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  • I live in Neon Mixtape Tour
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is Making this wiki a better place
  • I am Male
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Microphone DJ 125 (or MC DJ 125)
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Every forum thread, Fun and Games, last edited by me :P

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Welcome, User to my user page. Please enjoy.

MC ZOMB This user is an MC Zom-B of the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.
Don't bite microphones....and DJs.

Microphone DJ 125

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Microphone DJ 125 – As we approach the final months of 2016...
Hello, User! Welcome to my user page!
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Again, every Fun and Game thread last edited by me

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MC Zom-B2 This user's favorite jam is rap!
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Hair Metal Gargantuar2 This user's least favorite jam is metal!
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[[File:{{{plant1}}}{{{game1}}}.png|40px]] & [[File:{{{plant2}}}{{{game2}}}.png|40px]] This user's favorite plant duo is [[{{{plant1}}}|{{{plant1}}}]] and [[{{{plant2}}}|{{{plant2}}}]].
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[[File:{{{plant1}}}{{{game1}}}.png|40px]] & [[File:{{{plant2}}}{{{game2}}}.png|40px]] This user's favorite plant duo is [[{{{plant1}}}|{{{plant1}}}]] and [[{{{plant2}}}|{{{plant2}}}]].
[[File:{{{plant1}}}{{{game1}}}.png|40px]] & [[File:{{{plant2}}}{{{game2}}}.png|40px]] This user's favorite plant duo is [[{{{plant1}}}|{{{plant1}}}]] and [[{{{plant2}}}|{{{plant2}}}]].
[[File:{{{plant1}}}{{{game1}}}.png|40px]] & [[File:{{{plant2}}}{{{game2}}}.png|40px]] This user's favorite plant duo is [[{{{plant1}}}|{{{plant1}}}]] and [[{{{plant2}}}|{{{plant2}}}]].
PvZ2 This user has been playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 since January 2014.

Pirate Seas

Kernel-pult2 This user gives the Kernel-pult a 5.5/10 rating because his corn damage is so weak. But the butter along with the Plant Food effect is quite good.

Snapdragon2 This user gives the Snapdragon a 7/10 rating because nice way of attack. Plant Food effect is a killer. Cold Snapdragon though, is a beast.

Spikeweed2 This user gives the Spikeweed a 2.5/10 rating because he is simply weak.

Spring Bean2 This user gives the Spring Bean a 6.5/10 rating because he is only really useful in the Pirate Seas. But, its PF effect combined with Blover is destruction.

Coconut Cannon2 This user gives the Coconut Cannon a 6/10 rating because at least it's better than the Strawburst. Other wise, I don't use him often in general, but I can see it being a fair plant.

Threepeater2 This user gives the Threepeater a 5/10 rating because of a high sun cost and not really much damage dealt. Can be a good level starter though.

Spikerock2 This user gives the Spikerock a 6.5/10 rating because I honestly see nothing VERY special about it, but hey, at least it's better than the Spikeweed.

Cherry Bomb2 This user gives the Cherry Bomb a 8/10 rating because he's quite good. Grapeshot is better though.

Wild West

Split Pea2 This user gives the Split Pea a 5/10 rating because I really don't know how to rank it. I'll just give him half.

Chili Bean2 This user gives the Chili Bean a 5/10 rating because I don't use him often, and it's only good for beginning levels in my opinion.

Lightning Reed2 This user gives the Lightning Reed a 3/10 rating because his damage is SO WEAK. Good for chickens though.

Tall-nut2 This user gives the Tall-nut a 6/10 rating because he has very high health.

Pea Pod2 This user gives the Pea Pod a 5.5/10 rating because it doesn't differ from a normal peashooter, only if it can have all 5 heads when planted immediately...

Melon-pult2 This user gives the Melon-pult a 8/10 rating because it's damage is not bad, but the sun cost though...

Winter Melon2 This user gives the Winter Melon a 9/10 rating because everything about it is good apart from it's high sun cost. .

Far Future

Laser Bean2 This user gives the Laser Bean a 7.5/10 rating because he has an uneasy sun cost, and his firing rate, oh my god, so slow.

Blover2 This user gives the Blover a 10/10 rating because 1) Blows away ALL flying zombies? AWESOMENESS. 2) Phenomenal with Spring Bean.

Citron2 This user gives the Citron a 6.5/10 rating because he takes a long time to suck in his plasma. His PF effect is not bad though.

E.M.Peach2 This user gives the E.M.Peach a 4.5/10 rating because he only works with machines, and his recharge time is not ideal.

Infi-nut2 This user gives the Infi-nut a 8.5/10 rating because 1) Can regenerate; 2) Easy sun cost; although 3) His recharge time is a bit slower than expected though.

Magnifying Grass2 This user gives the Magnifying Grass a 5.5/10 rating because it needs 50 SUN for shooting? Nah. Also, I don't use this guy often.

Tile Turnip2 This user gives the Tile Turnip a 6/10 rating because although I don't use it often, this combined with PF effects from powerful plants is not a bad idea.

Dark Ages

Sun-shroom2 This user gives the Sun-shroom a 9.5/10 rating because it's the second best sun producer.

Puff-shroom2 This user gives the Puff-shroom a 3.5/10 rating because 1)Such a short range, 2) Also a time limit, no thanks., 3) Its PF is probably the only reason why I even game him a number higher than 0.

Fume-shroom2 This user gives the Fume-shroom a 5/10 rating because it's ok, I guess. I loved it when it was buffed for that short period.

Sun Bean2 This user gives the Sun Bean a 5.5/10 rating because it's only good for zombies with high health. I may only use him on the machined zombies.

Magnet-shroom2 This user gives the Magnet-shroom a 7/10 rating because he is not really that bad!

Big Wave Beach

Lily Pad2 This user gives the Lily Pad a 5.5/10 rating because it's only usable in BWB (of course). Well, at least better than Tangle Kelp for a start.

Tangle Kelp2 This user gives the Tangle Kelp a 4.5/10 rating because 1) Only ok in BWB, 2) Recharge speed is too slow.

Bowling Bulb2 This user gives the Bowling Bulb a 7/10 rating because I only like him for the blue, orange and charged bulbs. Also, a rather uneasy sun cost.

Guacodile2 This user gives the Guacodile a 6.5/10 rating because he's not that bad but I don't use him much.

Banana Launcher2 This user gives the Banana Launcher a 8/10 rating because huge damage, but high sun cost.

Frostbite Caves

Hot Potato2 This user gives the Hot Potato a 3/10 rating because 1) Only in Frostbite Caves, 2) Slow Recharge.

Pepper-pult2 This user gives the Pepper-pult a 6.5/10 rating because he is not so cheap but damage is fair.

Chard Guard2 This user gives the Chard Guard a 7.5/10 rating because he is way better than Spring Bean.

Stunion2 This user gives the Stunion a 6/10 rating because he's not that bad, but I don't use him often. Good stunning ability

Rotobaga2 This user gives the Rotobaga a 4/10 rating because not that good. Starfruit is better.

Lost City

Red Stinger2 This user gives the Red Stinger a 7/10 rating because nice ability for offence and defence.

A.K.E.E.2 This user gives the A.K.E.E. a 7/10 rating because nice bouncing ability.

Endurian2 This user gives the Endurian a 5/10 rating because he is weak.

Stallia2 This user gives the Stallia a 7/10 rating because nice ability to slow zombies down, especially groups.

Gold Leaf2 This user gives the Gold Leaf a 6/10 rating because slow recharge + exclusive to Lost City.

Neon Mixtape Tour

Phat Beet2 This user gives the Phat Beet a 9/10 rating because he does awesome radial damage.

Celery Stalker2 This user gives the Celery Stalker a 7/10 rating because although he attacks as an awesome backstab, he can be really vulnerable to eating while doing his attack, especially in groups of zombies.

Thyme Warp2 This user gives the Thyme Warp a 9.5/10 rating because he is AWESOME. I gave him 9.5 because he is world exclusive unfortunately.

Garlic2 This user gives the Garlic a 5/10 rating because needs higher health. Also, its costumes look ugly.

Spore-shroom2 This user gives the Spore-shroom a 7.5/10 rating because although I don't tend to use him much, he has a pretty cool ability of spawning new versions of itself when defeating a zombie. Its damage can be higher though.

Intensive Carrot2 This user gives the Intensive Carrot a 8.5/10 rating because only useful for powerful plants. Awesome ability of being able to bring back boosts of plants back when reviving. Sadly, only revives defence plants in half-stage...

Jurassic Marsh

Modern Day

Moonflower2 This user gives the Moonflower a 7/10 rating because Primal Sunflower is forever the best sun producer. Boosts Shadow abilities though.

Nightshade2 This user gives the Nightshade a 5/10 rating because he doesn't seem good at all.

Shadow-shroom2 This user gives the Shadow-shroom a 8/10 rating because a well better Chili Bean, awesome.

Dusk Lobber2 This user gives the Dusk Lobber a 7/10 rating because a seemingly better plant than Threepeater.

Grimrose2 This user gives the Grimrose a 5/10 rating because a land version of a sucky plant is not necessary.

Premium Plants

Snow Pea2 This user gives the Snow Pea a 4.5/10 rating because he is not really useful, although he IS the only plant that can slow down Zombie Chickens...

Squash2 This user gives the Squash a 7/10 rating because although a rather slow recharge, he can be powerful to zombie hordes.

Torchwood2 This user gives the Torchwood a 7/10 rating because nice ability to turn peas into fire peas and napalm peas. 175 sun though...

Jalapeno2 This user gives the Jalapeno a 6.5/10 rating because it has a rather slow recharge. Also, it only affects a lane. Nothing much.

Imitater2 This user gives the Imitater a N/A/10 rating because it's a cool plant. Otherwise, the rating depends on the plant being imitated.

Starfruit2 This user gives the Starfruit a 10/10 rating because it shoots five directions, better than the Rotobaga. Also, it's very Starfruity 😜

Hypno-shroom2 This user gives the Hypno-shroom a 6/10 rating because it has a powerful PF effect. Otherwise, it's only powerful for strong zombies that can EAT it.

Chomper2 This user gives the Chomper a 1/10 rating because it simply sucks.

Cactus2 This user gives the Cactus a 9/10 rating because he has an awesome ability to pierce its projectiles through zombies as well as hiding underground when zombies are near, compared to its counterpart in the first game.

Power Lily2 This user gives the Power Lily a 6/10 rating because of its recharge though...

Pea-nut2 This user gives the Pea-nut a 6/10 rating because it has a slow recharge, and not very high health.

Sap-fling2 This user gives the Sap-fling a 2.5/10 rating because it's uselss. I'd rather spend 0 sun on slowing down a group of zombies with Stallia...seriously, this thing doesn't even do damage, and a 150 sun cost? No.

Toadstool2 This user gives the Toadstool a 4/10 rating because at least it's better than the dreadful Chomper...

Strawburst2 This user gives the Strawburst a 5/10 rating because it takes too long to grow to its full size. Use Coconut Cannon instead.

Electric Blueberry2 This user gives the Electric Blueberry a 6/10 rating because although a phenomenal attack, it's too random, it has a very slow recharge and costs US $7?!

Jack O' Lantern2 This user gives the Jack O' Lantern a 5.5/10 rating because it's not really that good...

Grapeshot2 This user gives the Grapeshot a 10/10 rating because he is an AWESOME upgrade to the Cherry Bomb. But why the US $7?

Cold Snapdragon2 This user gives the Cold Snapdragon a 10/10 rating because 1) Fast recharge; 2) Doesn't cost US $7; 3) OP PF effect, what else can you ask for?

Ghost Pepper2 This user gives the Ghost Pepper a 7.5/10 rating because the damage it deals is not very high, but it can't be eaten and it costs gems.

Homing Thistle2 This user gives the Homing Thistle a 4/10 rating because its attacks are very random.

Sweet Potato2 This user gives the Sweet Potato a 5.5/10 rating because I only find it good with one-lane AOE plants.

Hurrikale2 This user gives the Hurrikale a 7/10 rating because I like its ability to chill and push back zombies. Too bad it couldn't have a whole-lawn range.

Fire Peashooter2 This user gives the Fire Peashooter a 7/10 rating because it's useful for thawing plants in the Frostbite Caves. Good Plant Food as well. Just a rather uneasy sun cost.

Dandelion2 This user gives the Dandelion a 3/10 rating because it is simply not my favourite at all.

Lava Guava2 This user gives the Lava Guava a 6/10 rating because it is okaay, not bad and not good.

Jack O' Lantern2 This user gives the Jack O' Lantern a 7/10 rating because it is a nice plant, but it could be better if tapping wasn't required.

Shrinking Violet2 This user gives the Shrinking Violet a 7.5/10 rating because it is great against small imps and animals.

Blooming Heart2 This user gives the Blooming Heart a 4/10 rating because it is just a slightly better Cabbage-pult.

Escape Root2 This user gives the Escape Root a 8/10 rating because I love its ability to swop plants and be able to be an explosive.

Gold Bloom2 This user gives the Gold Bloom a 10/10 rating because Holy s**t, the best sun producer! 0 sun, usable at the start of a level, giving 375 sun. Wow.

Electric Currant2 This user gives the Electric Currant a 1/10 rating because it's useless.

Aloe2 This user gives the Aloe a 1/10 rating because it's useless.

Wasabi Whip2 This user gives the Wasabi Whip a 7/10 rating because it's an upgrade of Bonk Choy. It's decent as well. If only there could have been an ice version....

Explode-O-Nut2 This user gives the Explode-O-Nut a 9/10 rating because it's fantastic. Gargantuar walks in, saying "you ain't no special nut..." and when he smashes it, boom. When he smashes the shield, boom. Maybe faster recharge would be preferred though.

Kiwibeast2 This user gives the Kiwibeast a 8/10 rating because it's special. The more the damage, the bigger it gets?! That's very unique.

Bombegranate2 This user gives the Bombegranate a 7/10 rating because it's really just a cross of Cherry Bomb and Lava Guava. But it's decent.

Apple Mortar2 This user gives the Apple Mortar a 4/10 rating because it sucks.

Witch Hazel2 This user gives the Witch Hazel a 6/10 rating because it's a plant version of Wizard, sure, but attack rate sucks, real money cost sucks, and the plants they transform zombies to suck.

Pyramid of Doom2 This user has completed 54 levels in the Pyramid of Doom.
Dead Man's Booty2 This user has completed 37 levels in Dead Man's Booty.
Big Bad Butte2 This user has completed 75 levels in Big Bad Butte.
Terror from Tomorrow2 This user has completed 39 levels in Terror from Tomorrow.
Arthur's Challenge2 This user has completed 39 levels in Arthur's Challenge.
Tiki Torch-er2 This user has completed 34 levels in Tiki Torch-er.
Icebound Battleground2 This user has completed 48 levels in Icebound Battleground.
Temple of Bloom2 This user has completed 87 levels in the Temple of Bloom.
Greatest Hits2 This user has completed 51 levels in the Greatest Hits.
LBT Icon Transparent This user has completed 29 levels in the La Brainsa Tarpits.
Highway to the Danger Room2 This user has completed 46 levels in Highway to the Danger Room.
PvZ worldAE
PvZ worldPS
PvZ worldWW
PvZ worldFC
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YesYAncient Egypt YesYPirate Seas YesYWild West YesYFrostbite Caves YesYLost City YesYFar Future
PvZ worldDA
PvZ worldNMT
PvZ worldJM
PvZ worldBWB
PvZ worldMD
YesYDark Ages YesYNeon Mixtape Tour YesYJurassic Marsh YesYBig Wave Beach YesYModern Day
Favorite One!

Primal Potato Mine2

Useful Ones!

Thyme Warp2 Grapeshot2 Gold Bloom2 Shadow-shroom2 Jack O' Lantern2 Explode-O-Nut2Cold Snapdragon2

Don't like

Chomper2 Aloe2

Coolest One!

MC Zom-B2

Cool Guys!

Punk Zombie2 Breakdancer Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Tomb Raiser Zombie2 Dodo Rider Zombie2 Robo-Cone Zombie2Balloon Zombie2

Most Hated

Wizard Zombie2 Surfer Zombie2

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Best of the Best!
Official HD MC Zom-B
  • PrimitivePotatoMine - A very nice user, and we started off as friends on March 13, 2016. Then, meeting each other on forums and on chat more often, we became best friends gradually around the beginning to middle of August, 2016. As of Monday, 22 August 2016, he has become one of my best of the best friends on the wiki. I also like the PPM. :P
  • Nick Archer - As well as PPM, a very nice content moderator, and he became my "associate of battle games" on Monday, 25th July. We became friends during summer of 2016, and as of Monday, 22 August 2016, he became one of my best of the best friends on the wiki. I'm decent with archery too. :P
Best Friends
Explode-o-nut HD
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Official HD Thyme Warp
  • ThisUserLikesOreo - The top user on the wiki and helps a lot. Pity he demoted himself.
  • RodimusPrimeHans-Cuff210 - A participant in BOTU 2.
  • Dung Dinh Anh - Like his forum game, WWWTP.
  • Someone456 - A b-crat ranked #2 on the wiki, maintains its good shape.
  • Phantom of Ra - I used to help him with chinese translations and he was my assistant for BOTU 1.
  • BF10 - A good admin, and he's nice.
  • Evergreen Gaming - We made a counting group with Happy-shroom. A good user in general otherwise.
  • DatDramaPlant - An active forum mod who often assists me in counting in the forum.
  • WintahMhelon18 - A good friend and former rollback. Also a filipino.
  • Electric Plants - A very good and friendly former bureaucrat.
  • EpicGamer23468 - An active counter on the count to x before x threads which I unfortunately do not participate in anymore due to it being rather boring. A good forum mod as well.
  • Camwood777 - A nice forum mod. I helped him out with his issue with Pink.
  • Plant Protecter - A friendly admin with excellent grammar who also participates in my Find the Error thread.
  • Happy-shroom - Requested to be friends. An active counter on the forums.
  • Fairy27 - Seems nice, and an active participant in gameplay threads, which are currently dead.
  • Brainulator9 -Humorous user.
Kiwibeast HD
Met on chat
  • Charmande red321 - Met on chat, but she doesn't seem to go on often anymore. Also a friendly person.
  • Elemec - Mainly met on chat.
  • Lily8763cp - Share the same opinions about the separation war for some PvZ2 premiums. Furthermore a nice user.
  • Vebros - A friendly user who I met in chat.
  • RdHeaven - Another friendly user who I met in chat.
  • InsertSun - A nice user who I met on chat. And almost got him mixed up with IYNH.
  • Coollittlepeashooter - A nice, occasionally too playful former discussion mod.
  • Zambiealex - Sometimes too overreacting, however he has changed from the past.

4 words to describe how I came here: I love the game. (Written on Sept 27 2016) Due to the current shortage of admins (it is increasing but the more the better), I'll push myself to attempt a thread for the position in the starting months of 2017. And I did. I was once a forum moderator (or discussion moderator if I remember correctly) however due to school I stopped playing and became slightly inactive. I do hop on the wiki now and again to see what's coming in future updates, but things that I will likely not do include running for a staff position again, or actively playing the game.

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So, I started the sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2, in the beginning of 2014. I was introduced to this game by a friend of mine. After playing for around one year, I found this game extremely cool and interesting. I was just searching around the world-wide web to find if there was a website to give all information on the game, and I found this wiki. When I saw this wiki, I was surprised to see how much information this wiki provides. I decided to make an account here, I called myself 'Imacherrybombyay125', because I like Cherry Bombs and I was born on December 5. I was firstly inactive for the first one and a half months, but later on, I remembered I had an account here, and I started editing. When Neon Mixtape Tour Side A came out, I loved the MC Zom-B, so I decided to rename myself into 'Microphone DJ 125'. I tried to apply for a staff member 5 times, but all tries failed. I was sad. But luckily, I made various friends here, playing around on chat and also the Forum of Wisdom. I have lots of friends here, who help me with various things. This wiki is awesome, and I hope some day for this wiki to become popular on the world-wide web. However, as 2017 arrived, I gradually lost interest in the game, which, I know, is pretty weird, considering that the level-up plants system has been released. Anyway, if any staff (contend mod or higher) reads through this section, please mark me as "partially active", as I do come around every now and then (as I said in the above section).

Note: The battle stuff below will be kept on my user page in case anyone wants to create it. I will only revive the series if I become active again.

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During the event of a battle, one user may call out STEAL!, Counting Catastrophe (3-14x), IMMOBILISER, SVSN, ESCAPE, IWC, CP, REVERSE FLOW, or UNDO.


All Battle Features, with the exception of Reverse Flow, will receive a huge nerf during October 2016, and won't be able to be used until November 1, 2016, also known as the 2.4 update. Some battle features may be removed or added However, the following will be guaranteed to be kept:

  • Steals and Escapes
  • Counting Catastrophe and Immobilisers
  • Shrinking Violet's Small Numbers
  • Intense Wipeout Counting and Crazy Protocol
  • Reverse Flow and Undo

Please note that if there are 2 or more battle features in one row (above), that means that the latter is used to counter the former, OR that they both come in pairs. However, just because they are meant to be together DOES NOT MEAN that they will be both used in a same battle.

Trivia regarding Battle Features, as of the 2.4 update

  • EMERGENCY was removed.
  • STEAL rules were changed, credits to Happy-shroom.
  • UNDO was added.

**Please note that, unless requested, Battle of the Users will always have a theme tied to it.


A steal is when one user gains the ability to steal another user in the opposite counting team.


  • E.G. I steal TULO. TULO MUST count for our team, and not wait until his steal is over.
  • TULO is not allowed to steal ANYONE back, and must do nothing apart from helping my team. However, stolen users can use WSN as a slight advantage.
  • Steals now no longer are based on time, but are based on quantity. For a detailed explanation of what this means, look below.
  • As of the 2.4 update, Steals won't last for an amount of time, but will rather be based on how many numbers the stolen user counts. The stolen user must count 20 numbers for the opponent team. This is due to people being busy and not being online when their steals are in session.
  • IMMOBILIZERs do not apply to steals. Instead, use ESCAPEs.
  • Formula: STEAL! User
  • You are (only) allowed to steal up to 1 user(s) now.
  • 2 steals per day in general.
  • ESCAPEs can apply to steals, but can only be used when 30 or less points from the opposing team winning.

2.4 Update released. Currently unavailable until N/A.

Official HD Phat Beet
Counting Catastrophe
Official HD Thyme Warp


Counting Catastrophe allows you, between the time limits of every first 10 minutes of every hour (i.e. 1:00am - 1:10am, 2:00am - 2:10am, etc. ) to post 3-14 numbers consecutively, all numbers in one post. CC stands for Counting Catastrophe. You can only use 4 CC per day. Please note that the CC range is from 3 numbers to 14 numbers.  

CC lasts for one post. 

You must type out the following formula in order for a CC to work, I'll use a random number as an EXAMPLE

Counting Catastrophe (10x) = 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98

Please note that you can post twice consecutively for CC

**On Public Holidays (in HK), time limits increase to: every first 20 minutes of every hour HKT.

2.4 update released. Currently unavailable until N/A

Official HD Phat Beet
Official HD Thyme Warp

Immobilizer is a feature added to battles on Saturday, 26 Sept, 2015. It allows you to stop any other user, from the opposing team, from doing the same thing (e.g. CC). Immobilizers can be used at any time. They last for 1 hour. This battle feature is used to counter CCs.

E.G. I say Counting Catastrophe (10x) = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

AWikiBoy521 then says Counting Catastrophe (10x) = 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0

I can then say... IMMOBILIZER to AWikiBoy521!

He is now prohibited from using a counting catastrophe for 1 hours.

2.4 update unreleased. Currently unavailable until N/A

Official HD Phat Beet
Official HD Thyme Warp

Escape is a feature added to battles on Thursday, 12 Nov, 2015. ESCAPE!

Escapes allow you to prevent yourself from being stolen. However..........Escapes only work if you are 30 or less points from your opposing team winning. You can use them unlimited times a day. For the formula, just type escape in caps, like this: ESCAPE! 2.4 Update released. Currently unavailable until N/A

Official HD Phat Beet
Shrinking Violet's Small Numbers
Official HD Thyme Warp

Shrinking VIolet's Small Numbers is a feature added to battles on Thursday, 12 Nov, 2015.

Shrinking Violet's Small Numbers (or SVSN) allows you to make everyone (including yourself) to count 0.5 E.g.

Me: 5 AWB: 4 Me: WSN! 4.5 AWB: 4

Lasts for one hour. Only 2 WSN usable per day (HKT). 2.4 update released. Currently unavailable until N/A

Official HD Phat Beet
Battle of the User Themes
Official HD Thyme Warp

Note: A * means the theme is unconfirmed.

Battle of the Users

Battle 1: Battle of the Users (Done)

Battle 2.1: Battle of the Users: The Petrifying Sequel (Done)

Battle 2.2: Battle of the Users: The Pertifying Sequel (Part II) (Done)

Battle 3: Battle of the Users 3: Jungle Jim (Done)

Battle 4: Battle of the Users 4: Solar Spaceship (Done)

Battle 5: Battle of the Users 5: Time Travel (Done)

Battle 6: Battle of the Users 6: Wild Grassland Safari (Done)

Battle 7: Battle of the Users 7: Volcanic Vast (Done)

Battle 8: Battle of the Users 8: Underwater Adventure (Done)

Battle 9: Battle of the Users 9: Radical Music Tech (Done)

Battle 10: Battle of the Users 10: Scorched Desert (Done)

Battle 11: Battle of the Users 11: Botanical Beach (Done)

Battle 12: Battle of the Users 12 (Final Edition) : City Skyline (Done)

Battle of the Users Season 2

Battle of the Users, Season 2 is the sequel to Battle of the Users. BOTU 2 is much more complicated with new battle features and interesting themes. Of course, battle features from season 1 will also be implemented in season 2. BOTU 2 was released on June 9, with its educational premiere. New battle features include:

  • Crazy Protocol (basically a lite version of IWC): I call out specific numbers (multiples) to be omitted in counting, if counted, have to start 20 numbers behind current one.
  • Undo: Undo Reverse Flow.
  • Intense Wipeout Counting: A complicated version of Crazy Protocol. I call out VERY random numbers to be omitted in counting, if counted, have to start 10 numbers behind current one.
  • Reverse Flow: Users counting up count down, and users counting down count up. All steals immediately expire if reverse flow is called in. Reverse Flow lasts for an hour. Formula: Reverse Flow! Introduced in Battle 7 in BOTU 2.
  • Environmental Modifiers: Introduced in Battle 5 of BOTU 2. They can trigger on and off battle features.

New themes include:

The following have been scrapped;

  • Christmas Sunset Honeymoon
  • Japanese Temples
  • Industrial Manufacture
  • Petrifying Pentagon (named after the building, The Pentagon)
  • New Year 2017 Special: Crazy Casino
  • Season 2 finale: Plants vs. Zombies (Team version of ZvZA)

Note: As of January 1, 2017, MC Zom-B decided to only have 7 episodes of BOTU 2 due to studies. The remaining themes may or may not be used in Season 3, or a very highly unlikely Season 4 of BOTU.

Battle of the Users, Season 3

The 3rd season of the popular series, BOTU, was found in the MC Zom-B files. As of January 21st, 2017, we found out that the release date was pushed all the way to the end of the year. However, there are signs that this is a "false discovery", which means that somebody may have hacked into the files and added the info in. We suspect this because the files don't look like the files from BOTU 1 and 2. They should be file_Battle_Users_3_:/_specials_ .... . However, down below they are not like that. Compare the two. file_Battle_of_the_Users_3_//_release_year_end_2017 file_BOTU3_feature_//_place_around_the_world file_BOTU3_feature_//_natural_hazards file_BOTU3_finale_//_plants_vs_zombies_2 file_BOTU3_official_no_of_episodes_8 file_BOTU3_power_or_boosts_//_combine_features file_BOTU3_final_season_//_end_of_series Found in the code as of November 1st 2016, it appears the Season 3 finale will be based off a count race along with dealing damage. Furthermore, the official number of episodes was revealed to be 8. file_BOTU3_finale_//_plants_vs_zombies_2_count_race file_BOTU3_finale_//_count_race_deal_damage

As of April 4th 2017, MC Zom-B announced that Battle of the Users 3 would be delayed for at least 1 year due to inactivity and studies.

As of August 14th 2018, MC Zom-B announced that unless he actively returns to the PvZ Wiki, all battles in the codes will not be used and there will not be a Season 3.

As of August 26th, 2019, MC Zom-B hinted a possible return to the PvZ wiki in the far future but had no plants currently. He also stated he has started to play some PvZ2 again after a few years' break, where he focussed on one of Supercell's newest games Brawl Stars. "I might bring back BOTU if I return but we'll see."

New themes were recently found in the code as of 24th April, 2016.

  • Mad Mexico
  • Wild Africa
  • Exotic Earthquake
  • Violent Volcano
  • Terrorizing Tsunami
  • Emergen-sea Landing
  • Australian Outback
  • Season Finale: Plants vs. Zombies 2

Battle of the Users Season 4

On a conference on March 17, 2017, MC Zom-B hinted a possible yet highly unlikely Season 4. "I cancelled episodes of Season 2 and delayed Season 3 big time due to studies. I may not even release Season 3 of BOTU, but if I do it'll be regarding natural hazards and disasters. I may have time for a Season 4 in the future, though it is highly unlikely, as I may have completely retired from the BOTU department. However, if Season 4 does happen, it'll be released after 2020, and will be more intense than ever, featuring some roleplays and action. Movie characters such as Tom Cruise may even take part. Who knows. Users should expect no new BOTUs or battles for 2017. " In an interview in early August 2018, MC Zom-B stated that he will no longer run battles unless he returns actively. He also said that anyone could feel free to resume battles. In an interview in late August 2019, MC Zom-B hinted a potential return to the Plants vs. Zombies wiki in the future but also stated he had no plans yet.

Battle of the Users - Challenge Mode

Battle of the Users - Challenge Mode is an another twist of the original BOTU, which will contain Complicated Counting (will be presented in BOTU Season 2) and Super Complicated Counting (currently unused). And because of that, this mode is for those who's getting bored with the original BOTU and also, for testing your skills. Also, there are no enemies in Challenge Mode.

Challenge 1: Day Countin' (Done)
Challenge 2: Defense! Defense! (Done)
Challenge 3: Racing Battle (Done)
Challenge 4: Best Hit Combos (First Super Complicated Battle, locked)
Challenge 5: Double the Trouble (Done
BOSS Challenge 1: Mission Complicatable (Coming soon)
Challenge 6: Treasure Quest (Locked)
Challenge 7: Maze Trapped (Locked)
Challenge 8: Things Around (Coming soon)
Challenge 9: Number Increasation (Coming soon)
Challenge 10: Go for the Random! (Coming soon)
BOSS Challenge 2: Find the Exit! (Coming soon)
Challenge 11: The Chase (Coming soon)
Challenge 12: Random Boosts (Coming soon)
Challenge 13: Multiple Choices (Concept)

As of January 1, 2017, Challenge Mode BOTUs were scrapped.

Official HD Phat Beet
Dinosaur Battles
Official HD Thyme Warp

Here is a following list of dinosaur battles, yet to be released:

  1. Raptor vs. Stegosaurus (Timed out)
  2. Raptor vs. Pterodactyl (Done)
  3. Raptor vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex (Timed out)
  4. Raptor vs. Ankylosaurus (Done)
  5. Stegosaurus vs. Pterodactyl (Done)
  6. Stegosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex (Done)
  7. Stegosaurus vs. Ankylosaurus (Done)
  8. Pterodactyl vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex (scrapped)
  9. Pterodactyl vs. Ankylosaurus (scrapped)
  10. Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus (scrapped)

As of January 1, 2017, 3 episodes of upcoming dinosaur battles were scrapped.

Official HD Phat Beet
Three users
Official HD Thyme Warp

Three users (consisting of Evergreen Gaming, Happy-shroom and me) will be versing everyone on the PvZ wiki. Do you have what it takes to beat us? Find out on our threads!

Official HD Phat Beet
Battle of the Worlds
Official HD Thyme Warp

Here is a list of World and EZ Battles, yet to be released:

  1. Dark Ages vs. Modern Day (Done)
  2. Big Wave Beach vs. Highway to the Danger Room (Done)
  3. Ancient Egypt vs. Frostbite Caves (Done)
  4. Icebound Battleground vs. Temple of Bloom (done)
  5. Greatest hits vs. Highway to the danger room (Done)
  6. Neon Mixtape Tour vs. Arthur's Challenge (done)
  7. Pirate Seas vs. Terror from Tomorrow (done)
  8. Big Bad Butte vs. Pyramid of Doom (done)
  9. Jurassic Marsh vs. Modern Day (November release)
  10. Dead Man's Booty vs. Wild West
  11. Greatest Hits vs. Arthur's Challenge
  12. Icebound Battleground vs. Pyramind of Doom

As of January 1, 2017, MC Zom-B announced that world and Endless Zone battles would be delayed for an unknown time.

Witch Hazelq
Witch Hazelq

Announcements regarding battles, personal promotion threads, activity and special events will be put here.

  • January: General inactivity, however may come to the wiki occasionally.
  • February: Inactivity.
  • March: Inactivity
  • April: Inactivity
  • May: Inactivity
  • June: Inactivity

Crushed plants
The Hair Metal Gargantuar would be happy to have a sonic blast. Don't let any hair metal gargantuars smash your plants in [[Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 16
Rewards: Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 16]]. pts


Swashbuckle the swashbucklers
Don't use any Blovers, Hurrikales or defence plants Pirate Seas - Day 15.
Rewards: 75 pts


Lucky Blover
Use Blover to fly away zombies kicked by stegosauruses or raptors.
Rewards: 100 pts


Easy puff
Only use Puff-shrooms to complete any level.
Rewards: 90 pts


Microphone Incontrollable Protocol!
Let the MC Zom-Bs ruin your defence and lose the level XD!
Rewards: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pts



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