Nuttin' to see here

aka Nuttin’ to see here

  • I live in This place I call my house
  • My occupation is Professional nutjob
  • I am A nut. What else is there to say?

My angry face


That is my angry face.

Angry to see here

As you can see, I look very angry here.

Do nut test my patience when I have this very angry face.

My brother


That is my brother.

Tall nuttin' to see here

Very tall, very square, and very dead.

He is taller than me, and more square than me.

He died.

He got smashed by a Gargantuar.

He thought he could survive, but he did nut.

It was very sad.

My pal

Pal nuttin' to see here

My pal and I having a staring contest. You can see how tensed we both are.


That is me and my pal.

We're doing a staring contest.

I did nut win, but neither did he, why?

Because we gave up after neither of us had blinked for hours.

My baby picture

Baby to see here

As you can see, I am very smol. And ugly.


I found my old baby picture!

And I do nut like it.

I look terrible in that picture.

Who's the one that thought taking this picture was a good idea.

Still here?


So apparently you're still scrolling through my userpage.

Well, I guess I can actually go ahead and say some actual stuff about me.

My name is [I'm not telling you my name], and I was born in [I'm not telling you where I'm from] on [I'm not telling you when I was born, although very few already do know], and I am currently [I'm not telling you my age]. You shall never know my personal info... or will you?

I've started playing PvZ since 2009 (which is the year when the game was first released) as a kid, and it was officially my favourite game. I've also played PvZ2 and PvZH, although, I've now currently stopped playing all of these games because:

PvZ - Finished everything, all the levels, all the achievements, and I've nothing else to do.

PvZ2 - Finished all the levels, and got bored of the Arena feature, been collecting the Power Mints consistently till Bombard-mint, then stopped playing. I went back to play it to try out Penny's Pursuit when it got released, but, again, got bored of it, and only unlocked Hot Date and Explode-O-Nut during my playtime.

PvZH - Got bored of it eventually, specifically after the Colossal Fossils update.

I haven't played any GW games, as I'm not allowed by my parents to purchase any game-related content. I haven't played any Chinese vers. games either as I'm too lazy to try and find a way to download and play it, since I ain't from China.

I have known of this wiki for years before I even joined. The main reason why I joined the wiki after all those years though is because I wanted to correct a grammar mistake in Wall-nut's article that I found, but because I needed an account in order to edit, I made an account to fix it up. So yeah, I'm basically here on this wiki right now just because of a grammar mistake.

Why are you still here?

There's nuttin' else to see here, stop scrolling, and go explore someone else's userpage instead.

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