aka Blindspot

  • I live in Central City
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is Ice Cream Taster (haha my life is better than yours)
  • I am Male

I've been playing PvZ since 2012 and have been in love with it since. My PvZ2 user is FLAMEGAMES and my PvZ2 Garden Warfare 2 is Aurora.

Games I Own

I own Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies DS, Plants vs. Zombies 2, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, Garden Warfare 2, and Garden Warfare '3'. I plan on getting Plants vs. Zombies 3 as soon as possible.

Progress in PVZ2

Ancient Egypt 100%

Pirate Seas 100%

Wild West 100%

Frostbite Caverns 100%

Lost City 100%

Far Future 100%

Dark Ages 100%

Neon Mixtape Tour 100%

Jurassic Marsh 100%

Big Wave Beach 18.75%

Modern Day 26.47%

Plant Levels

Peashooter Lv. 7

Sunflower Lv. 6

Wall-nut Lv. 9

Potato Mine Lv. 3

Cabbage-pult Lv. 4

Ancient Egypt

Bloomerang Lv. 6

Iceberg Lettuce Lv. 10

Grave Buster Lv. 2

Bonk Choy Lv. 4

Repeater Lv. 5

Twin Sunflower Lv. 4

Pirate Seas

Kernel-pult Lv. 3

Snapdragon Lv. 7

Spikeweed Lv. 4

Spring Bean Lv. 3

Coconut Cannon Lv. 8

Threepeater Lv. 5

Spikerock Lv. 9

Cherry Bomb Lv. 4

Wild West

Split Pea Lv. 2

Chili Bean Lv. 3

Pea Pod Lv. 2

Lightning Reed Lv. 5

Melon-pult Lv. 6

Tall-nut Lv. 6

Winter Melon Lv. 2

Frostbite Caves

Hot Potato Lv. 5

Pepper-pult Lv. 3

Chard Guard Lv. 4

Stunion Lv. 2

Rotobaga Lv. 3

Lost City

Red Stinger Lv. 4

A.K.E.E. Lv. 5

Endurian Lv. 8

Stallia Lv. 2

Gold Leaf Lv. 1

Far Future

Laser Bean Lv. 3

Blover Lv. 3

Citron Lv. 5

E.M. Peach Lv. 2

Infi-nut Lv. 6

Magnifying Grass Lv. 3

Tile Turnip Lv. 2

Dark Ages

Sun-shroom Lv. 7

Puff-shroom Lv. 2

Fume-shroom Lv. 3

Sun Bean Lv. 4

Magnet-shroom Lv. 7

Neon Mixtape Tour

Phat Beet Lv. 3

Celery Stalker Lv. 3

Thyme Warp Lv. 4

Garlic Lv. 2

Spore-shroom Lv. 4

Intensive Carrot Lv. 2

Jurassic Marsh

Primal Peashooter Lv. 7

Primal Wall-nut Lv. 4

Perfume-shroom Lv. 3

Primal Sunflower Lv. 10

Primal Potato Mine Lv. 6

Big Wave Beach

Lily Pad Lv. 3

Tangle Kelp Lv. 2

Bowling Bulb Lv. 4

Guacodile Lv. 2

Banana Launcher Lv. 3

Modern Day

Moonflower Lv. 4

Nightshade Lv. 6

Shadow-shroom Lv. 5

Dusk Lobber Lv. 3

Grimrose Lv. 5

Premium (store-bought)

Snow Pea X

Power Lily X

Squash X

Torchwood Lv. 6

Jalapeno X

Imitater Lv. 2

Starfruit X

Hypno-shroom Lv. 3

Pea-nut X

Chomper Lv. 5

Homing Thistle Lv. 7

Ghost Pepper X (MUST HAVE)

Sweet Potato X

Sap-fling Lv. 3

Hurrikale X

Fire Peashooter Lv. 3

Dandelion Lv. 5

Lava Guava X

Toadstool X

Strawburst X

Cactus Lv. 8

Electric Blueberry X

Jack O' Lantern Lv. 7

Grapeshot X

Cold Snapdragon Lv. 10

Shrinking Violet Lv. 8

Blooming Heart Lv. 5

Escape Root Lv. 4

Gold Bloom X

Electric Currant X

Wasabi Whip X

Explode-O-Nut Lv. 4

Aloe X

Kiwibeast X

Bombegranate X

Apple Mortar X

Witch Hazel X

Parsnip X

Missile Toe Lv. 3

Hot Date X

Caulipower X

Solar Tomato X

Electric Peashooter Lv. 7

Holly Barrier X

Seed Packets

Shadow Peashooter X

Goo Peashooter Lv. 10

Sling Pea Lv. 4

Snap Pea Lv. 4

Imp Pear Lv. 6

Arena Plants

Zoybean Pod X

Dazey Chain X

Enlighten-mint Lv. 5

Electrici-tea X

Blastberry Vine Lv. 3

Pokra Lv. 6

Pyre Vine Lv. 3

Pumpkin ?

Ice Bloom ?

Ultomato ?

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