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I'm a retired user. That means I won't edit anymore. This was my userpage for most of my presence here. I think it should be kept as an archive of my contributions.

The actual userpage

hello and welcome to my profile

important stuff (or not)

Alive and Planting 1.png This user has made over 1000 edits on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.

Nobel Peas Prize.png This user has unlocked 33 out of 46 achievements in Plants vs. Zombies (free android version).
Second Life.png This user has beaten Adventure Mode 2 time(s).
Anon.jpg This user hates spammers and vandals.
IZombieTemplate.png This user has achieved a streak of 11 in I, Zombie: Endless.
LastStandEndlessTemplate.png This user has completed 14 flags in Last Stand: Endless.
SurvivalEndlessTemplate.png This user has completed 2 flags in Survival: Endless.
VaseBreakerTemplate.png This user has achieved a streak of 1 in Vasebreaker: Endless in Plants vs. Zombies.
ZenGarden.png This user has collected 32 Zen Garden plants.
PvZ soundtrack.png This user's favorite Song is Graze the Roof.

also, this user will never buy real money premiums

significant edits

created pages:

Actor Zombie, Plunger Zombie, Pigeon Feeder, Zombie Pigeon, Fog Machine Zombie, Chicken Wrangler (PvZ3), Zombie Chicken (PvZ3), Outhouse Zombie (PvZ3), Impfinity Clone (PvZ3), Glitter Zombie (PvZ3), Ballpark Frank, Zom-Blob (PvZ3), Zom-Blot, Zom-Booger, Firewall Zombie, Hot Dog Vendor, Crossing Guard, Robber Imp, Knight Zombie (PvZ: AS), Imp Monk Zombie (PvZ: AS), Imp Dragon Zombie (PvZ: AS), Bandit Zombie (PvZ: AS), Wizard Zombie (PvZ: AS), Jester Zombie (PvZ: AS), Imp Wolf (PvZ: AS)

major edit:

Dr. Zomboss (PvZ3), BBQ Beach, Heian Age - Day 6

my staff status

rollback since june 7th, 2020 to february 28th, 2022. im currently retired