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Magicwaterz – Beware of anger meltdowns...
Replayed the entire game again because old progress couldn't be retrieved said by EACSR. Changes I've noticed, nerfed pre-planted Lily Pads, nerfed Potato Mine, and BWB nerfed???
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Magicwaterz – Beware of anger meltdowns...

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Magicwaterz – Beware of anger meltdowns...
Stats for the Towers, Enemies, and Items for my TD game: Newest:

Happy Halloween 2014!

About me

I am Magicwaterz. I happen to be here to aid in the development in this wiki.

I also make a comic about PvZ in my deviantArt account that took place after the story of PvZ, though it is currently in hiatus.

My favorite plant of all is the Doom-shroom due to its color scheme and the way it is described in its almanac.

My favorite zombie is Jack-in-the-box Zombie because the way it shivers...

I also like to play certain platform games like Mario, Mario Kart, RPGs like Pokemon, Tower Defense games, and some PopCap games. The first three games were played on an emulator, I have yet to officially buy one.

Currently, I am working on a Tower Defense game done using Game Maker Studio: Standard.

  • This tower defense game is tentatively called as Legend of Encaderons.
  • Features ~46 Towers, more will be added if the layout changes.
  • It is still currently on its early stages, again.

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Thanks PvZA

Thanks PvZA. You had your run...

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My Favorite Plants and Zombies



My version of Plants vs. Zombies

I had a PC version of Plants vs. Zombies.

I had an account for Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.

I also have an Android version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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