like stunion who is afraid of nothin'. She is the second-in-command of the Explodonators.)
  • Minimus (A smarty citron who knows a lot about technology and invents weapons and combat gadgets. He is the brainiac of the Explodonators)

Lost in the Fog

  1. Rover (A plant with a determination to take revenge on Dr. Zomboss for killing his parents.)
  2. Rover-droid (Rover's self-assembled command droid.)

RPG Plants vs. Plants

RPG Enchanted Castle

  1. Snapdragon (A plant that breathes fire and also picks on Lex during the crossover competition.)

The Adventures Through Worlds

  1. Red Stinger (The leader of his gang of plants. He cares for animals and has a short temper.)
  2. Intensive Carrot (Kind and caring, even more than Red Stinger. She can only restore bodies, not minds. However, she knows a lot on medicine and health biology.)
  3. Phat Beet (A somewhat emotionless plant who has a passion for rap and music. He comes from Neon Mixtape Tour.)
  4. Bonk Choy (He is the brainiac of the gang. and knows a lot of history. He also has a heart to destroy anything that crosses his way.)

The Great Crossover Competition

  1. Bonk Choy (Institute)
  2. Snowdrop
  3. Rover (eliminated)
  4. Snapdragon
  5. Red Stinger
  6. Intensive Carrot
  7. Phat Beet
  8. Lex (A true bookworm who is an avid reader. Though he is arrogant, he is also mostly picked on by Snapdragon.)

My very own thread - RPG PvZ Hero Wars

In A Locked Room

  1. Rover
  2. The Explodonators (Cherry Bomb #2, Slick, Petra, Minimus)

Heroes Through Time

  1. Green Shadow
  2. Repeater
  3. Re-Peat Moss
  4. Bonk Choy
  5. Chomper
  6. Intensive Carrot