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  • I live in your shadow
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is Playing geometry dash
  • I am humaN

My not Plants vs. Zombies games

Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs.Zombies Heroes

My plants Ratings

Peashooter2 This user likes Peashooter.
Sunflower2 This user likes Sunflower.
Cherry Bomb2 This user likes Cherry Bomb.
Wall-nut2 This user hates Wall-nut.
Potato Mine2 This user likes Potato Mine.
Snow Pea2 This user likes Snow Pea.
Chomper2 This user hates Chomper.
Sun-shroom2 This user likes Sun-shroom.
Puff-shroom2 This user hates Puff-shroom.
Fume-shroom2 This user likes Fume-shroom.
Scaredy-shroom2 This user hates Scaredy-shroom.
Grave Buster2 This user likes Grave Buster.
Ice-shroom1 This user hates Ice-shroom.
Doom-shroom1 This user likes Doom-shroom.
Lily Pad2 This user likes Lily Pad.
Squash2 This user likes Squash.
Tangle Kelp2 This user likes Tangle Kelp.
Torchwood2 This user likes Torchwood.
Spikeweed2 This user hates Spikeweed.
Threepeater2 This user likes Threepeater.
Jalapeno2 This user likes Jalapeno.
Tall-nut2 This user likes Tall-nut.
Sea-shroom1 This user hates Sea-shroom.
Plantern2 This user hates Plantern.
Blover2 This user likes Blover.
Pumpkin2 This user likes Pumpkin.
Starfruit2 This user likes Starfruit.
Split Pea2 This user likes Split Pea.
Cactus2 This user likes Cactus.
Magnet-shroom2 This user likes Magnet-shroom.
Flower Pot1 This user likes Flower Pot.
Cabbage-pult2 This user likes Cabbage-pult.
Kernel-pult2 This user hates Kernel-pult.
Garlic2 This user hates Garlic.
Marigold2 This user hates Marigold.
Umbrella Leaf1 This user likes Umbrella Leaf.
Melon-pult2 This user likes Melon-pult.

My zombies Ratings

Mecha-Football Zombie2 This user hates Mecha-Football Zombie.
Disco-tron 30002 This user hates Disco-tron 3000.
Knight Zombie2 This user likes Knight Zombie.
Jester Zombie2 This user hates Jester Zombie.
Snorkel Zombie2 This user likes Snorkel Zombie.
Zombie Chicken2 This user hates Zombie Chicken.
Ra Zombie2 This user likes Ra Zombie.
Wizard Zombie2 This user hates Wizard Zombie.
Surfer Zombie2 This user hates Surfer Zombie.
Deep Sea Gargantuar2 This user hates Deep Sea Gargantuar.
Gargantuar Prime2 This user likes Gargantuar Prime.
Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 This user hates Chicken Wrangler Zombie.


Pyramid of Doom2 This user has completed 10 levels in the Pyramid of Doom.
Dead Man's Booty2 This user has completed 15 levels in Dead Man's Booty.
Terror from Tomorrow2 This user has completed 5 levels in Terror from Tomorrow.
Arthur's Challenge2 This user has completed 9 levels in Arthur's Challenge.
Big Bad Butte2 This user has completed 3 levels in Big Bad Butte.

pvz2 Plants in other website (not in pvz)


In ekosuwantoro's BFTHA (In

ID table

Level Numerical ID
Adventure Mode 0
Survival: Day 1
Survival: Night 2
Survival: Pool 3
Survival: Fog 4
Survival: Roof 5
Survival: Day (Hard) 6
Survival: Night (Hard) 7
Survival: Pool (Hard) 8
Survival: Fog (Hard) 9
Survival: Roof (Hard) 10
Survival: Day (Endless) 11
Survival: Night (Endless) 12
Survival: Endless 13
Survival: Fog (Endless) 14
Survival: Roof (Endless) 15
ZomBotany 16
Wall-nut Bowling 17
Slot Machine 18
It's Raining Seeds 19
Beghouled 20
Invisi-ghoul 21
Seeing Stars 22
Zombiquarium 23
Beghouled Twist 24
Big Trouble Little Zombie 25
Portal Combat 26
Column Like You See 'Em 27
Bobsled Bonanza 28
Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick 29
Whack a Zombie 30
Last Stand 31
ZomBotany 2 32
Wall-nut Bowling 2 33
Pogo Party 34
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge 35
Art Challenge Wall-nut 36
Sunny Day 37
Unsodded 38
Big Time 39
Art Challenge Sunflower 40
Air Raid 41
Ice Level 42
Zen Garden 43
High Gravity 44
Grave Danger 45
Can You Dig It? 46
Dark Stormy Night 47
Bungee Blitz 48
Squirrel 49
Tree of Wisdom 50
Vasebreaker 51
To the Left 52
Third Vase 53
Chain Reaction 54
M is for Metal 55
Scary Potter 56
Hokey Pokey 57
Another Chain Reaction 58
Ace of Vase 59
Vasebreaker Endless 60
I, Zombie 61
I, Zombie Too 62
Can You Dig It? 63
Totally Nuts 64
Dead Zeppelin 65
Me Smash! 66
ZomBoogie 67
Three Hit Wonder 68
All your brainz r belong to us 69
I, Zombie Endless 70
Upsell 71
Intro 72
Game crash 73 and above



My Story

Note:You're must watch these story on desktop or tablet.


Gargantuar2:Hey! Imp


Gargantuar2:Let's go in my trash.



Sunflower2:Prepare to defend!

Tall-nut2:Come only 1

Torchwood2:It's Gargantuar! It's not a zombie!

Tall-nut2:What's he being?

Torchwood2:He's a zombie in the legend!

Tall-nut2:Oops, you're said "zombie"



Sunflower2:We have twin Cob Cannons!

(A HUGE WAVE OF GARGANTUAR WILL APPROCRASING(Note:I write approcrasing wrong.))

Crazy Dave:I will use these lawn mowers!

(Crazy Dave using all lawn mowers.)

Tall-nut2:Phew, if Crazy Dave come slower, I'll die

Crazy Dave:I'll take you back to Zen Graden.

All except Crazy Dave:YAY!

All Plants:If you're cool me slower, we'll HOT!


Test Topic Don't watch it!!!



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