Plants vs. Zombies Wiki

Hey, it's your neighbor, MyNameIsMyNameIsMyNameIsMyName. You won't be seeing some cool flashy stuff here because I suck at coding. So if you want to see magic, I suggest you to go to other places instead.

My Plants vs. Zombies games

I have PvZ (done), the sequel (all done except for JM), its Chinese version (all done except JM and MD) and Plants vs. Zombies Heroes (currently on Mission 10 on both sides + usually Rank 30 on Multiplayer).

Where am I on the wiki?

  • Mainspace: I'd say I'm semi-active there. You may see me adding strategies, fixing grammar, etc.
  • Chat: Semi-active, again. I'm still there, just don't go there every day.
  • Forum: Active (kind of) on the PvZ2(C) and PvZH branches and semi-active on F&G Management, Reporting branches. If you see me not replying in a thread, don't think I'm not there. I'm everywhere.
  • Discord: Inactive. My browser doesn't let me go there.

List the X

Everything's in the name. Here is the schedule for this series:

  1. List the Users (Done)
  2. List the Plants (PvZ) (Ongoing)
  3. List the Zombies (PvZ) (Created by Microphone DJ 125, ongoing)
  4. List the Animals (Next)
  5. List the Food
  6. List the Countries
  7. List the Games
  8. List the Youtubers

More coming soon...