Level 1

You're in Dr. Zomboss's fortress and there are two doors. There are two zombie guards. One of them is hypnotized. The hypnotized zombie tells the truth and the normal zombie lies. There are also two doors, one of them an exit and the other a trap. In ONE QUESTION figure out the correct door. No cheating! In addition, the zombies answer in a language in which "Bal" and "Da" are the words for yes and no, but you don't know which is which.

  • NB 1: You can't "ask the one who lies etc" as you don't know who lies.
  • NB 2: You're not trying to figur out which one lies. You're trying to figure out whic door is safe.
  • NB 3: Remember: Either "Bal" means yes and "Da" means no, OR "Da" means yes and "Bal" means no. You don't know which is which.
Basic Zombie2

Level 2

This time, you have three questions but you need the complete information of the problem. Find out which door, which zombie is friendly, and what "Da" means. And the rule is, it must be impossible to deduce any of it from one of the questions alone. (So, asking the answer to Level 1 won't work, as you'll know the door just from that question.)

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